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.What does 3DES stand for?
Triple Data Encryption Standard
What does ACL stand for?
Access Control List
What does AD stand for?
Active Directory
What does AD-IDS stand for?
Anomaly Detection Intrusion Detection System
What does AES stand for?
Advanced Encryption Standard
What does AFS stand for?
Apple File Sharing
What does AH stand for?
Authentication Header
What does ALE stand for?
Annual Loss Expectancy
What does APIs stand for?
Application Program Interfaces
What does APIPA stand for?
Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
What does ARO stand for?
Annualized Rate of Occurrence
What does ARP stand for?
Address Resolution Protocol
What does ASR stand for?
Automated System Recovery
What does BCP stand for?
Business Continuity Plan
What does BGP stand for?
Border Gateway Protocol
What does BIA stand for?
Business Impact Analysis
What does CA stand for?
Certificate Authority
What does CAST stand for?
Carlisle Adams Stafford Tavares
What does CBF stand for?
Critical Business Functions
What does CC stand for?
Common Criteria
What does CD-R stand for?
Compact Disk Recordable
What does CEI stand for?
Computer Ethics Institute
What does CESA stand for?
Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
What does CFO stand for?
Chief Financial Officer
What does CGI stand for?
Common Gateway Interface
What does CHAP stand for?
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
What does CMP stand for?
Certificate Management Protocols
What does CN stand for?
Canonical Name
What does CO stand for?
Central Office
What does CPS stand for?
Certificate Practice Statement
What does CPSR stand for?
Computer Professionals of Social Responsibility
What does CRL stand for?
Certificate Revocation List
What does CSIRT stand for?
Computer Security Incident Response Team
What does CSS stand for?
Central Security Service
What does DAC stand for?
Discretionary Access Control
What does DDoS stand for?
Distributed Denial of Service
What does DES stand for?
Data Encryption Standard
What does DFS stand for?
Distributed File System
What does DHCP stand for?
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
What does DMZ stand for?
Demilitarized Zone
What does DN stand for?
Distinguished Name
What does DNS stand for?
Domain Name Service
What does DoS stand for?
Denial of Service
What does DRP stand for?
Disaster Recovery Plan
What does DSA stand for?
Digital Signature Algorithm
What does DSL stand for?
Digital Subscriber Line
What does DSSS stand for?
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
What does EAL stand for?
Evaluation Assurance Level
What does ECC stand for?
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
What does EIGRP stand for?
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
What does EM stand for?
Emergency Management
What does EMI stand for?
Electromagnetic Interference
What does ESP stand for?
Encapsulating Security Payload
What does EULA stand for?
End User License Agreement
What does FAT stand for?
File Allocation Table
What does FERPA stand for?
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
What does FHSS stand for?
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
What does FIPS stand for?
Federal Information Processing Standard
What does FTP stand for?
File Transfer Protocol
What does GFS stand for?
Grandfather Father Son
What does GSM stand for?
Global System for Mobile Communications
What does GUID stand for?
Globally Unique Identifier
What does H-IDS stand for?
Host-based Intrusion Detection System
What does HIPPA stand for?
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
What does HR stand for?
Human Resources
What does HTML stand for?
Hyper Text Markup Language
What does HTTP stand for?
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
What does HTTPS stand for?
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
What does I&A stand for?
Identification and Authentication
What does IANA stand for?
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
What does ICMP stand for?
Internet Control Message Protocol
What does ID stand for?
Intrusion Detection
What does IDEA stand for?
International Data Encryption Algorithm
What does IDS stand for?
Intrusion Detection System
What does IEEE stand for?
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
What does IETF stand for?
Internet Engineering Task Force
What does IGMP stand for?
Internet Group Management Protocol
What does IGRP stand for?
Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
What does IIS stand for?
Internet Information Server
What does IM stand for?
Instant Messaging
What does IMAP stand for?
Internet Message Access Protocol
What does IP stand for?
Internet Protocol
What does IPSec stand for?
Internet Protocol Security
What does IPX/SPX stand for?
Internetwork Packet Exchange / Sequenced Packet Exchange
What does IR stand for?
What does IRP stand for?
Incident Response Plan
What does IS stand for?
Information Systems
What does ISDN stand for?
Integrated Systems Digital Network
What does ISN stand for?
Initial Sequence Number
What does ISO stand for?
International Organization for Standardization
What does ISP stand for?
Internet Service Provider
What does ITU stand for?
International Telecommunications Union
What does JFS stand for?
Journaled File System
What does KDC stand for?
Key Distribution Center
What does KEA stand for?
Key Exchange Algorithm
What does L2F stand for?
Layer Two Forwarding
What does L2TP stand for?
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol
What does LCP stand for?
Link Control Protocol
What does LDAP stand for?
Lightweight Data Access Protocol
What does LRA stand for?
Local Registration Authority
What does MAC stand for?
Mandatory Access Control
What does MAC stand for?
Media Access Control
What does MAC stand for?
Message Authentication Code
What does MDA stand for?
Message Digest Algorithm
What does MD-IDS stand for?
Misuse Detection Intrusion Detection System
What does MIME stand for?
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What does MOV stand for?
Metal Oxide Varistor
What does MS-CHAP stand for?
Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
What does MSSP stand for?
Managed Security Service Provider
What does MTBF stand for?
Mean Time Before Failure
What does MTTR stand for?
Mean Time To Repair
What does NAT stand for?
Network Address Translation
What does NCP stand for?
Network Control Protocol
What does NDA stand for?
Nondisclosure Agreement
What does NDS stand for?
Netware/Novell Directory Services
What does NetBEUI stand for?
Network Basic Input Output System Extended User Interface
What does NetBIOS stand for?
Network Basic Input Output System
What does NFS stand for?
Network File System
What does NIC stand for?
Network Interface Card
What does N-IDS stand for?
Network-based Intrusion Detection System
What does NIST stand for?
National Institute of Standards and Technology
What does NLM stand for?
Netware Loadable Modules
What does NNTP stand for?
Network News Transfer Protocol
What does NOC stand for?
Network Operations Center
What does NOS stand for?
Network Operating System
What does NSS stand for?
Netware Storage Service
What does NTFS stand for?
New Technology File System
What does OCSP stand for?
Online Certificate Status Protocol
What does OES stand for?
Open Enterprise Server
What does OFDM stand for?
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
What does OS stand for?
Operating System
What does OSPF stand for?
Open Shortest Path First
What does OU stand for?
Organizational Unit
What does PAP stand for?
Password Authentication Protocol
What does PBX stand for?
Private Branch Exchange
What does PDA stand for?
Personnel Digital Assistant
What does PGP stand for?
Pretty Good Privacy
What does PKC stand for?
Public Key Cryptography
What does PKCS stand for?
Public Key Cryptography Standards
What does PKI stand for?
Public Key Infrastructure
What does PKIX stand for?
Public Key Infrastructure X.509
What does POP stand for?
Post Office Protocol
What does POTS stand for?
Plain Old Telephone Service
What does PPP stand for?
Point to Point Protocol
What does PPTP stand for?
Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
What does RA stand for?
Registration Authority
What does RAS stand for?
Remote Access Services
What does RADIUS stand for?
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
What does RAID stand for?
Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks
What does RBAC stand for?
Role-Based Access Control
What does RC stand for?
Ron�s Code OR Rivest�s Cipher
What does RDN stand for?
Relative Distinguished Name
What does RF stand for?
Radio Frequency
What does RFC stand for?
Request For Comments
What does RFI stand for?
Radio Frequency Interference
What does RIP stand for?
Routing Information Protocol
What does RPC stand for?
Remote Procedure Call
What does RRAS stand for?
Routing and Remote Access Services
What does RSA stand for?
Rivest Shamir Adleman
What does RSH stand for?
Remote Shell
What does SAINT stand for?
Security Administrator�s Integrated Network Tool
What does SEI stand for?
Software Engineering Institute
What does SET stand for?
Secure Electronic Transfer
What does SHA stand for?
Secure Hash Algorithm
What does S-HTTP stand for?
Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol
What does SIM stand for?
Subscriber Identification Model
What does SLA stand for?
Service Level Agreement
What does SLE stand for?
Single Loss Expectancy
What does SLIP stand for?
Serial Line Internet Protocol
What does S/MIME stand for?
Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What does SMS stand for?
Systems Management Server
What does SMTP stand for?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What does SNMP stand for?
Simple Network Management Protocol
What does SPX stand for?
Sequenced Packet Exchange
What does SQL stand for?
Structured Query Language
What does SSH stand for?
Secure Shell
What does SSID stand for?
Service Set Identifier
What does SSL stand for?
Secure Socket Layer
What does SSO stand for?
Single Sign On
What does STP stand for?
Shielded Twisted Pair
What does TACACS stand for?
Terminal Access Controller Access Controller System
What does TCP/IP stand for?
Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
What does TCSEC stand for?
Trusted Computer Systems Evaluation Criteria
What does TFTP stand for?
Trivial File Transfer Protocol
What does TLS stand for?
Transport Layer Security
What does UDP stand for?
User Datagram Protocol
What does UPN stand for?
User Principal Name
What does UPS stand for?
Uninterruptible Power Supply
What does USA PATRIOT stand for?
Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required and Obstruct Terrorism
What does UTP stand for?
Unshielded Twisted Pair
What does UV stand for?
What does VLAN stand for?
Virtual Local Area Network
What does VNC stand for?
Virtual Network Computing
What does VoIP stand for?
Voice over Internet Protocol
What does VPN stand for?
Virtual Private Network
What does W3C stand for?
World Wide Web Consortium
What does WAP stand for?
Wireless Access Point
What does WAP stand for?
Wireless Application Protocol
What does WAN stand for?
Wide Area Networks
What does WDP stand for?
Wireless Datagram Protocol
What does WEP stand for?
Wired Equivalent Privacy
What does WINS stand for?
Windows Internet Naming Service
What does WML stand for?
Wireless Markup Language
What does WSP stand for?
Wireless Session Protocol
What does WTLS stand for?
Wireless Transport Layer Security
What does WTP stand for?
Wireless Transaction Protocol
What does WWW stand for?
World Wide Web
What does XKMS stand for?
eXtensible Markup Language Key Management Specifications
What does XML stand for?
eXtensible Markup Language