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Customer Service and Hospitatlity

- Be on time, or early, for appointments

- Be 100 % prepared for all appointments

-Respond to phone and email messages promptly and courteously

- Demonstrate organization, reliablity, and always follow-up on what has been promised

-Provide fitness training programs that are based on science or credible resources

- Answer client questions concisely and accurately, within the scope of practice

- Refer client to appropriate professionals when the issue is outside of the scope of practice

-Listen to client concerns, respond with sincerity, and solicit feedback

-Speak respectfully to the client, and of others

-Dress appropriately and professionally

Professionals who create a hospitality experience typically possess the following traits:

-Optimistic warmth


-Work ethic


-Self-awareness and integrity

Relationship marketing

-The primary goal of marketing is to bring the buyer (client) and the seller (Personal Trainer) together

Relationship Marketing: What differentiates this new paradigm of relationship marketing from conventional marketing is:

- first, a personal relationship with the customer should take precedence and sales will fllow

-second, retaining existing clients should take precedence over seeking new customers

Relationship Marketing cont

- Emphasize the personal relationship with the client

-supported by the idea that customers have a deep desire to trust the business provider and are inherently loyal

Thinking and acting like the client will:

facilitate this mutual desire to have a trusting, loyal, and long lasting working relationship

The second premise of relationship marketing is:

to focus on retaining existing clients as opposed to only seeking new clients

Research indicates retained customers are very profitable over time for reasons including:

-increased purchases


-lower operating costs (to maintain existing clients versus marketing for new clients)

Watching nonverbal cues is believed to be ______ and ______ to understanding another person than

_____ to speech

more reliable and essential


Body language such as: _____, _____, and _____ speak volumes about an individuals ____ and ______

posture, eye contact, and facial expressions

thoughts and emotional state

The Personal Trainer must be aware that his or her _____ ______ is being observed and equally has an impact

Nonverbal communication

Eye contact: The more _____ the eye contact, the ____



Eye contact: Staring for more than a few _____ at a time can be _____ for the client and may be construed as fliratious



Eye contact: Frequent ___ conveys a ____ mind or one that wants to ______




Facial expressions: ____ often and appear ____



Facial Expressions: Widening the ___ and _____ eyebrows expresses ___ and ___

- eyes




Facial Expressions: Narrowing the ___ or lowering the ___ can indicate ___, ___, or _____



-disgust, anger, sadness

Head movements:

Keep your chin up and nod "yes" to show interest


Be expressive with hands and body movements without exaggeration


-Sit and stand erect, and lean forward to show interest. Leaning back is perceived as informal

-Keep arms and legs uncrossed to convey a secure and welcoming demeanor

Timing and synchronization:

Speed up activities, but not to the point of ineffectiveness

Nonverbal aspects of speech:

Balance the need to listen with the need to talk

The counseling skills of: ____, _____, and ____ are central to keeping the clients perspective at the forefront

-this approach does not encourage giving ____ _____

-rapport building, exhibiting empathy

- unsolicited advice

Rapport building is developed by building a _____ and ____ relationship with the client

trusting, respectful

Rapport: Ask what kind of questions?


Open-ended questions are meant to gather ___ rather than be an ______

information, interrogation

The Personal Trainer will be speaking ____ to ____ of the time and be focused on pacing the conversation, asking the client to elaborate when necessary

10%, 15%

Exhibiting Empathy: Earnestly _____ and expressing ______

Listening, expressing

Exhibiting Empathy: Repeat what was said, and ____ what was said in the form of a ____

clarify, question

Active Listening is....

Attempting to understand the underlying meaning of what a client is saying

"It sounds like you are hesitant to exercise regularly at this time." is an example of what 2 things

-Active Listening

-Reflective statement

"Many people are hesitant to exercise after an injury." is an example of what 2 things?

-Active Listening

-Empathetic Statement

"Can you tell me about your specific concerns?" is an example of what 2 things

-Active Listening

-Open, ended question

Generating clients, ways to

-Word of mouth advertising

-Fitness floor exposure

-Complimentary consultations

-Front desk contacts

-Professional networking and referrals

-Internet marketing

Figure 10.1

Preparing for the initial client consultation:

Remind client of the ____ and ____ of the next meeting and the time allotted for the appointment

day, time

Preparing for the initial client consultation:

Articulate what the next meeting will include such as:

-recommended attire

-necessary equipment

-if a hydration bottle is needed

Preparing for the initial client consultation:

Remind client to ____ and ___ any necessary forms

complete, return

Initial Client Confidentiality: Consultation location and confidentiality

-The consultation and assessment areas should be in an enclosed room or remote space within the facility such that verbal communication is not clearly discernible to other clients

Consultation location and confidentiality

- The space should be absent of distracting background noise or music, along with any visual distractions that could hinder a focused conversation

Introduction and consultation agenda review

-Warmly welcome the client upon first sight with a handshake and smile, and engage in light conversation to put the client at ease

Introduction and consultation agenda review cont

Next, lead the client to the private consultation area and review the sequence and content of the initial client consultation

By reviewing the structure of the appointment, client ____ will be _____

anxiety, lessened

Present an opportunity for any client ____ to be addressed


Detailed consultation components include what 7 things

- Client Personal Trainer agreement

-Health history evaluation form and/or PAR-Q

- Informed consent waiver

- Medical clearance form

-Client goals

-Health and fitness assessment

- Assessment results and action plan

The appointment frequency and number of sessions purchased should be determined by the client's _____ and _____

needs, goals

The Personal Trainer must be clear with the client at the beginning and recommend the ____ program that the client needs to ____

exercise, succeed

Obtaining client Commitment:

____ personal training packages


Obtaining client commitment:

Point out commonly purchased ___ and ___

packages, why

Obtaining client commitment:

Be prepared to ____ and ____ possible concerns and ____ raised by clients

respond, anticipate


Obtaining client commitment:

Be sure to show ___ for any sale that results


Obtaining client commitment:

Have client ____ and ___ all required paperwork

review, sign

After the initial client consultation is complete, all the necessary paperwork has been reviewed, and a goal-setting action plan has been discussed, the next ____ should then be ____

appointmen, confirmed

At that time, the Personal Trainer should express ___ to the client for his or her time, and display ___ for the next visit