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A simile describes the subject's characteristics by using comparisons to other things.

Ex: The butterfly floated up in to the air like a balloon filled with helium.


compares two things that are different, showing whats alike, or different.

Ex: The boys were as bold as lions.


Personification talks about something that's not alive, or a persons characteristics.

Ex: The diamond glittered like a million stars in the sky.


It is generally an expression, which's meaning can not be defined.

Ex: Look who's in the dog house?


Isn't always true, it is often overstated.

Ex: The blanket was sand paper it was so rough.


Has the same letter or sound repeated continuously.

Ex: Sally says she's so silly!


A rhythmical sound, based off of actual words placed as a poem

Ex: hasstly, tammer, jazzle

internal rhyme

A word is repeated through out the poem, in the beginning, middle and end.

Ex: I saw poor little lazy pat,

Lazily lay his sleepy head down on his mat,

rhyme scheme

Is like a song, it uses "like" and rhymes at the end. Often one word is used for more than one line.

Ex: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


A rhyme in poetry, usually needs to have certain syllables. These syllable patterns are known as a stressed syllable, and un-stressed.


* In the midst of the word he was trying to say,
* http://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-meter-in-poetry.html

capital letters

You need to have capital letters at the beginnig of each line in your poem.

Ex: Pam is like,

A big fat ham,...

line length

Your lines in poetry is the group of words all the way to the coma. The length the lines may vary, and they are all different.

Ex: Go out side and play,

For it is such a wonderful day,

The flowers beautiful in there aray of colors.

word position

Word position is usually used in a Haiku, like if certain number of words was needed.

Ex: A haiku