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What has to be broken and reformed in chemical reactions?

Chemical Bods

What is released when bonds are broken or formed?


What are the substances on the left side of the chemical equation?


What are the substances on the right side of the chemical equation?


Who is the "father of chemistry"?

Antoine Lavoiser

What are numbers we put in front of elements or compounds in order to balance a chemical equation?


What do we call the reaction if a substance reacts with oxygen to produce heat or light energy (fire)?


What type of reaction is it when two or more substances combine?

Synthesis (A+B=AB)

If the energy released heat, what type of reaction is it?


If the energy absorbed is heat, what type of reaction is it?


What type of substance speeds up a chemical reaction?


What type of substance slows down a chemical reaction?


In a chemical equation, what is the symbol that means "dissolved in water"?

Aqeuous (aq)

What do we call the substance being dissolved in a solution?


What do we call the substance doing the dissolving in a solution?


What are three ways to increase the rate at which substances dissolve?

Smaller particles (increases surface area),

stir, higher tempature (except for gases)

What is motion?

Change of position

What is the formula for speed?

Distance divided by time

What is velocity?

Speed and direction

What is acceleration?

When an object changes speed or direction.

What is positive and negative acceleration

Speeding up is positive and slowing down/stopping is negative acceleration

What is the formula for acceleration?

Final Velocity-starting velocity



What is force?

Push or pull of an object

What is Newton's third law of motion?

An object at rest will stay at rest, and an object at motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

What is inertia?

An object's resistance to change

What does inertia depend on?


What is displacement?

Distance and Direction from starting point

What is Newton's second law of motion?

Force=Mass x Acceleration

What force opposes the sliding motion of two surfaces in contact?


What force opposes the motion of objects moving through the air?

Air resistance

What two things does gravitational force depend on?

Mass of objects and distance between them

What is the path of a projectile?

Downward curve (horizontal and vertical)

What is needed to have motion occur?

Unbalanced forces

What do we call the net force on an object in a circular motion?

Centripetal force

What is Newton's third law of motion?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

How do we calculate the momentum of an object?

P (momentum)=Mass x Velocity

What does the law of conservation of momentum state?

Momentum cannot change unless its mass, velocity, or both change but it can be transferred.

What do we call energy of a position or stored energy?


What do we call energy of motion?


What does kinetic energy depend on ?

Mass and velocity

What does the Law of conservation of Energy state?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can change forms and be transferred

What does gravitational potential energy depend on?

Mass x Height x Gravity

What is the SI unit for energy?


What do like charges do?


What do unlike charges do?


What materials allow electrons to move through them easily?


What materials do not allow electrons to move easily?


What is an accumulation of electrical charges on an object?

Static Energy

What is the flow of electrons called?


What does a battery provide that will cause electrons to move?

Voltage difference

What is resistance?

Opposing the movement of electrons

What is the SI Unit for resistance


What scientific law relates current to voltage and resistance?

Ohm's Law

What do we call a circuit that has only one path for electrons?

Series Circuit

What do we call circuits that have more than one path for electrons?


What is the rate at which electrical energy is used?


What is the SI Unit for power?


What is the regular voltage for houses in the United States?

120 V

What devices are designed to open an overload circuit to prevent overheating?

Circuit breaker switches and fuses

What is the SI Unit for current


What is lightning

Giant Static Discharge

What produces H+ ions in a water solution?


What produces OH- ions in a solution?


What changes color in the presence of an acid or a base.


What are properties of a base

Slippery feel and bitter taste

The formula HCL stands for

Hydrochloric Acid