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What is a Relational Database?
A database in which tables can be linked through a common field such as social security number.
What is Access?
Database Software that tracks informaiton for businesses or individuals.
What is a flat database?
A flat database is a file that stores data that is not linked by common fields.
What is an object?
An element in a database
What objects does the main database include?
tables, queries, forms, reports pages macros, and modules
What is a query?
Criteria to extract data stored in one or more related tables.
What is a criteria?
a required condition
What is a record?
It contains data about one entity or activity. Such as an individual
What is a field?
Each element within a record
What is the objects bar?
A bar that displays buttons for each type of object in the database.
What are database properties?
characteristics or attributes that describe and define the database.
What is the Leszynski Naming Convention?
Main words are captialized with no space between words.
What do tables store?
Information about a person, place, thing, or event. Consists of records, which contain fields.