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What is the firt advantage of LM?

Local involvement: work/live in local JA

What is the second advantage of LM?

Lay involvement: anyone can be LM = makes JS much more transparent

What is the third advantage of LM?

Cost effective: unsalaried role = expenses are capped

Cost of £200million

Fines bring £270million

What is the fourth advantage of LM?

Volume of cases: cost effective again due to the amount of cases they see (97%)

What is the fifth advantage of LM?

Few appeals: shows the current JS is functioning properly

What is the first disadvantage of LM?

Sentencing: there is huge inconsistency with sentencing in offences

What is the second disadvantage of LM?

Unrepresentative: young people/working are rarely represented in LM's

What is the third disadvantage of LM?

Biased to the Police: LM's become case hardened and become 'numb' to the same defence over and over again

What is the fourth disadvantage of LM?

Legal Advisors: LM's can become overly reliant on LA's for support

What is the fifth disadvantage of LM?

Cheap amateur justice: Should unsalaried/legally untrained people be upholding the Law?