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How is abuse different from dependence in terms of drug addiction?
abuse: Misbusing it in a way that causes the person to get into trouble
Dependence: Someone with tolerance and withdrawal issues. They need it on a daily basis to get by.
In terms of severity, what is worse, drug abuse or drug addiciton?
Drug addiciton. Abuse is just using it.
What is the difference between substance use vs. substance intoxication?
Intoxication: Use to the point it impairs functioning. Substance use:
What is the difference between tolerance and withdrawal?
Tolerance: You need more to get effect. The amt you take to feel effects.
Withdrawal: Experiencing symptoms due to lack of substance in your body.
What is the specific target of the depressants? What is an example of a depressant?
GABA, alcohol
How many of the U.S. population use alcholo?
over 50%
Which gender abuses alchol more?
T/F the substance that is most widely known as a depressant causes agression?
What percentage of people experience spontaneous revovery from alcohol problems?
What is an example of a sedative, and what effect do sedatives have?
barbiturates, claming
Hy: sleep inducing
Anxiety reducing (benzodiazepines)
Combining what type of drugs with alochol would be syergistic?
and anxiolytics( benzodiazepines)
What class of drugs is the most widely consumed drug in the U.S.?
What type of drugs are mainly used to help people regulate their state?
sedatives, hypnotics, and anxiolytics
What class of drugs would cocaine and nicotine be in?
How do amphetamines stimulate the CNS?
Enhance the release of norepinephrine and dopamine.
Reuptake is blocked
Why type of drug is cocaine?
What is the nature of drugs?
sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic
What type of drug is often referred to as analgesics?
What is the worst drug you can take? Most addictive? Most wused?
Meth, nicotine, caffiene
What are some of examples of the durg that produce paranoia, hallucinations, and altered sensory perception?
(hallucinogens) marijuana, LSD
Morphine is based off of what type of drug?
What is the most common form of hallucinogenic drug?
What would the positive reinfrocement be of taking drugs? Negative reinforcement?
The high, depression/withdrawals)
What is the opponent process theroy?
Always something going to happen to keep people using (why the crash after drug use fails to keep people from using)
What is meant by the role of expectancy effets?
People who use in same setting, your body preps for drug use. Your body ca
If a person has to shoot up in the same place, around the same time, what would this be called?
role of expectancy
Why is the role of expectancy potentially dangerous?
danger of overdose, when a person take same amount of drugs out of context they're use to,
What is the biological treatment of substance-related disorders?
Agonist substitution
-safe drug w/ similar chem composition
-e.g. methadone/patch
Antagonist Treatment
-drugs that block/counteract the positive effects of substances
e.g.nalterxone for opiate and alcohol problems.
Aversive treatment
-drugs that make use of substance extremely unpleasant
-e.g. antabuse and silver nitrate
What are some examples of an antagonistic treatment of substance-related dx's?
Naltrexone for opiate and alcohol problems
How effective is biological treatmetn?
generally ineffective when used alone.
What type of treatment involves drugs that make use of subsatances extremely unpleasant?
(antabuse and silver nitrate)
aversive treatment be?
What are some examples of psychosocial treatment for substance-related dx's?
inpatient vs. outpatient care (little diff in effectivieness
community support programs
balancing treatment goals
comprehensive treatemtn and prevention programs