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Vaginismus and dyspareunia are considered disorders of sexual:
A revolution in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions occurred with the publication of _____'s landmark book Human Sexual Inadequacy.
William Masters and Virginia Johnson
The belief that people with voyeurism are seeking to gain power over others by their actions is a _____ perspective.
Under the DSM criteria, a person may be diagnosed with _____ whether or not they suffer impairment in functioning or distress.
A person who is sexually aroused by inflicting physical pain on others is probably a:
sexual sadist.
People with gender identity disorder were previous called transsexuals and now are more accurately referred to as:
gender dysphoric.
A behavioral treatment that teaches people with paraphilias to respond to more appropriate sources of sexual stimulation is:
orgasmic reorientation.
As many as 90 percent of men with this disorder experience some degree of erectile dysfunction.
severe depression
People with _____ have repeated and intense sexual urges or fantasies in response to objects or situations that society deems inappropriate, and they may behave inappropriately as well.
Which type of cognitive-behavioral treatment has been used to treat pedophilia?
relapse-prevention training