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Maximum Takeoff/Landing Pressure Altitude
8,400 feet
Runway Slope
+/- 2%
Maximum Unrestricted Takeoff/Landing Tailwind Component
10 Knots
Takeoffs with Tailwinds up to 15 Knots are Permitted with the Following Restrictions (4)
Specifically Authorized by PWM
Runway is Clear and Dry
Antiskid and TR are operable
Max TO Rated Thrust is Used
Landings with Tailwinds up to 15 Knots are Permitted with the Following Restrictions (5)
Weights are Verified, Sect. 5, Perf (LFLW)
Antiskid and TR are Operational
Flaps 30 Landing
Auto Spoilers are Used, or Corr. Taken
Braking Action at Least Good
Flight Maneuvering Load Acceleration Limits
Flaps Up, +2.5g to -1.0g
Flaps Down, +2g to 0.0g
Flap Placard Speeds
1 (255)
5 (235)
15 (215)
20 (195)
25 (185)
30 (170)
Max Landing Gear Operating and Extended Speed
270 KIAS or .82M
Max Operating Pressure Altitude
43,100 feet
Turbulent Air Penetration Speed (in Severe Turbulence)
270 KIAS below 25,000 feet
280 KIAS / .82 Mach (whichever is lower) at and Above 25,000 feet. Maintain a Minimum Speed of 15 Above Va(amber band) when below .82 Mach
Elevation < 2,000 feet 8,100 feet
Elevation > 2,000 feet 8,700 feet
Max Ramp Weight
Max Takeoff Weight
Max Landing Weight
Max Zero Fuel Weight
Door Mounted Power Assists and Escape Slides
Must beArmed with with the Mode Select Handle in the Armed Position Prior to Taxi, Takeoff and Landing whenever Passengers are Carried
Ground wind Limits for all Doors
40 Knots while Opening
65 Knots while Open
Max Differential Pressure (relief valves)
9.1 psi
Max Differential Pressure for Takeoff / Landing
0.11 psi
Takeoff in Moderate/Heavy Freezing Rain or Hail
During Takeoff do not use Wing Anti-Ice...
Below 800 AGL or Engine Out Acceleration Height, Whichever is Higher