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How does a user update their chatter photo?

- Click name from home page (or anywhere it appears), or click the Chatter Tab both will take you to your chatter page.

- Hover over your photo and click Add Photo.

- Select the check box if you want your photo to be displayed on publicly accessible pages.

- Choose a file and click save.

What are the allowed file formats for Chatter photos?


What is the maximum file size for Chatter Photos?


How does a user update their About Me information in their chatter profile?

- Click name from home page (or anywhere it appears), or click the Chatter Tab both will take you to your chatter page.

- Click the pencil icon below your chatter picture and to the right of your Contact info.

- Change information in the About and Contact tabs of the resulting window.

- Click Save all

What information can be updated in the About tab in a chatter profile?

First Name, Last Name, Nick Name, Title, Manager (lookup filed), About Me Information.

What information can be updated in the Contact tab of the in a chatter profile?

Basically: Email, Phone, and Address info.

Specifically: Email (required), work phone, Mobile Phone, Fax, Street Address, City, State, Zip County.

How do you navigate to your Settings?

Click Your Name | My Settings

How do you change your chatter Email Notificaitons?

Click Your Name | My Settings | Chatter | Email Notifications | Clear the Receive Email Checkbox | Click save

This unsubscribes you from Chatter Email Notifications

What is an Object in Salesforce?

An object is a table of data containing records. Similar to a spreadsheet.

What is a Record in Salesforce?

A record is an single instance of a particular object. Similar to a row in a spreadsheet. The user interface takes data from a single row and displays it to users on an easy-to-read record detail page.

Example: Your Contact Record would contain your Name, Address, Email, Home phone, etc.

What is a Field in Salesforce?

A field contains specific type of data. Similar to a Column in a spread sheet.

Example: The Name field

How many standard Objects are in Salesforce? Name them.

There are Seven Standard Objects in Salesforce:

- Accounts

- Contacts

- Opportunities

- Cases

- Solutions

- Campaigns

- Leads

What is an Account?

Accounts are organizations, companies, or consumers that you need to track in your business.

What objects are related to Accounts?

Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases.

What are Contacts?

Contacts are the individuals associated with your accounts.

What objects can be related to Contacts?


What are Opportunities?

Potential sales deals that are associated with your accounts. Opportunities define your organizations sales pipeline.

What Objects may be associated with Opportunities?


What are Cases?

Descriptions of customer feedback, problems, or questions. They are typically used in a support environment to track and resolve customer issues.

What objects can be associated with Cases?

Accounts, contacts

What are Solutions?

Contain a description of a particular issue along with a resolution. Users can search solutions knowledgebase for a solution and associate it with a respective case.

What objects are associated with Solutions?


What is a Campaign?

Marketing projects that you want to plan, manage, and track.

What objects are related to Campaigns?

Leads, Contacts (Campaign Members)


What are Leads?

Individuals who may be interested in purchasing your products or services. They represent a potential opportunity.

What objects are associated with Leads?

One or more Campaigns

Can be converted into a new Account, Contact, and Opportunity once it has been qualified.

What is a related list?

A section of a record or other detail page that lists items related to that record.

For example, the Account object is related to the Contact, Opportunity, and Case objects, so when you're looking at an account record, any related contacts, opportunities, and cases will appear in related lists below the record.

How do you navigate to a related list on a record?

1. Scroll down the detail page of the record until you find the related list section you are looking for.

2. Click or hover over the related list links at the top of the detail page of a record to see the records in the related list and click a record in the list to go to that record.

How do you navigate from a related record to the parent record?

When you are looking at a related record, you will see its related parent record as a link in what is known as a lookup. Clicking the look up will take you to that parent record.

Describe how to navigate between parent and child record.

From the parent record use links in the related lists to navigate to the child records.

From the child records, use the lookup links to navigate to the parent records.

What is a Tab?

A tab is a short cut to the home page of a specific object. For instance, the Contact tab takes a user to the Contact home page.

What is an App?

An App is a collection of tabs (Objects)

What things are standard on the Home page?

Center Column: Chatter feed, tasks, events, dashboards

Left Column: Messages, links, recent items

Top: Tabs, Set up, Help and Training, App menu

Up to how many items will appear in the Recent Items of the left Column on your home page?


What is a list view?

A view is a filtered list of records displaying only those a user might need to see?

What are the standard list views available on an object's homepage?

- Recently created

- Recently modified

- Recently viewed

How do you sort list view records?

1. Click on a column heading to sort the list by that column

2. Click a letter A-Z at the top of the list view to see records starting with that letter

Note: If you sort by a column first, then click a letter you will be sorting alphabetically within the column you are sorting by.

How do you get to an object detail page from a list view?

Click the link to the object you what to view. For instance, in the Contact list view, click on the Name of a specific Contact.

How do you get Help in Salesforce?

Click the Help & Training link at the top of the User Interface.