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A narrative poem

Tells a story
A poem with no rhyme or verse pattern is called
Free Verse
What kind of poem is this?

Sometimes the rain falls
So lightly that it seems like
A veil has fallen
What kind of poem is this?

This test is really fun
I can't wait until I'm done
If I get an A,
I'll holler hooray
My teacher is number one
The phrases, "sparkling water" and "spicy pizza" are examples of?
The poem Macavity: The Mystery Cat and The Cremation of Sam McGree are examples of?
Narrative poems
Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen is referring to?

A. Family
B. Dessert
C. Christmas
D. War
In The Cremation of Sam McGee, Sam....

A. is on vacation in the north
B. Strikes gold and gets rich
C. Dies and is brought back to life during his cremation
D. Is a ghost haunting gold minets in the arctic
Dies and is brought back to life during his cremation.
A picture created by a poet with words that appeal to the five senses is called?
The poem Paul Revere's Ride is a?

A. Limerick
B. Haiku
C. Ballad
D. Narrative poem
Giving human qualities to objects or ideas is called?
Musical poems that express a poet's feelings are?

A. Lyric poems
B. Narratives
C. Limericks
D. Ballads
Lyric poems
The following words are examples of _________________.
Yahoo! Bark! Sizzle!
In poetry, what is symbolism?
Anything that represents something else in poem.
"Betty Botter bought some butter!" This verse includes an example of?
A humorous verse form which is often a nonsense poem and has a specific structure is a?
"Life is like a box of chocolates." This verse includes an example of?
"Father was the rock of the family." This verse is an example of?
In Macavity: The Mystery Cat, Macavity is compared to what historical figure?
In Annabel Lee, what is the reason that the narrator's wife dies?
The seraphs of heaven were jealous of the love between the narrator and his wife.