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__ means to settle an argument by agreeing that each side will give up some of its demands
In making fair laws people often wrok together and COMPROMISE.
A __ is money people pay to support the government.
The colonists did not want to pay TAXES to England.
An __ is a book that comes out every year with information on many different subjects.
Poor Richard's ALMANAC was popular many years ago.
The __ _ __ is a document written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 that explains why the colonies had decided to be free from England.
Declaration of Independence
On July 4th, Americans celebrate the signing of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.
The ___ ___ is the war fought by the American colonies to end English rule. The war was fought between 1775-1783.
American Revolution
The American colonies defeated the English during the AMERICAN REVOLUTION.
__ means to choose by voting.
George Washington was ELECTED as our first president.
The ___ is the plan of government for the U.S. that explains what the different parts of government are and outlines the most important laws.
Today, the CONSTITUTION is still important in helping people make laws in our country.
__ is the part of the U.S. government that makes laws for our country.
Members of CONGRESS make the laws we follow.
The __ is the leader of the U.S. government.
George W. Bush is our PRESIDENT.
The ___ _ ___ is a list of our country's most important rights and freedoms that were added to the Constitution in 1791.
Bill of Rights
The right to have free speech and religious freedom is part of the BILL OF RIGHTS.
Who ruled the colonies in the early 1700s?
England ruled the colonies in the early 1700s.
How many English colonies were in America in the 1700s?
There were 13 English colonies in America in the 1700s.
What city was known as the biggest and busiest city in the 1700s?
Philadelphia was the biggest and busiest city in the 1700s.
The name Philadelphia comes from 2 Greek words. What do these Greek words mean?
Philadelphia means brotherly love.
Where did Benjamin Franklin grow up?
Ben Franklin grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.
How did Ben Franklin know how to use a printing press?
Ben Franklin learned how to use a printing press when he worked with his brother, James.
What type of book did Ben Franklin right in 1732?
Ben Franklin wrote an almanac called Poor Richard's Almanac in 1732.
Tell at least 2 things Ben Franklin did or created to help the people of Philadelphia.
He experimented with electricity.
He invented the Franklin Stove.
He created bifocal glasses.
He started the first lending library.
He organized Philadelphia's volunteer fire department.
Look at the graphic source information on textbook page 149.
How much did Ben Franklin charge for people to use his inventions/creations?
Ben Franklin allowed people to use what he invented or created for free.
Why did the colonists want to be free from England?
The colonists wanted to make their own rules and having their own government.
What was the name of the fight between the colonists and the English?
The war was called the American Revolution.
Why did the leaders meet in Philadelphia in 1776?
The leaders met to work on a plan to win the war.
Thomas Jefferson wrote a plan about why the colonies should be free. What was this plan called?
Thomas Jefferson's plan was called the Declaration of Independence.
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
The leaders adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
What happened to America after the war was over in 1781?
The 13 colonies were now called states. The new nation was called The United States of America.
There was a snake on the 1775 colonial flag. What did the snake represent?
The snake on the 1775 colonial flag was a symbol to show danger.
What does the motto "don't tread on me" mean?
"Don't tread on me is a warning that if anyone harms the colonies they will strike back.
Who is believed to have made the first U.S. flag?
People say that Betsy Ross made the first U.S. flag.
What did the original 13 stars and 13 stripes represent?
These stars and stripes stood for the 13 colonies.
Who led the army during the American Revolution?
George Washington lead the army during the American Revolution.
Why did the states decide they needed to have a new government to watch over all of the states?
The states wanted one government to help them with their money troubles by making laws about printing money.
How do we know what happened at the meeting to form the Constitution?
We know what happened during that meeting because James Madison took careful notes during the meeting about what was said.
What are the 3 branches of government?
The three branches of government are:
Supreme Court
What are the names of the two parts of Congress?
The two parts of Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives.
How many judges are appointed to the Supreme Court?
Nine judges are appointed to the Supreme Court.
What is the job of the president?
The president sees that the laws of the government are carried out.
Where does the president of the U.S. live?
The U.S. President lives in the White house.
Where does Congress meet to make and discuss laws?
Congress meets in the Capitol building in Washington D.C.
What year was George Washington elected president of the U.S.?
George Washington was elected president in 1789.
The ___ ___ is a part of the American government that makes sure laws follow the Constitution.
Supreme Court
There are 9 judges in the SUPREME COURT.