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In " The Lady, or the Tiger," the man was sent to the arena because he loved the __?__.

king's daughter (princess)

__?__ wrote "The Lady of Shalott."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Lady of Shalott spent her time __?__.


She used a __?__ to look at Camelot.


A curse came upon the Lady of Shalott when she looked directly down to __?__.


__?__ wrote "The Golden Fleece."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

In "Miss Hinchm" the clergyman left the restaurant and the company of the elderly woman after claiming that he wanted to go out to get a __?__.

newspaper (extra)

The real Miss Hinch was caught after her beard was ripped away by Jessie Dark's __?__.


Sam and Bill kidnapped a young boy who enjoyed playing that he was an Indian named __?__.

Red Chief

After __?__ told him an untrue story about her aunt, Mr. Nuttel was frightened when he saw three hunters and a dog headed toward the open window.


King Pelias was afraid of Jason because he had only one __?__.


__?__ was the name of the princess who helped Jason win the Golden Fleece.


Explain how the author of "The Lady, or the Tiger?" managed to leave his readers uncertain of the outcome of the story.

Answers will vary but should be similar to this:

The author told the story of how the young man ended up in the arena, and that he chose to open the door the princess indicated him to. He said who knows which door the lady is behind and which the tiger is behind? He tells his readers about princess's character describing her as a jealous, hot-blooded woman who hates the thought of seeing her sweetheart devoured by a tiger, but also hates the possibility of seeing him wed to one of her rivals.

At the end of the story the author said that it is up to his readers to decide if the princess or the tiger came out of the door the young man opened.