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What structural application are Reed and Prince screws generally used?
What are the three types of wrecking bars?
1. small claw tool
2. crowbar
3. large claw tool
What publication should you refer to for information on hearing conservation?
What knot is used primarily to secure tag lines during aircraft hoisting operations?
the bowline
How should right-laid line be coiled down?
right-handed, clockwise
What is a line called that is 6" in circumference and is used for towing or mooring?
what type of steel is used most often in the Navy?
Plow steel
What treatment is required for those personnel exposed to carbon dioxide?
Removal from the CO2 affected area, artificial resuscitation, administering oxygen and keeping patient warm and quiet
What are the four major classifications of aircraft support equipment?
1. Common/general purpose
2. Peculiar/special purpose
3. Standard/gov approved specifications
4. Developmental/non gov approved specifications
What is the max towing capacity of the A/S 32A-30 tow tractor?
How long is the ALBAR 24?
How long is the ALBAR 8?
The SH-60B helicopter uses what ALBAR?
Each flight deck opening has how many sets of safety stanchions?
Hangar deck openings have how many sets of safety stanchions?
What aircraft crane is used in emergency handling of aircraft on the flight deck?
PMS AND MDS are two systems that make up what system?
What is on each maintenance index page (MIP)?
description of the maint requirements and how often the maint is to be preformed
What document of the MDS (maintenance data system) is used to request maint assistance?
OPNAV 4790/2K
What is the ACHO in charge of?
All aircraft handling on the flight and hanger decks
Damage to an aircraft must be reported to who?
Safety officers, aircraft-handling officer, flight deck officer, or hanger deck officer
The words taking tension refer to?
The last words passed over the sound powered phones until the launch is complete and the next launch cycle begins
What is used to put out Class B fires?
AFFF, Halon 1211, PKP, CO2
What should you do before attempting to put out a Class C fire?
De-energize or remove power source to affected area
What is the flash point and the rate of flame spread from JP-5
140 degrees F and 100ft per minute
The officer in charge of DC is?
The engineering officer
What color are the AFFF valves?
Red and Green
ABH personnel are assigned to what repair team?
Repair 1-H (hanger bay) or the crash and salvage team
What two repair stations have ordnance in common?
6 and 11
What is the hanger deck loud speaker system called?
AFFF stations and conflag stations use what sound-powered phone circuit?
What circuit is used for communication between the ready rooms and conflag station?
The 3JZ circuit is used for communication between what two stations?
conflag and main deck repair
Communication between the conflag and the forward repair locker use what circuit?
The 2JZ circuit is used to communicate between what two stations?
damage control/stability and the conflag station
Communication between the conflag and primary, flight deck/hanger control and elevator stations uses what circuit?
The doors used to separate the bays in the hanger deck are called?
Ballistic doors
The start and stop slow controls for the individual sprinkler groups for the hanger deck are located where?
in the conflag stations along each side of the hanger deck in the vicinity of the to be used sprinkler group
What is LSO stand for?
Landing signal officer
What does LSE stand for?
Landing signal enlisted