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Definition of philosophy:

System of thought that becomes an attitude

Did the difference types of ground all yield or produce the same fruit?


In Luke 7:22, what did Jesus tell the disciples to report back to John?

What you have seen and heard

What does the seed symbolize or represent?

The Word of God

According to Matthew 11:1-15, what did John the Baptist doubt?


What type of ground represents a heart with no root?

Stony ground

What type of ground represents the only type of person satan had complete access to steal The Word from?

By the way side

What type of ground represents a heart distracted with cares of this world?


What type represents the only heart that produces fruit?

Good ground

What is the only way strife can come?

By pride Prov. 13:10, Prov. 17:14

Did God create us to run our own lives independent of Him?


What Biblical examples was used to study how satan tempt us?

Eve Gen. 3:1

Where does our battle with the devil take place?

Our minds

What do we have that gives us better revelation and understanding of God than Adan and Eve had?

The Word

According to lesson 7, what did Eve begin to question (and then doubt) that allowed her to be tempted by satan?

God's Word

Opposing philosophies for Joy


Opposing philosophies for Prosperity


Opposing philosophies for Health