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Who was the Catholic King of Spain who launched the Spanish Armada in an attempt to punish Protestants in England?

Philip II

The idea that nothing can ever be known for certain


The real ruler of France during the reign of Louis XIV was...

Cardinal Richelieu

Who was the most powerful ruler in French history?

Louis XIV

The czar who promoted the westernization of Russia was...

Peter the Great

What were the three causes of the Thirty Years' War?

religion, territory, and power among European ruling families

True or False: Maria Teresa was the ruler of France and Frederick the Great was the ruler of Austria during the Seven Years' War.


True or False: The rule of Charles II in England is known as the Glorious Revolution because the monarch was brought back.


True or False: In the English Civil War, Charles I of England was defeated by a Puritan general named Oliver Cromwell.


True or False: Charles I was the first monarch to be publicly put on trial and executed.


Declaration of religious toleration that allowed Huguenots to live in peace in France

Edict of Nantes

First Bourbon king in France who ended the French Wars of Religion by converting to Catholicism and issuing the Edict of Nantes

Henry IV

What is an absolute monarch?

a king or queen that has complete power

What title was Ivan IV the first Russian king to take?


Laws passed by Parliament that gave a prisoner the right to have a judge specify the charges against him or her

habeas corpus

The Struggle between the Roundheads and Cavaliers in England was called the...

English Civil War

Name for the time period of Charles II's reign when the monarchy was brought back


The ____________ is when William and Mary of Orange overthrew James II with no bloodshed.

Glorious Revolution

England became this type of government after 1688, in which laws limited the ruler's power

constitutional monarchy

The leader of the majority party in Parliament who heads the cabinet

prime minister

What is considered to be the first modern European novel? It was about a man reading about knights.

"Don Quixote"

True or False: The Spanish Armada defeated the English navy in 1588.


What is one of the biggest problems caused by all the gold and silver flowing into Spain from the American colonies?

severe inflation

What led to the rise of absolute rulers in Europe?

continuous warfare, heavy taxes, widespread unrest

What is the name of the extravagant palace Louis XIV built in France?


What two phases was the Thirty Years' War divided into?

Hapsburg triumphs and Hapsburg defeats

What is the name of the Treaty that ended the Thirty Years' War?

Peace of Westphalia

Which dynasty began in Russian in 1613 with Ivan the Terrible's grandnephew, Michael? This dynasty brought order to Russian after the Time of Troubles and ruled for more than 300 years.


True or False: Peter the Great fought Sweden for land on the Baltic Coast and built a great port there named St. Petersburg.


True or False: Ivan IV was nicknamed Ivan the Awesome.