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Stamp Act
Taxes on things such as legal documents,newspapers, almanacs, dice, and cards. The colonists rejected the Stamp Act because they didn't have any representation in Parliament.
Proclamation of 1763
Following the French and Indian War, colonists couldn't go west of the Appalachians because England couldn't protect them from the Indians.
Stamp Act Congress
1) Signed petition to king to repeal the Stamp Act
2) Started boycott
Townshend Acts
Taxes on glass, paper, paint, lead and tea. Colonists signed the nonimportation agreement, so that they couldn't buy those taxed goods.
Boston Massacre
British soldiers shoot and kill five colonists. King repeals the Townshend Acts
Tea Act
Only the British East India Company could sell tea to the colonists
Boston Tea Party
British ships tried to bring tea to the harbor and the colonists dumped it into the harbor.
Intolerable Acts
1)Shut down the ports of Boston
2)Colonist could only have town meetings once a year.
3)An official charged with a major crime would be tried in Britain
4)British soldiers could stay in colonists homes
1st Continental Congress
Each colony except Georgia sent delegates to respond to the Intolerable Acts. The decided to boycott British goods and form militias