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To describe where a problem is one can use the four quadrants or the anatomical regions or zones... what are these?
Stomach has three parts
Small Intestine has three parts
duodenum, jejunum, ileum
large intestine has the...
cecum- ascending, transverse, and descending.
Sigmoid colon-
rectum and anal canal
Pelvic Organs
Lower urinary tract (bladder)
Reproductive organs
Retroperitoneal organs
Types of Pain,
peritoneum covering organs innervated by autonomic nervous system.
Visceral- poorly localized. deep dull, diffuse, ache. Bilateral or midline in one of the zones. Could be felt in segmental location which roughly coresponds with affected organ
Parietal pain is in the lining of the peritoneum abd. wall itself.
Parietal pain, from noxious stimuli, more precisely localized to quadrant, sharp, intense, positive rebound.
Referred Pain- not dominant in organ of origin.
Radiating Pain- primarily in or near organof origin and simultaneously at second site.
Abrupt onset wake from sleep- severe- obstruction of non intestine or acute vascular event.
Abrupt worsening of pain may inciate inflammation progressing to rupture
Gradual onset of pain. More distal obstruction the more gradual the onset of pain.
Chronic or recurrent pain, the longer the experience the less likely to be serious.
Peyronie's Disease: Fibrous plaques in Tunica albuginea.
Hydrocele: fluid in layers of Tunica vaginalis
Spermatocele- semen accum. in tuinca vaginalis near head of epididymis.
Varicocele: engorgement of internal spermatic veins above testis.
Cryptorchidism: undescended testes
Orchitis: inflam of testis
Torsion- twist.