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What role needs to be delegated to a user to create an Exchange 2010 send connector?
Exchange Organization Administrators role
Where are the ExportEdgeConfig.ps1 script and the ImportEdgeConfig.ps1 script stored?
in the \Scripts folder in your Exchange installation folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Scripts)
What cmdlet should you use to create an SMTP domain that is external to your organization?
the New-RemoteDomain cmdlet
What type of DNS record should you create for an authoritative domain?
What command would you run on a Hub Transport server to import an Edge Subscription file namedC:\EdgeSrvSubscription.xml?
New-EdgeSubscription -FileName "c:\EdgeSrvrSubscription.xml"
What feature of Exchange 2010 provides message redundancy for the entire time the message is in transit?
shadow redundancy
How would assign an Exchange-specific cost of 25 and a maximum message size limit of 10 MB to the site linknamed SiteBtoSiteC?
Set-AdSiteLink -Identity SiteBtoSiteC -ExchangeCost 25 -MaxMessageSize 10MB
Which script can you use to load all user-configured settings and data stored in an .xml file created by theExportEdgeConfig.ps1 script?
the ImportEdgeConfig.ps1 script
Which XML-based policy template is applied to a message to prevent users from forwarding the message,copying content from the message, or printing the message?
Do Not Forward
In the Set-EmailAddressPolicy cmdlet, what does the parameter of smtp in all lowercase letters indicate?
The parameter specifies the secondary address
What command would you run on an Edge Transport server to create an Edge Subscription file namedC:\EdgeSrvSubscription.xml?
New-EdgeSubscription -FileName "c:\EdgeSrvrSubscription.xml"
What type of security should you configure on cross-forest connectors between the Hub Transport servers thatuse basic authentication?
On what Exchange 2010 server role is the AD RMS Prelicensing agent enabled by default?
What type of agents must you configure on Send and Receive connectors to have outbound messages fromdifferent domains to appear as if they all originate from a single domain?
Address Rewriting agents
What cmdlet is used to create a new e-mail address policy?
the New-EmailAddressPolicy cmdlet
What service needs to be installed on a server in your domain for you to apply IRM (Information RightsManagement) protection to messages in your organization?
AD Rights Management Services
In the Set-EmailAddressPolicy cmdlet, what does the parameter of SMTP in all uppercase letters indicate?
The parameter SMTP in all uppercase letters indicates the primary (reply to) address
What type of server role must you specify as an expansion server for moderated distribution groups in order formoderation to take place?
Exchange 2010 Hub Transport server
What command will create an authoritative domain for verigon.com?
New-AcceptedDomain -Name "Verigon" -DomainName Verigon.com -DomainType Authoritative
What are the three reasons why you may have to configure your Exchange 2010 organization to accept e-mailfrom more than one authoritative domain?
What should be installed on the Windows Server that is provisioned to be an Edge Transport server?
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
Why should you NOT manually duplicate Send connector configurations that you make on the internal HubTransport server on the Edge Transport server?
The configuration changes that you make on the internal Hub Transport server will be automatically replicated outto the Edge Transport servers by using the Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync service.
Why should you suppress minor link state updates with routing group connectors in an environment that hasExchange 2010 and Exchange 2003 servers?
to avoid routing loops
What cmdlet specifies an Exchange 2010 Hub Transport server as an expansion server for a moderateddistribution group?
the Set-DistributionGroup cmdlet
What can you configure to automatically include a disclaimer at the bottom of all messages sent to anyoneoutside your organization?
Transport Rule
What type of security would you use on a receive connector that uses basic authentication?
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
What must you do to change the primary e-mail address assigned to recipients and keep the existing e-mailaddress as a secondary address after changing the SMTP domain name?
update the e-mail address policy
Which cmdlet is used to configure an Active Directory site as a hub site?
the Set-ADSite cmdlet
What feature allows you to modify the addresses of senders and recipients on messages that enter and leave your Exchange 2010 organization?
Address rewriting
What is the name of the routing group that contains Exchange 2010 servers when installing an Exchange 2010server in an Exchange 2003 organization?
Routing Group (DWBGZMFD01QNBJR)
Where does a Hub Transport server store e-mail messages that need to be redelivered after a lossy failover hasoccurred?
The transport dumpster