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RTO Conditions
Which is greater? MAX autobrake setting or full manual braking?
Which is greater? MAX autobrake setting or full manual braking?
Full Manual braking
What powers the parking brake ON light?
What powers the parking brake ON light?
RTO Operation above and below 60 knots
What is the gear handle trigger for?
allows the landing gear to be raised, bypassing the lever lock
When the gear handle is raised on takeoff, what takes place?
hydraulic pressure releases uplocks , brakes stop tire rotation on mains, retraction is accomplished, mechanical uplocks engage to hold gear up.
What happens when the gear handle is moved down?
-hydraulic pressure releases uplocks,
-gear extends by hyd pressure, airloads and gravity
-overcenter mechanical and hyd locks hold the gear at full extension
What is indicated by a red gear light?
-not down and locked with throttle idle and less than 800 ft RA
-in disagreement with lever, in transit or unsafe
When does the landing gear warning horn button not cancel the configuration horn?
Flaps 15 or greater with landing gear up.
What conditions must exist in order to arm RTO?
on the ground, anti skid and autobrakes operational, RTO selected at less than 60 knots idle power.
What happens when you first select an autobrake mode for landing?
Autobrake Disarm light illuminates for one second and then extinguishes, indicating a successful self test.

What is indicated by an unsuccessful Autobrake self test?
autobrake Disarm light remains illuminated and system does not arm
When does autobrake application begin?
both thrust levers to idle , main wheel spin up
How can the pilot disarm the autobrake system?
-move the selector switch to OFF
-speed brake lever to down detent
-advancing a throttle momentarily
-manual braking
Will autobrakes operate with alternate brake system?
If the ANTI SKID light is illuminated, does anti skid work? What is indicated?
no, a system fault exists
What types of anti skid are available?
skid, locked wheel, touchdown, hydroplane
What is the normal brake precharge pressure?
1000 psi, brakes will not operate below this number
With accumulator only, what braking is available?
several applications of the parking brake
If there is a fault in the parking brake system, what light may illuminate?
anti skid inop
Maximum steering angle with steering wheel?
78 degrees
Maximum steering angle with rudder pedals?
7 degrees
What holds the parking brake when hyd systems are shut off
hydraulic accumulator