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The early church fathers held Luke to be the author of both the Gospel of ________ and Acts.


Paul calls Luke the "________ ________"

Beloved physician

Although uncertain the book of Acts was likely written around ____ A.D.

The book was written to ____________, a gentile convert.


It was meant to show how the church grew through the __________ of believers "both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth ."


Luke shows how the church moved out from Jerusalem, and in less than _____ years captured the very capital of the world, Rome itself.


The book of acts is an inaccurate title, for only four apostles are mentioned: ___, ____, _____ and _____.

Peter, Paul, James and John

In the early chapters, the book centers around Peter, the apostle to the _________.


The later chapters center around Paul, the apostle to the __________.


The first missionary journey was to _________ and ___________
Cypress and Galatia

The second missionary journey was to ______


The third great missionary journey was to ___ _______ and _________

Asia minor and Europe

The final journey was to ________ as a prisoner.


The name Theophilus means " _______ by God" or "the _______ of God."

Beloved, friend

The word passion means _________


At Pentecost the disciples were "_____ _________ ____ _______ ___________"

Filled with the holy spirit

At Cornelius' house: the Holy Spirit "_____" was "______ _____" and was received by the _____ _____.

Fell, poured out, gentile believers

The word pricked means to ______, _______, sense of pain and hurt.

convict, sting

Conviction is an ____________ movement of the heart


A person sense sorrow over ___________ God.


The person's heart is touched and moved to some degree of ________.


It is a sense of _______, of doing wrong, of breaking Gods law, of being ____________.

Sin, disobedient

It is a sense of failure, of coming short, of not measuring up, of ___________ God.


It is a sense of needing more and more of the Lord and His ___________


Conviction causes people to seek ________, to ask, "What shall we do?"


A person must _________ and be __________

Repent and be baptized

Untoward means _________ or __________ out of shape.

Crooked or bent
What believers need is not deliverance from persecution, but _____ and ___________ over it.

Victory and triumph

A study of the first churches lives gives us a clear picture for the essentials for living together and for fulfilling the mission of the lord.

1. They were of one heart and ______.

2. They gave a great ________ to the resurrection.

3. They took ________ of all who had need.

1. Soul

2. Witness

3. Care

Barnabas' name means " son of __________" or " son of _________"

Extortion, consolation

Gamaliel was on of the most outstanding _________ in Jewish History.

1. He was a _________

2. He was a __________ of law


1. Pharisee

2. Doctor

The first Martyr was ________


The people must be of "___ ______" : of one mind, spirit, and purpose.

One accord

People must give ________ to keep their minds and hearts on the message.


The evidences of Revival are Eight-Fold

1. Lives are _________ miraculously


2. Great joy is _______


3. __________ from great depths of sin

4. ____________ the things concerning the Kingdom of God the name of Jesus Christ, and being _______.

Believing, baptized
5. False _______

6. The _______ and ____________ of the Holy Spirit

Reception and manifestation
7. The rebuke of __________


8. The opening of _________ of evangelism