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Five sources for pneumatics?
Each engine, APU, air cart & bottle.
Which systems use pnuematics? (6)
1. Engine start
2. Anti-ice: eng & wing
3. RAM air turbofans
4. A/C & Pressurization
5. Hyd res pressurization
6. Water tank pressurization
Unconditioned ground pneumatic air is supplied to which side of the manifold?
Right side.
Pneumatic system normally operated independently.
How divided?
Isolation valve
Is there a cockpit control for the ground pneu supply?
What normally pressurizes the left system? right?
Left: 1 eng or APU
Right: 2 Eng
Which system pressurizes the water tank?
Which bus powers the APU bleed valve?
Battery Bus
APU bleed air can be used for? (2)
1. Engine start
2. Pack operation
DUAL BLEED light means what?
Potential for back pressure of eng bleed air into the APU.
When does the DUAL BLEED light come on? (2)
1. APU bleed VALVE is open & 1 eng SWITCH is on.
2. APU bleed VALVE is open, 2 eng bleed SWITCH is on & isolation VALVE is open.
Thrust is limited to what when DUAL BLEED is on?
What is the other time that a dual bleed condition exists, but no DUAL BLEED light comes on?
External air supplying the left side & APU bleed valve open.
What determines if the 2 duct pressure transmitters operate independently or in tandem?
Isolation valve open or closed.
Engine bleed air comes from where? (2)
Low and High stages of the compressor.
Normally, which stage of the compressor is adequate for supplying the air?
Low stage.
When does high stage bleed air kick in?
How does it come on?
1. Throttles at idle.
2. Automatically modulates open to maintain sufficient pressure.
How are bleed air valves controlled and actuated?
Electrically controlled and pneumatically actuated.
What causes a BLEED TRIP OFF light to come on?
Excessive temp or pressure.
Where are the BLEED TRIP OFF sensors located?
Pressure sensor upstream of the eng bleed valve.
Temp sensor downstream of it.
A BLEED TRIP OFF light causes what?
The eng bleed valve to close.
How do we regain bleed air after a BLEED TRIP OFF light occurs?
Press the Trip Reset button.
Purpose of the Precooler?
Fan stage air to cool the bleed air before it enters the manifold.
External air from a cart can be used for? (2)
1. Start eng
2. Operate 1 pack
What is the position of the isolation valve in auto and all 4 corner switches on?
What happens to the isolation valve with switch in auto and 1 or more corner switches moved to off?
Which light may come on if there is a leak in a bleed duct?
How is a WING-BODY OVERHEAT light extinguished?
Remove the source of bleed air and let the sensor cool.
WING-BODY OVERHEAT lights illuminate within how many seconds while the test switch is held?
10 seconds.
Trip Reset button resets what 3 things when cause is removed?
1. Eng bleed trip
2. Pack trip
3. Duct overheat
Location of left WING-BODY OVERHEAT sensors? (5)
1. Left eng mount fairing
2. Left wing LE
3. Left A/C bay
4. keel beam
5. Bleed duct from APU
Location of right WING-BODY OVERHEAT sensors? (3)
1. Right eng mount fairing
2. Right wing LE
3. Right A/C bay
Four purposes of A/C system?
1. A/C for people
2. Heats cargo compartments
3. Cools electronics
4. Pressurization
Air can be supplied to the air mix manifold from what sources? (3)
Either pack and external conditioned air.
A single pack can do what 2 things?
1. Maintain temp
2. Pressurize the plane to <= 8000' up to FL370
Three flow schedules that the pack valve modulates to?
Normal, high & APU high.
When do the packs provide normal flow? (2)
1. Both packs in auto.
2. Only one pack in auto & on ground or in flight w/ flaps down.
When do the packs provide high flow? (3)
1. Pack in high.
2. Only one pack in auto & in flight w/ flaps up.
3. Only one pack in auto & APU bleed valve open & both eng bleed switches off.
When the packs provide APU high flow?
One pack in high, APU bleed valve open & on ground.
What controls pack output temp?
Air mix valves.
Hot and cold air are combined where?
Mixing chamber.
20% of the left pack's air mixes with what and goes where?
Trim air and goes to the c/p.
How does cold air processing occur? (8)
Primary heat exchanger/cold mix valve/ compressor/ secondary heat exchanger/ expansion turbine/ water separator/ mixing chamber/ air mix manifold
The compressor and turbine in the pack comprise what?
The air cycle machine.
Where are the sensors for the PACK TRIP OFF light?
Air cycle machine ducting.
What happens when the PACK TRIP OFF light comes on? (2)
1. Pack valve closes.
2. Air mix valves move to full cold.
How do we regain control of the pack valve after it trips off line? (2)
1. Condition no longer exists.
2. Press TRIP RESET.
Four items of the Ram Air System?
1. Deflector door
2. Ram air inlet door
3. turbofan
4. Exhaust louvers
Purpose of the Ram Air System?
Provides cooling in the heat exchangers of the A/C packs.
1. When does the ram inlet door move to the full open position? (2)
2. Which light comes on?
1. Ground or in flight w/ flaps down.
Turbofans in the ram air duct do what?
Augment and produce airflow.
What drives the ram air turbofans?
1. Pneumatic air that passes through the turbofan valves.
Ram air deflector doors do what?
Prevent slush ingestion.
Ram air deflector doors are controlled automatically how?
Through the air/ground safety sensor.
What are the 2 positions of the Air Temp source selector?
Which one is normal?
Supply Duct, normal
Pass Cabin
An overheat in the air supply ducts will cause what? (4)
1. DUCT OVERHEAT light on.
2. Air mix valve to full cold.
3. Pack valve closes.
4. PACK TRIP OFF light on.
How do we extinguish a DUCT OVERHEAT light?
1. Remove the problem.
2. Press TRIP RESET.
How do we avoid excessive wear on the cockpit overhead fan?
Turn the pack switches off when not in use.
What can happen when the left pack is used and the plane has been cold soaked?
A left DUCT OVERHEAT light is possible without a high temp indication on the Supply Duct temp gauge.
Purpose of the Recirc Fan? (2)
1. Reduce pack workload.
2. Reduce eng bleed air demand.
Recirc Fan operates how in auto? (2)
1. On during normal ops.
2. Off when both packs operating and one or both packs in high.
Forward outflow valve does what when the recirc fan is off?
Opens to ensure adequate airflow for fwd cargo heating.
Equipment cooling has which 2 types of fans?
Supply & Exhaust
How are the OFF lights illuminated on the EQUIP COOLING panel?
Temp sensors in equip cooling ducting.
How are the Equip Cooling OFF lights extinguished?
Turn the fan(s) to Alternate.
What happens if insufficient airflow exists in Equip Cooling ducts on the ground with 1 or 2 IRUs operating?
Horn in nose wheel well sounds.
How does the pressurization system control the cabin altitude?
By varying the position of the outflow valves.
Which 5 areas are pressurized?
1. c/p
2. Cabin
3. E/E comp
4. Fwd cargo
5. Aft cargo
Purpose of the Negative Pressure Relief Door?
Prevents external pressure from exceeding internal pressure.
Main Outflow Valve purpose & location?
discharges the majority of the air.
Right rear fuselage
Purpose and location of the Forward Outflow Valve?
Discharges forward main cabin and E/E air.
Left forward side of fuselage.
When does the forward outflow valve close?
When the main outflow valve is almost closed or recirc fan operating.
When does the Equipment Cooling Exhaust Valve open?
When cabin differential pressure is low.
To assist cooling of the E/E compartment.
Four modes of the cabin pressure contoller?
1. Auto
2. Stby
3. Man AC
4. Man DC
Which mode of the cabin pressure controller is available on standby elec power?
Man DC
Auto cabin pressure programs the cabin to be how many feet below field elevation?
When does the OFF SCHED DESCENT light come on?
When the plane initiates a descent prior to reaching the planned FL.
How is an OFF SCHED DESCENT light extinguished? (2)
1. Reset FLT ALT to plane's alt or lower.
2. Select STBY or MANUAL.
What does the FLT/GRD switch do?
Allows the plane to depressurize by driving the main outflow valve full open.
1. Which light comes on when the auto pressurization fails?
2. What other light comes on with it?
2. Green STANDBY light.
Three reasons for the AUTO FAIL light to come on?
1. Loss of AC power.
2. Excessive rate of cabin pressure change.
3. Cabin alt > ~14K'.
How would operate the cabin pressurization in STBY mode?
According to the Additional Procedure.
When does the green MANUAL light illuminate on the cabin pressurization panel?
When MAN AC or MAN DC are selected.
In MAN cabin pressurization: FLT/GRD switch does what to the way the main outflow valve is moved?
GRD: Continuous
FLT: Increments
AUTO FAIL light on the cabin pressurization panel is delayed how long to avoid nuisance warnings?
15 seconds.
Cabin rate knob controls rate change at DECR, Index Mark, INCR
Index: 300 FPM
INCR: 2000 FPM
1. When does the altitude horn sound?
2. Same horn as what other one?
1. When cabin alt exceeds 10K'.
2. Takeoff warning.
How do you silence the ALT HORN?
Press the CUTOUT button near the pressure panel.