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What famous cricket player that became a missionary?
C.T. Studd
Who founded the Salvation Army?
William Booth
Who was the first Baptist missionary to Japan?
Jonathan Goble
The Reform Bill of ____ gave the middle class the right to vote.


Who was known as Victoria's Prince Consort?
Prince Albert
Name the woman who created the modern nursing profession?
Florence Nightingale
What American evangelist that had a tremendous impact on Victorian society?
D.L. Moody
Who is known as the "Prince of Preachers"?
Charles H. Spurgeon
Name the prime minister that was the leading voice for the Conservative party.
Benjamin Disraeli
Who was the most outstanding British leader at the beginning of the 19th century?Albertthe Reform Bill of ____ gave the middle class the right to vote1832first Baptist missionary to JapanJonathan Goblefounded the Salvation ArmyWilliam Boothfamous cricket player that became a missionaryC.T. Studd
William Pitt