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You plan to schedule a complete back up of Server1 by using Windows Server Backup.

You need to ensure that the state of VM1 is saved before the backup starts.

What should you configure?

Integration Services

GP1 is linked to the Domain and contains a Software Restriction policy that blocks App1.

Computer1 runs windows 8 and part of a workgroup with a local app control policy that allows App1.

You join Computer 1 to the domain.

You need to prevent App1 from running.

what should you do?

From Group Policy Management, add an application control policy to GP1.

Server1 is an FTP server.

Clients use an FTP app named App1 that uses port 21.

On Server1 you create a firewall rule to allow connections to port21.

You need to configure Server1 to support client connections from App1.

What should you do?

Run netshadvfirewall set global statefullftp enable

DNS zone for is AD integrated.

Domain contains 500 clients. 20 additional are in a WG.

The WG computers can add records to zone.

You need to ensure only the AD computers can register records in zone.

What should you do?

Configure the Dynamic Update settings of the zone.

You need to assign an IPv6 address to Server1.

The IP address must be private and routable.

Which IPv6 Address should you use?


FD = private/Unique Local (like 10.x.x or 192.x.x)

You install the Active Directory Services server role on Server1.

You need to configure Server1 as a domain controller.

Which cmdlet should you run?


Group1 is a domain local distribution group in the forest root.

Group1 needs access to a folder in a child domain.

You need to ensure the members of Group1 can access the folder.

What should you do first?

Convert Group1 to a universal security group.

Which configuration CAN be fulfilled by using the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard.

Enable the global catalog server

You need to create a storage pool that will contain a volume.

You need to create a new 600GB volume by using thin provisioning. What is the minimum number of 256GB disks required for the storage pool?


You need to reduce the size of a .VHD disk file.


You need to configure Server1 to accept unsolicited inbound packets that are received through a network address translastion (NAT) device on the network.

Which setting in the rule should you configure?

Edge Traversal

Server1 2012r2/Server2 2008 R2 w/DHCP role

You need to manage DHCP on Server2 by using the console on Server1.

What should you do first?

From Windows Powershell on Server1, run Install-WindowsFeature.

You must have the DHCP role installed to manage on other server.

You need to identify which configuration CANNOT be fulfilled by using the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard.

Install the Active Directory Certificates Services role.

Transfer the Schema Master.

You create a cloned domain controller named DC3 from an image of DC1.

You need to ensure that you can clone DC1.

Create a DCCloneConfig.xml file on DC1

Add the computer account of DC1 to the Cloneable Domain Controllers group.