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surgicial internvetion charcteristics for incidental mass?
>4cm, functional, enlarging, non-homogenous
MC primary site for adrenal mets?
breast ca
aldosterone function?
sodium resorption, K, H, and ammonia excretion
precocious puberty in males, virilization in female, with salt wasting?
21hydroxylase def. symp
precocious puberty in males, virilization in female, with salt retaining?
11hydroxylase def. symp
ambiguious genitalia and salt saving?
17hydroxylase def.
dx of conn's?
urine aldosterone test (high after salt load test)
aldosterone:renin ratio greater than? indicates conn's
aldos:renin ratio >400
diff dx of captopril test results of no change vs. decrease in aldosterone level?
no change-tumor
dec-adrenal hyperplasia
what level is high in high aldosterone tumor vs. hyperplasia?
18-OH corticosterone
which cause of conn's more sensitive to ACTH; angiotensin II?
adenoma more sensitive to ACTH compared to hyperplasia being sensitive to angiotensin II
#1 primary disease of adrenal insufficiency?
most common cause of cushing's syndrome?
common causes of noniatrogenic hypercortisolism?
pituitary adenoma, ectopic ACTH, adrenal adenoma
medical tx for ectopic ACTH or residual after resection?
ketoconazole and metyrapone, aminoglutethimide, Op-DDD(mitotane)
rate limiting step of catecholamine production?
tyrosine hydroxylase
enzyme that converts norepi to epi?
PNMT, only found in medulla
10% rule for pheo?
10% familial, bilateral, malignant, extra-adrenal, and children
tech used to id location of pheo?
MIBG scan used
what procedure should never be performed on pheo?
venography can cause hypertensive crisis in this