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the ____ & ____ ____ contract to cause inspiration
diaphragm - external intercostals
in forced inspiration, the ____, ____, & ____ ____ play a role
scalenes - sternocleidomastoid - pectoralis minor
what muscles contract to cause normal/passive expiration
passive expiration is caused by ____ of ____ & ____ ____
relaxation - diaphragm - external intercostals
what muscles contract to cause forced or labored expiration (3)
internal intercostals - obliques - transversus abdominal muscle
what is the function of tonsils
fight infection
tonsils are located around ____ where ____ may have access to enter the body
openings - microbes
what muscle is the only abductor of the vocal folds
muscle that controls the tension of the vocal folds
vocalis is located …
deep to thyroarytenoideus muscle
name 4 pairs of paranasal sinuses
frontal - ethmoidal - sphenoidal - maxillary
5 paranasal sinuses function
resonance for sound - warm - circulate - moisten air - produce mucus
clinical significance of size & position of the right primary bronchus
most likely place for solids to enter if something gets lodged down there