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When interpreting the histology of a bony tumor, what does lamellar bone indicate?
A section that is not part of the tumor
How do you go about evaluating the histology of a bony tumor with woven bone present?
First, look for osteoblastic rimming
lf osteoblastic rimming is present, then the bone is reactive
If no osteoblastic rimming is present, then the bone is neoplastic
Second, look at stroma to determine if the neoplasm is benign or malignant
What are the two features of malignant stroma?
High cellularity and necrosis
High mitotic Tate and atypia
What are three examples of lesions with woven bone and osteoblastic rimming?
Osseofibrous dysplasia
Paget’s disease (also see coarse trabeculae on x-ray)
lf the histology resembles osseolibrous dysplasia but no osteoblastic rimming is present,consider what lesion?
Fibrous dysplasia
Metastases often have what cells on histology?
Epithelial cells
How do they generally appear?
Appear as clumps (stuck together) or as glands
What are the three aspects of the histologic appearance of normal cartilage?
Relatively sparse cells
One nucleus per cell
One cell per lacuna
Myxoid lesions are characterized by what two areas of distinct histologic appearance?
White (myxoid) area
Dense or cartilage looking area
When present in bone, such lesions often represent what?
When present in soft tissue, a myxoid lesion often represents what?
Schwannoma with Antoni A and Antoni B areas
What is the acronym and what are the live components of the differential diagnosis for a tumor that has small round cells on histology?
Acronym: La HEUM
Ewing sarcoma
If you see a giant cell tumor with bone present, consider what lesion in what location?
Giant cell reactive granuloma Hands
Nuclear inclusions on electron microscopy are suggestive of what two tumors?
Paget's disease
Eosinophilic granuloma
ln eosinophilic granuloma, what are the nuclear inclusions caHed?
Birbeck granules