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Cipher /e

Allows an admin to encrypt specified folders.

Cipher /d

Let's an admin decrypt specified folders.

Cipher /s: dir

Makes the operation being run get recursively applied to all sub folders.

Cipher /i

By Defaultwhen an error occurs Cipher halts. this switch has cipher continue and ignore the errors.

Cipher /f

the force switch will encrypt or decrypt all the specified objects even if they had been previously encrypted or decrypted. by default cipher does not touch previously encrypted/decrypted files.

Cipher /q

this switch shows you a report about the most critical information of the EFS object

Cipher /h

Normally system or hidden files are not touched by encryption, but using this switch you can display files with hidden or system attributes.

Cipher /k

this switch will create a new file encryption key based on the user currently running the cipher command.

Cipher /?