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When the heart starts to go into heart failure, what are the compensatory mechanisms initially?
Release of epi or norepi(catecholamines)
vasoconstriction and thus increased BP(HTN!)
Increased water and vascular volume
ADH, ANP, BNP all go up!
What is the antiHTN DOC for CHF?
ACE inhibitors(prils!)
What are the SE of ACE inhibitors(PRILS!)
nonproductive cough, HA, GI distress
Can cause FIRST DOSE SYNCOPE(fainting) due to excessive hypotension
Dopamine is used in a few ways based on the dosage used and acts in two completely opposite ways. what are these ways and what dosages correlate with them?
low dose-vasodilator 2-8
high dose-vasoconstrictor 10+
What does RA, wedge, PVR, and SVR monitor and what are the normal lab values? Which do you look at for which side of the heart?
RA- norm 6 - r preload
wedge 8-14 l preload
PVR <250- r afterload
SVR 800-1200- l afterload