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Agent profile
A set of confi guration options that are
applied to a replication agent.
An object that can be created to respond to a
change in the system state.
The most granular unit of a publication. Articles
can be defi ned for tables, views, stored procedures, and
Asymmetric key
A key that conforms to the X.509
standard which can be used to encrypt data within a
Backup job
A scheduled job in SQL Server Agent that
creates the transaction log backups for a log shipping
Balanced tree (B-tree)
A symmetric, linear structure
used to construct an index. A B-tree provides a compact
structure that enables searching very large volumes of
data with a small number of read operations.
Bulk Copy Program (BCP)
A command-line utility that
is used to import data from a fi le into a table, as well as
export data to a fi le.
A T-SQL command that allows you to
import data from a fi le into a table or view.
A key that conforms to the X.509 standard
used to encrypt data in a column as well as a database
encryption key for transparent data encryption.
Certifi cates can be backed up and restored, making
them more portable than an asymmetric key.
Check constraint
Limits the range of possible values
that are allowed in a column.