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A statement that can be proven, such as Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States


Following an established manner of expression, such as:

when writing an essay for English class, you should use _________ __________ rather than writing like you are having a conversation or sending a text

formal style

To figure out or show what something or who someone is

When asked to ____________ the main characters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, John said-- Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Professor Lockhart


To provide examples or show with a picture or graph

A good way to ________________ where a place is located is to use a map and draw a dot where it is


When you use your knowledge or experiences to draw a conclusion about something.

When you see snow falling outside, you an __________ that the temperature is probably below 32 degrees


To explain the meaning of something or to understand according to one's own judgement or knowledge

When asked to ____________ a map, you can use the map key for clues on what the symbols mean


To prove or support a position with specific facts

Henry used the fact that Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire to ___________ his position that Alexander deserved the title of "the Great"


Sensible or in agreement with what might be reasonably expected

It seems _________________ that if you want to pass a class that you should do your homework and study for your tests


A distinctive atmosphere or emotional state

The author attempted to create a tense ________ in the story by starting it with a murder


Dealing with fact without letting one's feelings interfere with them

When writing a news article for the paper, a journalist should use _______________ tone and stick to the facts

objective tone

A restatement of a passage or text in somewhat different words to simplify or clarify

When asked to ____________ a paragraph in the textbook be sure to put it into your own words


A portion or section of a written work

Emily was asked to read her favorite ____________ from the book, so she picked the last paragraph.


Two or more words that express and idea and are part of a sentence

The words, "He went" are a ____________, while "He went to the store" is a complete sentence


To steal and pass off as one's own ideas

Tim was busted for ___________________ when the teacher types in a phrase from his essay and found that he had copied it word for word from Wikipedia.


plagiarize (verb)

A way of thinking about or looking at something

The story was told from the child's ___________________ so the reader can understand what the child was thinking and feeling

point of view