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(1) Fullness in epigast
(2) Vomiting
B.481 C.373 Dr.80
bái dòu kòu 白豆簆

(1) Promotes movement of qi, transforms dampness, & strengthens ST [Fullness in epigast*, lack of appetite, very greasy coat, d/t damp or damp-warmth obstr MJ]
(2) Warms MJ & causes rebellious qi to descend [Vomiting* d/t SP ST defic cold, ST cold, cold-damp, or food stagn]
(N) Better at treating nausea [*Crush in motor & pestle, add last ]

CTX: Yin or blood defic

bái(white) dòu(bean) kòu(heads of a loom-clothweaver)
Amomi Fructus rotundus
round or white cardamom
spicy, warm, aromatic
(1) Epigastric distention & pressure
(2) Chills fever HA
(3) Leg qi
(4) Night blindedness
B.467 C.363 Dr.78
cāng zhú 蒼朮

(1) Strongly dries dampness & strengthens SP [Epigastric distention & pressure*, reduced appetite, nausea & vomit, diarrhea, fatigue; Wakes up SP to move damp ]
(2) Induces sweating & dispels wind-dampness [Chills fever HA*, body aches, nasal congest, d/t ext WCD or WD; Helper, mobilizes Qi to ext/surface]
(3) Clears dampness from LJ [Leg qi* d/t DH pouring downward, vaginal discharge, swollen sore joints in lower extrem, some forms of atrophy dz, edema d/t damp stagn; Not for UTIs, UB or KD infections ]
(4) Improves vision [Night blindedness*, diminished vision w/ rough sensation in eyes; More of a side effect of moving Qi in ST channel ]
(N) Best herb for aggressively treating dampness [*Best diuretic of group, clears dampness even from extremities]

CTX: Internal heat d/t yin defic, profuse sweat d/t defic exterior, watery diarrhea

cāng(dark blue, deep green) zhú(atractylodis, Asteracea family)
Atractylodis Rhizoma
Atractylodes Rhizome
bitter, spicy, warm
(1) Pain in epigast & abdom
B.485 C.375 Dr.164
cǎo dòu kòu 草豆簆

(1) Dries dampness & warms middle [Pain in epigast & abdom*, fullness, distention, vomiting, diarrhea, d/t cold-damp of SP ST ]
(N) Best when cold is a factor [*Damp or damp-phlegm + Cold]
(N) Special [*Crush w/ mortar & pestle, add last]

CTX: Yin or blood defic

cǎo(herb) dòu(bean) kòu(heads of a loom-clothweaver)
Alpiniae katsumadai Semen
spicy, warm, aromatic
Arom-TrDamp, Clinic-NoCateg
(1) Epigast & abdom distention
(2) Intermittent fever & chills
(3) Indigestion d/t meat stagn
(N) Crush w/ mortar & pestle
B.486 C.374 Dr.164
cǎo guǒ 草果

(1) Strongly dries dampness & disperses cold [Epigast & abdom distention*, fullness, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, very greasy coat, d/t cold-damp obstructing SP ST]
(2) Checks malarial disorders [Intermittent fever & chills]
(3) Dissolves stagnation & distension [Indigestion d/t meat stagn*, focal distension & nausea d/t cold ]
(N) Great at eliminating cold & damp
(N) Special [Crush w/ mortar & pestle]

CTX: Yin or blood defic

cǎo(herb) guǒ(fruit)
Tsaoko Fructus
tsaoko fruit
spicy, warm
Arom-TrDamp, Clinic-NoCateg
(1) Abdom fullness & distention
(2) Distention
(3) Cough
B.470 C.365 Dr.78
hòu pò 厚朴

(1) Promotes movement of qi in MJ & resolves stagnation [Abdom fullness & distention*, chest fullness, d/t food or qi stagnation affecting ST & SP; Is best, helps restore downward movement of ST]
(2) Promotes movement of qi downward, dries dampness, & transforms phlegm [Distention*, fullness, nausea, diarrhea, turbid-greasy coat, d/t dmap or phlegm obstr MJ & affecting MJ; Resolves damp/phlegm in digestive tract]
(3) Directs qi downward, reduces phlegm, & calms wheezing [Cough*, wheezing, d/t phlegm clogging LU; Eases & helps conduct LU qi downward]

Caution: Pregnancy

hòu(thick for flat things) pò(magnolia, "uncarved block")
Magnoliae officinalis Cortex
Chinese Magnolia Bark
bitter, spicy, warm
(1) Fever & chills
(2) Nausea vomit d/t damp obstr MJ
(3) Dermatosis affecting hands or feet
B.473 C.368 Dr.79
huò xiāng 藿香

(1) Aromatically transforms dampness, releases exterior, & dispels summerheat [Fever & chills*, fullness & distention of chest epigast & abdomen, reduced appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, achy limbs]
(2) Harmonizes MJ & stops vomiting [Nausea vomit d/t damp obstr MJ*, morning sickness, queazy after eating]
(3) Treats dermatosis [Dermatosis affecting hands or feet]
(N) Great for reviving & awakening SP [*Vaporizes dampness, rids SP of turbid damp which is dulling SP]
(N) Best in group for quizziness, nausea, vomiting

CTX: Blazing fire d/t yin defic

huò(patchouli) xiāng(fragrance)
Pogostemonis Herba
spicy, sl warm
(1) Lack of appetite
(2) Nausea
(3) Epigastric distention & pain
B.476 C.369 Dr.79
pèi lán 佩蘭

(1) Aromatically transforms dampness, awakens SP, & regulates middle [Lack of appetite*, stifling chest, nausea, d/t damp obstr MJ]
(2) Transforms dampness & releases summerheat [Nausea]
(3) Aromatically dispels MJ turbid filth to unbind ST [Epigastric distention & pain*, abdominal distention & pain, loss of appetite, nausea, lethargy]
(N) Damp-heat or damp phlegm turbidity affecting SP & ST [*Sweet sticky taste in mouth, excessive saliva, bad breath]

No noted CTX

pèi(ornamental) lán(orchid)
Eupatorii Herba
spicy, neutral
(1) Distention & pain in epigastrium & abdom
(2) Diarrhea d/t SP cold
(3) Morning sickness
(4) Prevents them from causing stagnation
B.479 C.371 Dr.80
shā rén 砂仁

(1) Promotes movement of qi, transforms dampness, & strengthens SP [Distention & pain in epigastrium & abdom*, lack of appetite, vomit, diarrhea]
(2) Warms middle & stops diarrhea [Diarrhea d/t SP cold ]
(3) Calms fetus [Morning sickness*, restless fetus ie excessive movements ]
(4) Used in herbal formulas with tonifying herbs [Prevents them from causing stagnation ]
(N) Jack of all trades herb [*Can do a little of everything; Crush in motor & pestle, add last]

CTX: Heat d/t yin defic

shā(sand) rén(seeds)
Amomi Fructus
amomum fruit
spicy, warm, aromatic