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When you access the computer's setup program during bootup what are you really accessing?
What does the acronym SEC stand for?
Single Edge Cartridge
What is the purpose of the flash bios?
old BIOS could not be altered. Flash uses a disk to electronically upgrade bios to communicate with new device.
SIMM, DIMM and RIMM are part of what?
What does IDE stand for?
Integrated Drive Electronics
What does SVGA stand for?
Super Virtual Graphics array
What does ANSI stand for?
American National Standards Institute.
What processors use ZIF?
all 80486 etc and Pentiums up to Pentium II but not including Pentium II. Pentium two uses SEC
Active matrix displays use what technology?
Thin Film TFT
How many color can be diplayed at once with an SGVA monitor?
16 million + but only 32 bit true colors
Can computer systems support ATA and IDE devices at the same time?
Yes, they support a mixture
How do you know the P8 and P9 wires were attached to the system board correctly?
The black wires should touch each other.
Which connection attaches a 80486 processor to the motherboard?
What is the term called when you can exchange a system's component with another while the computer is still on?
Hot swappable device
what is differential SCSI?
data sent over a wire in a manner to resist interference, supports longer cable lengths
What does EIDE stand for?
EnhancedIntegrated Drive Electronics
What are the Minidin and PS/2 connectors used for?
mice and keyboards
if you needed to change the system/motherboard, what setting must your record before swapping boards?
Note the jumper and BIOS settings.
what is the max cable length for SCSI 3?
12 meters
How do you remove a power supply?
1) Disconnect P8 and P9 connecotrs from system board
2) Remove power connectors from all other components
3) Remove screw that holds power supply to chassis, NOT THE SCREWS FROM ACTUAL SUPPLY
4) Slide away from computer
Does the term IDE refer to SCSI or non SCSI devices?
non SCSI
These type of processors use a pin grid array (PGA) with several rows of pins on the bottom.
80286, 80386, 80486
if a device is taking up the primary controller, if an additional drive is added, what is it connected to?
a primary slave or a secondary master
What does SIMM stand for?
Single inline Memory Module
Synchrounous means?
data is sent in a continuous stream
What does the acronym PGA stand for?
Pin Grid Array
How many devices does SCSI support?
7 15 or 31 depending on system
Will the connector to a drive ribbon allow you to install it more than one way?
No, it only fits one way
The processor uses I/O addresses to?
locate and communicate with devices
Where do monitors receive their signals from?
Video cards attached to mother board. EGA monitor can only use EGA video card. SVGA can only use SGVA video card.
What is the responsibility of the BIOS?
Informs processor about what devices are present and how to ocmmunicate with them and translates request from processor to component it will use.
What kinds of connectors do mice use?
9 pin serial com port or mind din5 port.
The processor uses IRQs to?
get the attention of the processor
If a device is standardized, what does that mean?
you can replace a component with one made by a different manufacturer?
What does SCSI stand for?
Small Computer Systems Interface
Can system boards typically use several different processor models or only one? How many processor speeds can a system board support?
only one model
two or three speeds of that particular model
Serial and mice use what type of synchronization?
What is the max amout of colors displayed by the EGA?
Which SCSI system marks the first use of LVD?
Ultra 2
Where is the primary hard drive attached?
to the end connector of a ribbon cable
When people talk about the bit rate, what do they mean?
the number of bits that can be sent simultaneously between two devices
What does ESD stand for?
Electrostatic discharge
How do you set up a master/slave configuration?
The master must have jumper cables set to the master setting and the slave must have jumper cables set to slave. The master should be connected to the end of the ribbon cable and the slave to the middle cable.
SEC processors are held by what?
Retaining clips
How many devices can share an IRQ or an I/O address?
they cannot share either ever
What are the max available resolutions for each of the following:
CGA mono 640X200
Color 160X100
EGA text 720X350
graphics 640X350\
VGA text 420X400
graphics 640X480
SCGA 1280X1024
When a Daisy chain is linked to form a SCSI chain, does each device in the chain get assigned an IRQ and IO?
No, assigned a special SCSI ID
What does UDMA stand for?
Ultra Direct Memory Access
What does ATA stand for?
AT Attachment
What is the max resoltion for the SVGA monitor?
If there is only one device present, it must be attached to which controller?
the primary controller
What does DIP stand for?
Dual inline package
Parallel communications sends data ? bits at a time?
more than one bit at a time
What do the following acronyms stand for?
1) AC
2) DC
Alternating Current
Direct Current
The primary master receives drive letter?

All otehr drives are lettered according to priority: primary slave, secondary master, primary master
What type of array do the 80286, 80386, and the 80486 processors use?
Pin Grid Array
How long does the CMOS battery last?
2-10 years
What is the max resolution of an EGA monitor?
720X350 text
640X350 graphics
Are SCSI systems more or less expensive than IDE? Easier or harder to configure? Faster or slower?
How many pins are on a SIMM card?
30 and 72 connector configs. The PGAs (80386, 80486 and Pentium) support slots for both SIMM types.
What does the CMOS track?
1) time
2) Keyboard settins
3) Boot sequence
4) start IRQ sequence
What kind of monitors do laptops use?
LCD (liquid Crystal Display)
How many devices do IDE systems support?
you can add more by using expansion slots
The laptop version of a sytem board is called a?
Processor board
What does IEEE stand for?
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
What does EGA stand for?
Enhanced Graphics Adapter
A secondary drive will not work without ? and a slave drive will not work without ?
primary drive

Does RAM require physical configuration? When is it detected by the computer?
Upon Startup
The CMOS stores what?
The BIOS configuration settings
What is the definition of demodulation?
Converts analog signals from the phone to digital signals the computer can use.
What does Modem stand for?
Modulator demodulator
What does the red strip on the end of a drive cable indicate?
Pin 1
If your computer doesn't display the proper time, which component needs to be replaced?
the CMOS battery
What is the definition of modulation?
Converts computer digital signals into analog signals to be sent over a phone line.
If you remove a drive, what happens to the drive mappings?
If C is removed all drive letters are reorganized the next time the computer is started.
What kind of connectors do keyboards use?
din-6 or mini-din
what are the two types of USB?
Fast and slow
Which of the following are digital and which are analog?
CGA is digital
EGA is digital
VGA is analog
SVGA is analog
Is there a performance advantage to configuring a second drive as a secondary master over a primary slave?
What is the purpose of an AC adapter?
conver power form AC to DC and recharges the battery.
What does CMOS stand for?
Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
What are the steps of dialing up?
1) dial up
2) computer answers
3) handshake where speed and encyrption are determined
What is the definition of firmware?
hardware that includes hard wired instruction in ROM chips. EX. Time, passwords, screen colors. and example of firmware is a calculator that retains its basic functionality even when the calculator is off.
What steps do you take to uninstall and reinstall a system board?
1)remove all expansion cards and cables
2) remove hard drive and floppy drives
3) Remove screws
4) replace board
5) install memory, processor and expansion cards
6) Attach power and drive connectors
Asynchronous means?
Data is sent in intermittent bursts.
What are the four types of monitor displays?
What are the differences b/w SCSI and non SCSI devices?
SCSI devices are controlled by the SCSI controller and hooked to the controller on the motherboard.
The word single in Simm and the word dual in Dimm refer to?
THe number of rows of connectors, not the number of sides that contain memory chips.
What does IEEE 1394 support?
very high speeds for external devices, and firewire (the cable looks similar to a USB cable)
How many total color are available for the following:
CGA 16
EGA 64
VGA 16 million +
SVGA 16 million +
WHat does HVD stand for
High voltage differntials
Are AC adapters proprietary or standardized?
Proprietary - specific to manufacturer
What is the purpose and what are the steps of the POST?
1) As part of the boot process checks BIOS for presence and funtion of each component(processor, Ram, etc)
2) Retrieve IRQ and IO addresses form CMOS and assigns to device
3) Searches for op sys and hands system to it
4) drops CMOS
In 8 bit SCSI systems which ID has priority?
What is the bus width, max throughput and data transfer for the following?
fast scsci2
wide scsi2
fast wide scsi2
double wide scsi2
ultra scsi 3
wide ultra scsi3
ultra 2 scsi
wide ultra 2 scsi
ultra 3
8, 5, se
8, 5, se or hvd
8, 10, se or hvd
16 10 , se or hvd
16, 20, se or hvd
32, 40, se or hvd
8, 20, se or hvd
16, 40, se or hvd
8, 40, hvd or lvd
16, 80, hvd or lvd
16, 160, LVd
What does DIMM stand for?
Dual Inline Memory
What is another name for a Serial port?
RS-232 port
what are two ways to terminate a SCSI device?
resistor fits into unused second port on the last SCSI device , or on board terminator is made by using the appropriate jumpers settings
When something is referred to as a ?bit bus? What does that mean?
can support up to that many devices
How many pins does a DIMM have?
168 connectors and are longer than SIMMS. SIMMS have one line of pins while DIMMS have two rows of pins.
Serial communications can be?
Synchronous or asynchronous
In a SCSI system, IDs ? (increase or decrease)within each octet, but each ? octed has a ? priority than the preceeding one?
What does the term BIOS stand for?
Basic Input/Output System
What does ZIF stand for?
Zero insertion force
The processor uses RAM as?
Temporary storage for its processes
If a SCSI chain is external, which devices must be terminated?
last internal device and the controller?
What is another name for a SCSI controller?
SCSI host adapter
What is the difference in the installation of a CD ROM drive over the installation of a hard drive or floppy?
CD ROm may require a connection of a sound cable to the sound card
What does the ATA family include?
ATAPI (CDROM drives)
Fast ATA
Ultra ATA?
What devices must be terminated on a SCSI chain if chain is a mix of internal and external devices?
the last external and the last internal
If you master/slave configuration is not detected (on older computers) what should you do?
enter the CMOS and select auto detect or the detect hard drive option
Why are DIPS no longer used to hold RAM chips?
Loosed due to cooling and heating of the system called chip creep.
What is the difference b/w the BIOS and the CMOS?
Bios is a set of instructions
CMOS stores the settings
32 bit SCSI sytems have how many pins?
68 pin pcables and 68 pin qcable and 110 pin Lcable
What are the main differences between scsi 2, fast, wide, fast wide and double wide?
bus types, bus width and transmission speed
What is a DC controller on a laptop?
it monitors and regulates power usage. It gives the low battery warning.
What is the relationship between IDE and ATA?
IDE drives are built on the ATA body of standards.
16 bit SCSI system cables have how many pins?
68 and are known as Pcables
Can regular and differential SCSI technology exist on the same SCSI system?
A video expansion card is called what in a laptop?
video board
The processor uses the BIOS to?
communicate with the other devices in the system.
8 bit SCSI connectors have how many pins and what is the cable called?
50 pins and it's called an A cable
What is the definition of a peripeheral?
a non critical external component
What type of devices are UDMA and EIDE?
laptop hard drives
Can IDE and ATA be used interchangeably?
FOr exam: SCSI system internal cables look like? External look like?
Internal: same connector as hard drive ribbon cable
External: Centronics connectors in older sys and high density in newer sys
When a SCSI chain is given a length does that lenght refer to the length of the entire chain or the length betweek devices?
Entire length of the chain
LCD's were first referred to as?
Passive Matrix Displays
What does the IDE family include?
IDE and Enhanced IDE
FOr exam: SCSI systems use how many pins cables for:
8 bit
16 bit
32 bit
THe most important fact about SCSI is that they must be???
Terminated at both ends
IRQs start from the number ? to the number?
0 - 15 (16 total available)
Serial communications transmit data ? bits at a time?
1 bit
Sometimes jumpers within a SCSI chain will need to emulate?
the binary equivalent fo the device's ID
How many pins does a DB9 connector have and what device uses this connector?
9 pins, used by mice and external modems.
Can the BIos assign IRQs, DMAa and IOs automatically?
When data is synchronous and there is no data to be sent what happens?
Dummy data is sent.
Can devices within the same SCSI chain share IDs?
what kind of cables can be plugged into the wall from either end?
How do you view the IRQ, DMA and IO assignment on your machine?
1) r click my computer
2) Select properties
3) Click device manager
4) select computer and click properties
what type of post error code does 1** indicate?
system board or processor
What is another name for Active Matrix Display?
Thin film Transistor (TFT)
how do you clean a drive?
us a disk that has solution on it and cleans the drive.
What does I/O address stand for and what does it do?
Input output address

Makes component existent to the processor.
what type of post error does a 2** indicate?
Why did the available IRQ addresses go from 8 to 16?
devices competed for them
if scandisk finds corruptable data should the hard drive be replaced?
consider it or you may lose all data
Hexidecimal is based on multiples of?
what type of post error does 3** indicate?
What does DMA stand for and what is its purpose?
Direct Memory Access

used in cases where it is easier for two devices to communicate directly rather than via the processor. DMA allows devices to read data directly into memory bypassing the processor.
What does the acronym POST stand for?
Power on Self Test
IRQ 0 is for what component?
System timer
if the post does not complete what may the problem be?
processor or memory
Are any devices hardwired with a particular IRQ or are they changeable?
Some are hardwired some are changeable
What is the name for a trapezoidal connector?
DB for D-shell since it looks like the letter D
Which component is IRQ 1 assigned to?
What command helps a computer with no operating system become drive bootable?
sys command at dos prompt. sys c: which replaces the pointer in the master boot record.
Which uses more power? Active matrix or passive matrix diplays?
are most floppy errors the cause of the disk or the drive?
What does IRQ stand for and what does it do?
Interrupt Request Line

Interrupts processing when a task is complete. The IRQ identifies a device.
what is the problem if the floppy drive light won't go off?
drive's ribbon cable is attached incorrectly. it is probably reversed.
What is the IRQ for the system timer?
why may a mouse pointer be frozen on the screen?
IRQ and IO conflict. May need to be moved to a different COM port. Check device settings. Or else it could be driver related. if it's a bus mouse it could be a damaged bus mouse adapter card.
Which IRQ is the keyboard assigned to?
How many pins does a DB-25 connector have and what devices use it?
25 pins and it is used by printers and scanners
Which IRQ has the highest priority?
0, system timer
What kind of cables specifically use one end for the monitor and one end for the wall (example)
Which IRQ has the second highest priority?
1, keyboard
What does the number on the side of an RJ connector describe?
The size, not the number of wires
What doe MHz refer to?
how many million times a second a computer's quartz vibrates.
What does BNC stand for?
Broadband Network Connector, Boyonet Neill-Concelman, etc etc, many references
What does a CDROM use to read/write?
a laser
What does the RJ in RJ connector stand for?
Registered Jack
A hard drive consists of...
Rotating Platters on a spindle
Female DB25 connectors are used for what type of communications? what about male DB25?
Femail parallel
Male serial
What rising term is used for Power supplies?
Switching mode power supplies.
What do BNC connectors do?
attach coaxial cables to BNC ports. The ports seen on VCRS to receive an outside signal.
Is Ram volatile or non-volatile?
Volatile, means power supply must be there or info is lost.
Which IRQ is used to trick the device into using the additional added IRQS 8-15 and is also considered the interrupt controller?
What is another name for a hard drive?
Fixed drive
Which component uses IRQ 3?
Com 2 and Com4
What is RAM also known as?
Which IRQ is the floppy drive assigned to?
What does RAM stand for?
Random Access Memory
Which IRQ is assinged to COM1 and COM3?
How much data can a CD Rom hold?
IRQ 10 is assigned to what device?
What is the power supply responsible for?
Converts Alternating Current voltage from wall outlet to Direct Current voltage that the computer requires. Also makes sure appropriate voltage is used.
IRQ 8 is assigned to?
Computers real time clock
How many colors does a CGA display?
What component uses IRQ2?
considered cascase or redirect to 9. Is used b/c there used to only be 8 irqs (0-7) and IRQ 2 is used as the interrupt controller to access the new IRQs. Used to trick the device.
Is RAM retrieved faster or slower than than info from the hard drive?
Which IRQ is assigned to COm2 and COM4?
what is the name for the smaller units a hard drive can be divided into?
Which component is assigned to IRQ 5?
Secondary Parallel Port LPT2
What is the resolution for a VGA monitor?
720X400 for text
640X480 graphics
1280X1024 highest resolution
Which components are assigned to IRQ4?
COM 1 and COM 3
What kind of cable does a modem use?
Is the Secondary Parellel Port assigned to an IRQ?
Most people upgrade their computer by adding?
Can COM2 and COM4 be used at the same time?
No, belong to same IRQ
What is the capacity of the following floppy disks?
1) 5.25 inch
2) 3.5
3) 1.44
1) 360KB or 1.2MB
2) 720 KB (double density)
3) 1.44 MB (high density) 2.88 MB (double density)
IRQ7 is assigned to which device?
Primary Parallel Port LPT1
Most hard drives are between ? and ? GBs?
IRQ 6 is assigned to what device?
Floppy drive
what does the acronym CRT stand for? What is CRT related to?
Cathode Ray Tube

Related to monitors
Why is IRQ 5 considered available?
IRQ 5 is for secondary parallel port LPT2 and most computers only use one LPT port so, IRQ5 is open.
A CDROM is faster than a ? and slower than a ?
faster than a floppy
slower than a hard drive
What IRQ is the primary parallel port assinged to?
What does VGA stand for?
Video Graphics Array
What is IRQ 9 used for?
available but typically used for hard wired devices that are assigned to IRQ2
With more information in memory, does the computer run faster or slower?
Can Floppys or the primary parallel port be configured to use other IRQs?
NO only 6 and 7 respectively
What physically does a CDROM consist of?
Pits and Lands
IRQ 11 is assigned to what device?
What is the max amount of colors that can be displayed on a VGA monitor?
16 million, 256 at a time in 16 bit color
Which IRQs are available?
5, if no secondary parallel port
9, but mostly for redirection
10 and 11
12 if serial or bus mouse is used
13 if math coprocessor doesn't exist
What is the word to describe the size and number of pixels a monitor can display?
which IRQ is the mouse assigned to?
Which screen diplay type was the first to use analog over digital output?
IRQ 12 is used for?
PS/2 mouse
What does the acronym CGA stand for?
Color Graphics Adapter
What is the name of the device that organizes the actions of the computer components when it is requested.
Processor, Central Processing Unit, or CPU
What is the resolution of a CGA monitor?
640X200 pixels monochrome
160X100 in 16 bit color mode
What does EMI stand for?
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) aka noise
What is a dongle?
adapter for nics
If an internal modem is being used, can an external device use COM2?
Yes Com2 can be used. Internal modems use COM 3 or 4, so nothing external can use those ports.
How many volts can destroy a computer?
Wirless devices can communicate as long as....
they adhere to the same standards
what does PCMCIA stand for?
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
The max cable length between USB devices is?
5 meters
Does ROM store new information?
What does cache do?
guesses which instructions the processor is likely to need and retrieves the instructions from RAM or the hard drive.
When ESD causes an immediate malfunction of a device it's called? What about when it slowly deteriorates the system? Which is worse?
Degradation is worse b/c it can cause a componenet to work sporadically making the problem more difficult to pinpoint and it can cause more than on component over time to fail.
cable without protection
Can level one cache be upgraded?
not unless you update the processor.
What does USB stand for?
Universal Serial Bus
How many colors are available at one time for each of the following:
CGA 16
EGA 16
VGA 256
SVGA 16 million+
What is the max speed IRDA wireless devices support?
what is the max number of ports a usb hub has?
Does USB support plug and play?
What is the difference between a UPS, surpressor and noise filter?
UPS provides backup power
suppressors smooth out surges and spikes
noise filters remove EMI
One limitation of infrared devies is?
They use line of sight
What is another name for a nic card in a laptop
pcmcia - after the association that introduced them
what IRQ does USB use?
What does LBA stand for?
Logical Block Addressing
What voltages are required by computer componenets?
+ OR - 12
+ OR - 5
+ OR - 3.3 V DC
Firewire can be daisychained?
cable with one or moer metal wires surrounded by a sheath
Straight pair
What must be replaced if the fan within the power supply fails?
the entire power supply
What is a non maskable interrupt?
used by memory to indicate a possible fatal condition. Processor is halted.
what do socket and card servies have to do with?
detect pc cards in laptops, assigns the card the proper i/o resources
How many devices can USB support?
LBA and enhaced modes are used up until what type of computer?
528 MB computers. New computers have a BIOS that can communicate with a hard drive of any capacity.
IRQ 13 is used for what?
Math coprocessor
How many devices can firewire support in a single port?
What is the meshwork of copper lines or electronic circuites through which signals travel from one component to another called?
The bus
What is the main difference between LBA mode and large mode?
LBA is faster and large is supported by EIDE hard drives.
Does USB support hot swapping?
what is another name for firewire?
Do modems require an IRQ or an I/O address to function?
What do enhanced BIOS chips support?
Chips that support the translation of the LBA in drive translation.
What data speeds does USB support for low speed? High speed?
1.5 mbps
12 mbps
What does Scandisk do?
searches entire hard disk and and compares information in the clusters to FAT then updates FAT with proper info. Also finds bad spots on disk
Does an external modem use an IRQ?
Does an enternal modem use an IRQ?
What is a CHS address?
cylinder, head and sector - each sector on a hard drive is identified by these.
Does Cache run faster or slower than RAM?
Level 2 cache is installed where?
system board
Is UDMA associated with DMA?
What does FAT do?
Indexes hard drive clusters for easy access.
Do hardrives use IRQs and I/Os?
What are the steps to manually configure an internal modem?
assign modem to an available com port using jumper settings or a setup program in the OS.
Older computers use what kind of memory access? New computers use what kind of memory access?
What two types of PCMCIA cards exist? what for?
1 and 11, iii
ii used for i/o devices - modems, sound card, nic

iii- hard drive storage
What is a maskable interrupt?
Deals with IRQs. Means the processor can ignore them in order to complete a current task.
What does defragmenting do?
puts clusters for files back together. 1-2, part is on 5-6 so put them back as 1-4.
Which cable is unaffected by noise?
fiber optic
What does FAT stand for?
File Allocation Table
IRQ 14 is assigned to?
Hard drive controller
Can scandisk repair bad clusters?
Cable with two or more metal wires that are twisted around each other surrounded by a plastic sheath
Twisted pair
What is the lowest operation system you can have to support firewire?
win 98
which devices use a DMA channel?
Hard Drives
Can docking stations be used with many laptops?
only yours which it is configured for.
Are floppy drives assinged IRQs or I/Os?
What are the two type of indexing used for clusters?
Where does cache memory reside?
Directly on processor
What is another name for IEEE 1394?
This processor type was developed starting with the Pentium II.
you should never wear an ESD strap when working on what device? Why?
a monitor, b/c you shouldn't work on a montior and it is not grounded and has a high voltage capacitor.
Is ROM volatile or non-volatile?
non-volatile, does not lose information when computer is off.
Can disk defragementer speed up my hard drive?
What steps does the processor go through?
1) Receives Request
2) Determine steps needed to complete the task
3) Translates tasks into signals
4) completes math and logical calculations
USB supports what? Firewire supports what?
most peripherals

high data high speed such as dvd players
Do IRQs communicate with the processor or components?
Level one cache is located where?
What does Plug and play mean?
Device is recognized and automatically assigned an IRA and I/O address
how do you defragment a hard drive?
use MS disk defragmenter. prorams accessories system tools disk degragmenter
cable with single copper wire surrounded by insulating plastic
What does ROM stand for?
Read only memory
How often is Rom changed?
Rarely ever
IRQ 15 is reserved for the?
secondary hard drive controller if it exists
Do I/Os communicate with processor or components?