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Which program stars when you click a URL value for a Hyperlink field?
Web browser
What is the difference between opening a query and applying a query to a form?
Opening a query runs the query and displays the results in Datasheet view. Applying a query to a form opens the query and displays the results in a form.
What is a data access page?
A data access page is a dynamic HTML page that you can open witha Web browser to view or update current data in an Access database.
What is the difference between a bound control and an unbound control?
A bound control is linked to a field in the underlying table or query; an unbound control is not.
What data type is the primaty key when you let Access assign a primary key with the Import HTML wizard?
What is the purpose of Filter By Form ?
Filter By Form finds records that match multiple selection criteria using the same Access logical and comparison operators that you use in queries.
Describe the seven sections in an access report.
1. The Report Header section appears once at the beginning of a report. 2. The Page Header section appears at the top of each page of a report. 3. The Group Header section appears once at the beginning of a new group of records. 4. The Detail section appearsonce for each record in the underlying table or query. 5. The Group Footer section appears once ath the end of a group of records. 6. The Report Footer section appears once at the end of a report. 7. The Page footer section appears at the bottom of each page of a report.

When do you use a parameter query?
Use a parameter query when you want the user to be prompted to enter the selection criteria when the query runs.
What does the field value of a hyperlink field represent?
A hyperlink to another object
How do you resize a control?
Select the control, position the pointer on a sizing handle, and then click and drag the pointer
If you modify a linked object, in what program do you make the changes?
You use the source program in which the object was originally created.
The ___________ Function lets you assign one value toa calculated field if a condition is true and a second if the condition is false.
What is the World Wide Web?
The World Wide Web is a collection of HTML documents stored on the Web servers linked through the Internet.
How do you change a label name?
Right-click the label, click properties on the shortcut menu, click the format tab, edit the existing label in the caption text box or double-click it to select the current value, and then type a new caption.
What is a grouped data acess page?
A grouped data access page is a data access page that uses two or more group levels to display information from general catagories to specific details. You can view data on grouped data access pages, but you can't add, change, or delete data on them.
How do you reuse a filter in the future?
Save the filter as aa query, and then apply the query to a form.
What is a theme?
A theme is a predefined style for a data access page.
How do you insert a picture, created using another software program, in a form?
Open the form in Design veiw, click the Image button on the toolbar, position the pointer at the location for the upper-left corner of the picture, click the left mouse button, select the picture file, and then click OK.
How do you insert a page number in a Page Header section?
Click Insert on the menu bar; click Page Numbers; specify the format, position, and alignment of the page number; and then click OK.
How do you right-align a goup of labels?
Click a label, press and hold down the Shift key and click the other labels, click Format on the menu bar, point to Align, and then click Right
Why might you want to hide duplicate values ina report that includes groups?
Hiding duplicate values makes the report easier to read; duplicate values clutter the report.
How do you move a control and its label together?
Position the pointer anywhere on the border of the control, and then drag the control and its attached label box.
When you insert an object in a report or form using the Insert Object dialog box how do you specify that the object is to be linked rather than embedded?
Insert the object froma file and and select the Link check box.
What is the Form Header section?
The Form Header section lets you add titles, instructions, command buttons, and other information to the top of your form.
What is the maximum number of conditional formats you can define for a control?
How do you negate a selection criterion?
Use the Not logical operator to negate a condition.
What does the Report window in Design view have in common with the Form window in Design view? How do the two differ?
The report window in Design view has many of the same components as the Form window in Design view, including a properties button, a fiels list button, and a toolbox button on the toolbar. Both windows also have horizantal and vertical rulers, a grid, and a Formating toolbar. Unlike the Form window in Design view , which initially displays a Page Header section and a Page Footer section.
Decribe how you would use a control wizard to add a tab control to a form.
Open the form in Design Veiw , click the Tab Control tool on the toolbox, position the pointer in the form at the location for the upper-left corner of the tab control, and then click the left mouse button.
What is the caption property for an object , and when is would you change it?
The caption property for an object determines the text displayed for the object. You can change the Caption property value for an object when the default value is difficult to read or understand.
A(n) ___________ is a predefined format you use to enter data in a field
input mask
What is OLE?
OLE stands for the object linking and embedding;a program that supports OLE can create objects that can be embedded or linked in another program.
What is a subdatasheet?
If two tables hava a one to many relationship, when you display the primary table in Datasheet view, you can use a subdatasheet to display ans edit the records from the related table.
How do you calculate group totals and overall totals?
Place a textbox in the Group Footer or Report Footer section. In the textbox enter the expression =Sum([fieldname]), where field name is the name of the field you want to total.
What is the pupose of the asterisk(*)in a pattern match query?
The asterisk is a wildcard that represents any string of characters in a pattern match query.
How do you export a table or the results of a query to Excel?
Select the table or query in the database window and open the table or query in the Datasheet view, click Tools on the menu bar , point to office links, and then click Analyze It with MS Excel.
When do you use the In comparison operator?
Use the In comparison operator to define a condition with two or more values.
What is the purpose of a Web Browser?
A Web Browser is a program used to view HTML documents.
What is a lookup wizard field
A lookup wizard filed lets you select a value froma list of possible values, making data entry easier.
How do you view a hyperlink that is named in a hyperlink field?
Click on the hyperlink field value to open the hyperlinked document or object.
Which comparison operator is used to select records based on a specific pattern?
What do you type in a text box to tell Access to print the current date?
Type =Date() in the text box
What is an HTML template?
An HTML template is a file that contains HTML instructions for creating a Web Page with both text and graphics, together with special instructions that will tell Access where to place the Access data on the page.
How do you Left-Align objects in a column?
Click on an object, hold down the Shift Key and click the other objects, release the Shift Key, click Format on the menu bar, point to Align, and then click Left.
What is a grouping field?
A grouping field is a field from the underlying table or query by which records are grouped in a report.
What is a hyperlink?
A hyperlink links one web document to another.
What types of HTML formats can Access import as table data?
Access can import HTML data that is formatted as a table or as a list.
What are two ways to update links to linked objects in a report?
Each linked object is updated automatically when the report is opened. To update links manually, click Edit on the menu bar, click OLE/DDE Links, select the link or links to update, Click update now, and then click close.
What is the difference between embedding and linking?
An embedded object preserves its connection to the program in which it was created. Any changes you make to the object are reflected in the Access embedded file not in the original file. A linked object preserves its connection to the original source file. Any changes you make in the object aare reflected in both the linked file in Access and the original file.
What is HTML
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Langugage, the language used to create World Wide Web Documents.
What is the function of the Sorting and Grouping button?
The Sorting and Grouping button opens the Sorting and Grouping dialog box. which allows you to specify sorting and frouping fields for a report.
When do you use the Textbox Tool?
Use the Textbox Tool to create a text box in a form or report.
What is a custom report?
A custom report is a report you make by modifying a report created by Auto Report or the report wizard, or by creating a report from scratch in Design view.
What is the purpose of the Zoom button in Print Preview?
Clicking the Zoom button changes the size of the page displayed in Print Preview.
In the insert Hyperlink dialog box, what are you three choices for the hyperlink filed value?
a file, a URL, an object in the opened Access database.
Why might you want to embed or link an object in an Access report?
You embed or link objects in an Access report to include objects created by other programs, including objects that you cannot create in Access(for example, charts).