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Process of ovulation occurs every..
28-30 days
The ampulla fimbriae, and infundibulum are anatomical features of the..
Fallopian Tubes
When egg cells are released from follicles in the ovaries, they are swep into the fallopian tubes by the..
cilia of fimbriae
What is NOT associated with the uterus
Iit is composed of one tissue layer called the myometrium
Development of the embryo takes place in the tissue layer of the uterus known as the..
In order to reach egg cells present in the fallopian tubes, sperm cells must swim through the...
vagina, cervix, and uterus
Lactation is the process of..
production of milk by the mammary glands
During the first few days of the menstrual cycle...
The stratum functionalis is sloughed off
During days 6-14 of the menstrual cycle..
Follicles develop in the ovaries
During days 15-28 of the menstrual cycle...
the corpus luteum secretes progesterone
In the process of meiosis in the ovary..
an egg cell with 23 chromosomes is produced
The corpus luteum forms from the..
residual cells of the follicle
To form the zygote..
the nuclei of sperm and egg cells must unite
What does NOT apply to the umbilical cord
it contains one umbilical artery and two umbilical veins
During pregnancy, the corpus luteum remains functional
for about three months
the sac that entirely encloses the embryo is the
the developing individual is considered a fetus
for the final seven months
the birth process is marked by the
decrease of progesterone and increase of oxytocin
a breach birth is one in which
the buttocks of the baby presents first