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what is the maximum heart rate for a 15 year old
your heart rate just sitting still, not exercising
what is a resting heart rate
two fingers on your corroded artery, take the pulse for 15 seconds and multiply it by four
where and how do you calculate your resting heart rate
1. activity
2. time done (how long it took; how many minutes)
3. date
on your activity log name 3 items that should be included
if you cannot do __ reps the weight is too heavy
1. endurance
2. strength
3. fartlicke
what are the three types of workouts we can do in pe
50, 70
for our activity log, our training heart rate should be __% to ___% our maximum
S: set
W: weight
R: reps
on your weight work out sheet does the following stand for: S,W,R
high, low
an endurance workout has ___ reps and ___ weights
low, high
a strength workout has ___ reps and ___ weights
mile run
which test measures cardiovascular endurance?
sit and reach
which test measures flexibility?
shuttle run
which test measures agility?
pull ups
which test measures muscular strength?
1 minute
how long do we do the sit ups for?
your elbows are at a 90 degree angle
for push ups you go down until
bench press
this exercise works your pectoralis major (pecs)
arm curls
this exercise works your biceps
leg press
this exercise works your hamstrings
this exercise works your quads
visiting team
which team starts off with a ball in the game (lacrosse)
not allowed
body contact is
not allowed
stick contact is
30 second, 1 minute
penalties normally have a ______ or a ______ penalty. (lacrosse)
is not
there is or is not an off side
there shall be a maximum of __ players from any team on the court at any one team
3 meters
the defender must be ___ away from the person taking the free
thrown, hit
the ball may be ___ or ___ into play
a maximum of ___ players from each team may contest a loose ball
if you are throwing the ball and you hit another stick it's not your penalty
what is the follow through rule
4 second, 10 feet
you can have possession of the ball for ____ or _____, whichever comes first
crease, stick, body
no offensive player may enter the ____ with their ____ or _____
1. sticks opposite each other facing down
2. one knee up one knee down
3. referee drops ball
4. players try to hit it to their side
how do you do a faceoff?