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What 18th-century British theologian asserted that living things show evidence of purposeful design by their Creator?
William Paley
What relationship do similar organs that are also similar in internal structure demonstrate?
What is the most important difference between man and apes?
man is created in the image of God
Why does the science of genetics contradict evolution?
variety within a kind generally results from preexisting genetic variety, there are fixed limits to biological change, mutations cause genetic information to be lost not gained
Why does the peppered moth NOT demonstrate evolution?
there were always both light and dark moths
In what book did Charles Darwin discuss his speculations about the origin of mankind?
The Descent of Man
What term refers to breeding within a small, isolated group?
What science seeks to discover how the mechanisms of living cells work?
molecular biology
What group of fossil humans had larger brains and more powerful physiques than the average modern human?
Neanderthal man
What group of cave-dwelling fossil humans was once regarded as subhuman but is now classified as 'Homo sapiens sapiens,' the same as modern humans?
Cro-Magnon man