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branch of science that deals with the study of the composition structure, and properties of matter and the changes that matter undergoes
physical chemistry

deals with applying the theories of physics to the study of reactions and properties

organic chemistry

generally deal with substances that are chemical combination of elements other that carbon


the chemistry of living things like plants and animals

analytical chemistry

deals with identifying what substances are present in materials and how much of each substance is present


the systematic study of God's universe and how it works
observing, hypothesizing, and experimenting

the three steps of the scientific method

what a hypothesis becomes after it has been supported by many experiments and verified by other scientists
scientific law
a theory that has stood the test of time
Has to do with the consistency or reproducibility of a measurement and is closely related to a measurement's uncertainty


has to do with how close a measurement is to the actual, exact value

random error
tend to fluctuate randomly about the true value
exact numbers
the values that are obtained by counting or set by a definition because they have not uncertainty

a level that always exists unless the numbers are counted or defined

system of measurement

collection of compatible, related units that can be used to measure various quantities

the common name for the modification of the metric system with meticulously defined standards for all units