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"Lying here tonight, thinking, I've

come to think we've been rather fools;

there are better things in life than getting the better of a boundry dispute."

"The Interlopers"

Meg and Jo

Little Women ("The Valley of the Shadow")

"And the Son of God, who had died for

men, bending from the stars, put the hand that had been nailed to the cross

on ebbibg life and held on the staunch."

"If I Live till Sundown"


"The Last Leaf"

In "A Day's Wait," the boy thought he was going to die because he had a temperature of ____.

102 degrees F

What did the boy do while he was in bed?


In "If I Live till Sundown," the man had been wounded ____.

in battle

Who told the man that if he could live till sundown, he would live?

the doctor

In "The Valley of Shadow," Beth found a scrap of paper that made her feel ____.

that her life was not wasted

What author wrote the following quote: "... for nothing could change the sweet, unselfish nature, and even while preparing to leave life, she tried to make it happier..."?

Louisa May Alcott

Who responded when Georg and Ulrich shouted for help?


who worte "The Interlopers"?


Who constantly stayed by Beth's side?


Georg and Ulrich were caught up in a bitter feud over ____.

a piece of land

ESSAY: Write a brief summary of O. Henry's "The Last Leaf"

Sue and Johnsy were young painters who lived together. Johnsy had pneumonia, and the doctor told Sue that the patient had little chance of making it unless Sue could intrest her in living.

Sue was drawing a picture and noticed that Johnsy was keeping track of the leaves that fell off the ivy vine, that she could see outside of her window. Johnsy was convinced that she was going to die when the last leaf fell off. Sue went to ask an old artist, named Behrman to pose for her drawing and she told him about Johnsy's fancy. Behrman was upset about Johnsy, but he agreed to pose. When they reached the apartment, Johnsy was sleeping so Sue pulled the shade down. The next morning Johnsy demanded that Sue pull the shade back up. There was still one leaf left hanging on the vine even after the storm that night. When the leaf was still there the next day, Johnsy realized she had been silly and decided she wanted to live.Sue later learned that Behrman had painted the leaf on the vine. He caught pneumonia painting it, cause it was cold and wet, and died.