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Applied Behavior Analysis
Science in which procedures derived from principles of behavior are systematically applied to improve socially significant behavior to meaningful degree and demonstrate experimentally that procedures employed are responsible for improvement of behavior
philosophy of the science of behavior - behavior is influenced by events in enviroment
What happens is a result of movements in states of matter that have previously occurred
Knowledge gained through senses objectively
Dimensions of ABA (7)
Applied, Behavioral, Analytic, Technological, Conceptually Systematic, Effective, Generality
Social Significance of behavior
behavior chosen for study must be the behavior in need of improvement
demonstration of a functional relation between the manipulated events and the behavior of interest
all procedures are identified and precisely described
Conceptually Systematic
Describing the procedures for behavior under investigation and must produce clinical or social significance
Behavior change that lasts over time, appears in multiple environments or spreads to other behaviors not treated by the behavior change techniques
Experimental Analysis of Behavior (EAB)
Lab Based Research; Properties of experiments; Controlled studies in which factors suspected of having casual status are systematically controlled and manipulated while effects are under careful study; Not looking at social significance
Explanatory Fiction
description becomes explanation for behavior; Circular Argument; "Johnny cant read - b/c hes dyslexic - how do you know? - b/c he can't read"
Attributing behavioral things to psychological ideas - "Why did Johnny display the behavior? Becuase he wanted to." - Not recognizing the contingency
Start with the simplest explanation for behavior; rule that out first before looking at more complicated explanations
Philosophical Doubt
all knowledge is subject to change if evidence changes
Phylogenic History
Way to explain the relationship b/w environment and behavior; Evolutionary, peculiarity, and genetics
Private Events
thinking or sensing stimuli; only measurable by individual (ex. frequency of negative thoughts, hunger, thirst)
Public Events (behavior)
observed and measured by others
Scientific Manipulation
IV; DV; Control Group