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Blood vessels of the abdomen
From Abdominal Aorta:
-Celiac Trunk
-Superior Mesenteric a.
-Inferior Mesenteric a.
-Renals, Gonadals, Lumbars
-Common Iliac
Celiac Trunk
First branch of abdominal aorta
-Left gastric a.
-Splenic a.
-Common hepatic a.
left gastric artery
branch of celiac trunk
-supplies stomach's lesser curvature
splenic artery
branch of celiac trunk
-supplies the spleen
common hepatic artery
branch of the celiac trunk
-has 4 branches of its own:
-Right gastric
-Proper hepatic
Right gastric artery
-A branch of common hepatic artery, which is a branch of celiac trunk
-Supplies greater curvature of stomach
Proper hepatic artery
branch of common hepatic artery which is a branch of the celiac trunk
-supplies the liver, dividing into right and left hepatic aa.
gastroduodenal artery
branch of the common hepatic artery, which is a branch of the celiac trunk.
-supplies the duodenum, some stomach.
cystic artery
branch of the right hepatic artery, which is a branch of the proper hepatic artery, which is a branch of the common hepatic artery, which is a branch of the celiac trunk.
-supplies the gallbladder
Superior mesenteric artery
brnach of abdominal aorta below celiac trunk.
3 branches:
Iliocolic artery
Right colic artery
middle colic artery
iliocolic artery
branch of the superior mesenteric
-supplies the ilio-cecal area of the colon.
right colic artery
branch of superior mesenteric
-supplies the ascending colon
middle colic artery
supplies the transverse colon
inferior mesenteric artery
3rd branch of the abdominal aorta
3 branches:
-left colic artery
-sigmoidal artery
-superior rectal artery
left colic artery
branch of the inferior mesenteric a.
-supplies the descending colon
sigmoidal artery
branch of inferior mesenteric
-supplies the sigmoid colon
superior rectal artery
branch of inferior mesenteric
-supplies the rectum
Renal arteries
branches directly off of abdomin. aorta
-travel superiorly to the kidneys, at the level of the superior mesenteric branch.
gonadal arteries
branches of the abdominal aorta, directly below the renal branches.
Female: ovarian, run w/ suspensory ligament.
Male: testicular, run w/ spermatic cord through inguinal canal.
lumbar arteries
-Branches of abdominal aorta, last ones before bifurcation (for our purposes).
-Supply the posterior abdominal wall
Common Iliac
Left/Right; result from bifurcation of the abdominal aorta.
internal iliac artery
external iliac artery - femoral
Portal vein
Brins nutrient-enriched blood to the liver to be filtered before returning to IVC and normal circulation.
Superior/Inferior Mesenteric and Splenic veins merge to form the portal vein.
Hepatic Portal System
-Hepatic vein takes all filtered blood out of liver.
-Portal vein brings nutrient-rich blood from digestive organs to be filtered first before returning to IVC.
Rectus Abdominis
origin: symphisis pubis, sternum, costal cartilages.
insertion: symphysis pubis
-Encased in the rectus Sheath
Rectus Sehath
aka, abdominal fasciae;
-strong white connective tissue that encases the rectus abdominis
External abdominal oblique
-lateral to either side of rectus abdom.
-extends downward/inward, like putting your hand in your pants pocket.