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rate for normal breathing? for infants?
14-20 bpm in adults
up to 44 in infants
causes of rapid shallow breathing? aka?
aka = "tachypnea"
pleuritic chest pain
causes of rapid deep breathing? aka?
aka = "hyperpnea, hyperventilation"
exercise, anxiety, metabolic acidosis
what is kussmaul breathing and what causes it?
rapid deep breathing caused by metabolic acidosis
what causes slow breathing? aka?
aka = "bradypnea"
diabetic coma, drug induced respiratory depression, increased intracranial pressure
what causes Cheyne-stokes breathing?
periods of deep breathing alternated with apnea, normal in children and aging people
what causes ataxic breathing? aka?
aka = "Biot's breathing", unpredictable irregularity
brain damage, typically at medullary level
what causes sighing respiration?
emotional stress
what causes obstructive breathing? describe it?
characterized by prolonged expiration
asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD