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Where can you restrict what Software can be downloaded in the Office 365 Admin Centre?

Settings> Service & Add-ins > Office Software download settings

What are the Office 365 requirements for Office Mobile?

Windows Tablet (Office 2016) - 8.0

Windows Tablet (Office Mobile) - 10

Windows Phone - 10

Office for iPhone/iPad - iOS 8.0

Office for iPad Pro - iOS 9.0

Office for Android - 4.4

Does the Office Mobile App support ADFS and MFA?

Yes, the apps support Modern Authentication

How can you Restrict Office Mobile Apps?

Use Mobile Device Management in Office 365 (Exchange Online)

- Scaled down version of InTune

- Block Application Stores
- Require password for app store access

- Block Exchange for non-compliant devices

What are Office 365 activations based on?

User Based Accounts

- No KMS
- No Volume Licence Keys (MAK)
- Requires an Internet connection (activation check)

What is Shared Computer Activation?

Available for ProPlus

Used for RDS

Temp product key is assigned to users and saved in their profiles

Does not count towards a users 5 Device activation limit

How many Installation of Office does each user get on Office 365?

15 x Total installations of Office

5 x PC / Mac Licences

5 x Mobile device licences

5 x Tablet licences

Tablet and Mobile licenses are not recorded. Trust based licence

How often does Office managed by Office 365 need to check in with Office 365 for a license check?

Every 30 Days

How would a user De-activate/Revoke an Office installation?

Office 365 Portal > Office 365 Settings > Install Status

What happens when Office cannot connect to Office 365 to validate its licence?

It will enter Reduced functionality mode:

Can View Documents

Can Print Documents

Cannot Edit Documents

Cannot create new documents

What is the 5-Day grace period in Office?

If the Office has never been activated it will be fully functioning for 5-Days.

How do you check the Office 365 licence via the client PC? (vba)

Open an Elevated cmd.exe

cd to the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\

Run 'cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus'

What is the only available version of Office 365 for Mac?

Office for Mac 2016

Office for Mac 2011 is no longer available

Skype for Business is not included in the bundle (Separate download)

What program automatically launches in Office for Mac and requests user authentication to active the licence?

Microsoft Word

What version of Mac is needed to be able to download Office for Mac 2016?

Mac 10.10 or later (Yostime)

If you're using Skype for Mac you'll need Mac 10.11 (El Capitan)

What are the deployment methods for Office 365 ProPlus?

Office Deployment Tool

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
(SCCM relies on ODT)

Group Policy Startup Script

What are the two locations that Office ProPlus can download update from?

Office 365 CDN

A Network Share

Can you use SCCM to push updates to client?

Yes - These updates are pushed

What are the steps for SCCM to update an Office ProPlus installation?

1) Office 365 publishes metadata to Microsoft Update Service, along with a file: noop.exe

2) SCCM recieves noop.exe file with version information and update info

3) SCCM polls Office 365 CDN for update files

4) Files sent to SCCM which then copies to distribution points.

Can you change the Update Notifications to users in Office 365 ProPlus?

Yes, they can be hidden via group policy

Does not apply to update deadlines.

When are Office 365 ProPlus Update notifications published to users?

- Displays when office updates are available but have not been applied.

- Requires Automatic Updates to be enabled

- 4 Days - System Tray Notifications

- 6 Days - Banner on new documents

What are Office ProPlus Update Deadlines?

- Date and Time when an update must be applied.

- Office will shutdown automatically

- Can be set via ODT or Group Policy (GPO Pref)

- Banner appears at 72 Hours to go

- System Tray Message - 12 Hours to go

- System Tray Message every 2 hours after ^^^
- System Tray Message - 30mins / 15mins 10mins

How does Office 365 ProPlus check for updates

Via a scheduled task

What is needed to update Office 365 ProPlus settings via GPO?

Requires the Office 365 Admin template

Where are the Office 2016 ProPlus update settings found in group policy?

Computer Configuration> Admin Templates> Microsoft Office 2016>

What are the update channels and how often are they deployed?

Current Channel - Monthly

Deferred Channel - Every Four Months

First release deferred - Every Four months

Current Channel in Office 365

Provide users with the newest features of Office as soon as they're available.Updated Monthly

Programs Updated:

Visio Pro for Office 365

Project Online Desktop Client

Office 365 Business, which is the version of Office that comes with some Office 365 plans, such as Business Premium.

Deferred Channel in Office 365

Provide users with new features of Office only a few times a year.

Updated Every four Months

Office 365 ProPlus

First Release for Deferred Channel in Office 365

Provide pilot users and application compatibility testers the opportunity to test the next Deferred Channel.

Updated Every four Months


What is the Office Deployment tool?

(Needs to run as Administrator)

- Command-Line Utility

- Setup.exe

- Configuration.xml

3 x Modes:

Download Mode - Downloads to local folder
Configure Mode - Configures local machine
Packager Mode - Virtual App Environment

ODT Download Mode:

Setup.exe /download download.xml

Downloads Click-to-Run for Office 365 Products to Network Share

ODT Configure Mode:

Setup.exe /Configure Configuration.xml

Installation Source:

Local Folder
Network Share

Can Exclude applications, quiet install and set update channel etc

ODT Packager Mode

Setup.exe /Packer packerconfig.xml

Used for App-V Environments

All Office applications that you want to deploy to users must be in a single package

All Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run versions are identified as?


ODT Add options:

- SourcePath (Where to Download To)
- Version
- OfficeClientEdition (REQUIRED)

- Channel (Deferred etc)
- DownloadPath (Downloaded From)

ODT Remove Options:

Removes entire product

- All

- Product ID

- Language

- Level
- Path


- Level (Silent/None)
- AcceptEULA

ODT Property Names/Values

- AUTOACTIVATE (Uses local logged in user to activate)

- FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN (Closes current office apps)

- PACKAGEGUID (App-V environment Packages)

- SharedComputerLicensing (For RDS Servers)

- PinIconsToTaskBar

ODT Update options:

- Enabled

- UpdatePath

- TargetVersion
- Deadline

- Channel

Office Telemetry is MS's Solution for Tracking inventory and usage for Office deployments.

Compatibility Monitoring

Add-In Usage and Errors

Reports Document opens, closes and Errors

What use Telemetry:

- Collect Inventory & Usage Data
- Discover Business-Critical Documents & Addins

- App Compatibility Testing

- Speed up Office Deployments & Upgrades

- Plan for retiring documents & Add-ins

What are the components of Telemetry?

- Telemetry Logging
- Telemetry Agent

- Group Policy Settings

- Shared Folders

- Telemetry Processor

-Telemetry Database

-Telemetry Dashboard

What is the Telemetry Logging?

- Installed with Office ProPlus 2013/2016

- Logs real-time events for Excel/Word/PowerPoint/Outlook

- Uses local data store on client

- Helps diagnose compatibility issues on clients

What is the Telemety Agent?

- Runs as a scheduled task

- Installed with Office ProPlus 2013/2016

- Can be downloaded for Office 2003-2010
- Polls for System info, install info, MRU, Add-in

- Results uploaded to Shared Folder, Processed and stored in the Telemetry Database

What does MRU stand for when talking about documents and Telemetry?

Most Recently Used

Is Telemetry Agent and Logging on by default?


Can be enabled via Group Policy, Registry or Telemetry Logging Excel Workbook

Where can you turn on Telemetry Data Collection?

(GPO / Registry)


User Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Microsoft Office 2013/2016> Telemetry Dashboard> Turn on telemetry data Collection


DWORD: enablelogging = 1

How Telemetry Service Works

- User Logs in

- Agent waits 10 minutes for logon process to complete

- Agent then waits a random number of minutes and begins upload

- After initial upload, it re-uploads every 8 Hours

- Agent sends data to the Shared Folder

- Telemetry Processor reads data and writes it to a Telemetry Database

Users can then read the information from the Telemetry Database from the Telemetry Dashboard

Where on the network would usually find the:

Telemetry Shared Folder
Telemetry Processor
Telemetry Database

On the same server

The Telemetry Shared Folder and Telemetry Processor has a 1:1 Relationship

Each pair supports limits up to 50,000 Users

What are the support limits for the Telemetry Database?

100,000 Users

10 Processor / Folder Pairs

30 Dashboard Users

What are the limitations of the Telemetry Database?

Must be installed as a local admin

- Cannot use SQL Server Authentication

Must be Windows Authentication - Not Mixed mode

What are the privacy options in Telemetry?

- File Obfuscation

- Exclusions

- Stop Reporting / Delete Data

- Only report documents opened by X amount of people

What are the three methods of turning on File Obfuscation in Telemetry?

Turn on privacy settings in Telemetry Agent (GPO)

HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\osm | EnableFileObfuscation = 1 (Registry)

tdadm.exe -o obfuscation

What are the two methods of setting up exclusions in Telemetry?

Group Policy


Where are the local Telemetry Logging Databases stored on a client machine?





How do you filter views in Telemetry?

Tags / Labels

Users can have up-to 4 Labels (Tags) applied to them

Apply tags to users via GPO (Office Admin Templates)

How can you restrict which autodiscover lookups Outlook does on startup?

This can be done through Group Policy or the Registry.

What are the Skype AutoDiscover steps/order?

Cached Endpoints:

A-Record lyncdiscoverinternal

A-Record lyncdiscover


Cloud Based Discovery:

SRV _sip_internaltls._tcp
SRV _sip_internal._tcp
SRV _sip._tls
A-Record sipinternal
A-Record sip

A-Record sipexternal

A-Record lyncdiscoverinternal
A-Record lyncdiscover

Which versions of Skype comes with PSTN integration?

The Full versions

Which tool do you use for Diagnosing Skype for Business issues?

Lync connectivity Analyser

(It does not have cloud based discovery)

Office Online (Formerly Office Web Apps)






- Cannot view or edit offline
- Cannot use rich media

- Cannot use advanced features

- Cannot create external data connections

- Cannot set rights Management & Passwords

- Cannot edit macro-enabled documents

Office Online Supports the following Browsers:

- Internet Explorer 10/11

- Microsoft Edge
- Chrome (latest)

- FireFox (latest)

- Safari (Last two versions)

Office Online supports the following Mobile/Tablets/Touch-Enabled

- Windows Phone 7 - 10

- Windows Mobile
- Android (4.0 & Later)
- iOS (4.3 & Later)
- Blackberry (6 & Later
- Nokia (S60)

How do you know if you're using the Click-2-Run version of Office 2016 or an MSI?

In any of the applications under Account > Update, if you see update you're on Click-2-Run, if you don't then you're on an MSI.

What is OFFCat?

Microsoft Office Configuration Analyser Tool

- Can scan and fix known issues in Office

- Determine if Office is up-to-date

- Can resolve known crashes

- Generate detailed information (windows/hardware/office)

- And more

What is the current version # of OFFCat?

Version 2.2

What are the required switches for the offCATcmd.exe to run?

-gs Installtype

Modern Authentication information:

- Sign-In method

- Uses ADAL (AD Authentication Library)

- Complaint with OAuth2

Modern Auth Uses:

- Support MFA

- No need for app passwords

- ADFS aware (SSO)

- Replaced Basic Authentication / Microsoft Online Sign-In Assistant

Does Modern Authentication support on Premise Exchange?

No, it's only cloud based - At the moment

What kind of authentication is Modern Authentication?

Modern Authentication is considered to be 'Browser-Based" or 'Form-Based' Authentication.

This is because it uses HTTP for requests.

What Cloud services have Modern Authentication enabled by default?

Only SharePoint Online

Modern Authentication can be turned on for both Exchange and Skype for Business Online but it requires a PowerShell command.

What is the command to enable OAuth2 (Modern Authentication) in Exchange Online?

Set-OrganizationConfig -OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled $true

If the Outlook Connection Status Authentication shows as:


What authentication method is it using?

Modern Authentication / OAuth2

What version of Outlook is Modern Authentication supported on?

Outlook 2016 (All Versions)

Outlook 2013

(outlook.exe version 15.0.4753.1002 and higher)

What is the PowerShell command to turn on Modern Authentication (OAuth2) in Skype for Business Online?

Set-CsOAuthConfiguration -ClientAadalAuthOverride Allowed

Get-CsOAuthConfiguration | Select *Adal*

What versions of Skype for Business supports Modern Authentication (OAuth2)?

Skype for Business 2015/2016 (All Versions)

Lync 2013 - Support on most versions

What are the Skype Client Policy levels?

Global Policy

Site Policy

User Policy

How do you change the Skype client UI on one machine?

Registry Setting:


EnableSkypeUI (Binary)
00 00 00 00 = Lync UI

01 00 00 00 = Skype for Business UI

How many Policies can be applied in Skype for Business Online?


The user can have either the Global/Site/User policy enabled. The Global policy is default.

How do you edit a Policy in Skype for Business Online in PowerShell?

Set-CsClientPolicy -Identify Global

How do you set the Skype for Business UI for all users in Office 365?

Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity Global -EnableSkypeUI $true

How do you set the Skype for Business UI for one user in Office 365 using PowerShell?

(Create a Policy)

Set-CsClientPolicy -identity -EnableSkypeUI $true

(Set's the policy on that user)

Grant-CsClientPolicy -PolicyName

A Skype for Business Client Policy Overrides a Global Policy

Policy Assignment order:



How do you connect to Skype for Business Online via PowerShell?

$session = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $cred

Import-session $session

What are the four types of users in Skype for Business Online?

Internal User - Office 365 Tenant User

Invited User - Requires Auth, MS account needed

Anonymous User - Accessed via Guest Links (no auth required)

Existing User - User had accepted previous invitation or Partner/Azure AD B2B Collab

Where are the two places you can assign external user sharing options in Sharepoint?

Global Sharing

Site Collection Sharing

What is needed in order to connect to Sharepoint Online via PowerShell?

Sharepoint Online PowerShell Module

(SharePoint Online Management Shell)

How can you set Global external sharing options in SharePoint Online via PowerShell?

Set-SPOTenant -SharingCapability




Set-SPOTenant cmdlets:





What is the URL for the SharePoint Admin Center?

What is the PowerShell command to connect to Sharepoint Online?

Connect-SPOService -Url -Credential $cred

How do you enable external user sharing via Site Collection in PowerShell?

Set-SPOSite -Identity -SharingCapability

What is a site collection?

it's the top level site - Root site

It contains other folders / sites

If you wanted a Site to have anonymous links but the Global settings have anonymous links disabled, how could you do this?

You would need to enable anonymous links in the Global Sharing.

Site Collections sharing settings cannot override the Global Sharing Settings.

What is the Office 365 ProPlus Hardware Requirements?

1Ghz CPU



Remember the rule:

What are the OS requirements for Office 365 ProPlus?

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

Where can you create a Device Security Policy in Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 Admin > Admin Centers > Security & Compliance

What is the Hardware requirements for Office 2016 for Mac?

Intel CPU



Remember the rule:

What is Skype for Business and OneDrive referred to when excluding the Apps via an ODT configuration file?

Skype for Business - Lync

OneDrive for Business - Groove

How often does the Telemetry Log run in Office ProPlus 2013 / 2016?

It runs as a service and concurrently. The data from the Telemetry log is accessed locally and not via the Telemetry Dashboard.

Mainly for IT Administrators and Developers

How does the Telemetry agent run in Office?

It runs as periodically as a scheduled task.

Information is pulled from System info, install info, Most Recently Used Files (MRU) and Add-ins

Which versions of Office can the Telemetry agent be installed on?

Office 2003 - Download
Office 2007 - Download
Office 2010 - Download

Office 2013 - Built-In

Office 2016 - Built-In

What is the Group Policy option to turn on the Telemetry Log & Telemetry Agent?

"Turn on telemetry data collection"

What is the Group Policy option to enable uploading on the Telemetry Agent?

"Turn on data uploading for Office Telemetry Agent"

What is the Group Policy option to specify a UNC path to store Telemetry data?

"Specify the UNC path to store Office telemetry data"

What is the Telemetry Dashboard Administration tool called?


- Configures permissions

- Privacy options

- Telemetry settings on Database

What are the Benefits of Modern Authentication?

- Supports MFA

- No need for app passwords

- ADFS Aware

- Replaces basic authentication / Microsoft Online Sign-In Assistant

What is the Skype for Business Online PowerShell cmdlet for displaying all policies applied to a particular user?

Get-CsOnlineUser sip@address | select *policy*

Skype for Business Autodiscover Endpoint Order:

1) Looks at cached Endpoints
(Previous connections)

2) DNS Records
(A/CNAME - lyncdiscoverinternal & Lyncdiscover)

3) Clould-Based Discovery
(Specific to Skype for Business Online)

4) SRV Records

5) Additional A-Records (sipinternal/sip/sipexternal)

What DNS Records are used by the Skype for Business Windows Store App/Mac Client to find its Autodiscover Endpoint?


(Not really needed for Office 365)

What are the Sharepoint Online External Sharing options?

- Don't allow sharing outside your organization

- Allow Sharing only with external users that already exist in your organizations directory

- Allow users to invite and share with authenticated external users

- Allow sharing to authenticated external users and using anonymous access links

What options do you have for the Default link type in Sharepoint Online?

Direct - Only people who have permission

Internal - People in the organization only

Anonymous Access - Anyone with a link

Can you share with Anonymous users on a site collection if it is disabled globally?

No. If you don't have the permission on the global level then you can't apply it on the site level.

What happens when a non-owner / Users tries to Share a site or site collection when they don't have the required permissions in the access request settings?

The generated invitation is flagged as a Pending Request which a site owner or administrator can approve.

Once approved the request will be emailed to the invited user.

The permissions issues can also be changed by the admin prior to sending the request

How long until an unaccepted invitation in SharePoint Online expires if it's not been accepted?

90 Days

What are the sharing options for Guest links in Sharepoint Online?

(5 Options)

Restricted Link

View Link (Account Only)

Edit Link (Account Only)

View Link (No Sign-in)

Edit Link (No Sign-in)

What is a restricted Guest link in Sharepoint Online?

A Restricted Link:

Internal and External Users can access the link but it requires that user is Authenticated. The User must have been granted permission explicitly over that item.

What is an Internal Only Guest link in Sharepoint Online?

Internal Users (View/Edit) only Link:

Can only be accessed by Internal Office 365 Users only.

Doesn't require an invitation or permissions.

Can be shared by any user Internal User.

What is a View/Edit Guest link in Sharepoint Online?

View/Edit (no Sign-in) Link:

It will allow any user (internal or external) to access the resource anonymously.

Can be shared with anyone

Changes are logged as 'Guest Contributor'.

Sharing with an external user creates an unlicensed user within the Office 365 Tenant.

How can you avoid this?

Use anonymous links (read-only) for non-sensitive documents.

It's advisable to put an expiration on the anonymous links.

How are Pending Access Requests generated in SharePoint Online?

It occurs when a non-owner user attempts to share something with another user.

It occurs when a user attempts to access the document or site when they haven't been sent an invitation.

How do you remove an External users access to a SharePoint online site/site collection when they already have access?

On the site, go to Site Settings> People and Groups

Remove user from group

Does not remove access to documents that they have explicit access to (Permissions assigned)

How do you remove a users access to a document?

Click on the document > 'Shared with' > Advanced > Remove User Rights

Requires full control permissions or Owner permissions.

How do you remove a link in SharePoint Online?

- Open the sharing dialog box on the item

- Click 'Get a link'
- Select the link you would like to delete

- Click REMOVE

The Link cannot be re-activated, it will have to be created again and will be different to the original

How do you remove an External Users access to SharePoint Online via PowerShell?


$RemoveUser = Get-SPOExternalUser -Filter testuser

Remove-SPOExternalUser -UniqueIds @($RemoveUser.UniqueId)

How do you remove a Pending Access Request that hasn't been accepted yet?

Site Settings > Access Requests and Invitations

Find the invitation > Click on ... > Click WITHDRAW

How do you get a list of all users in all groups on a SharePoint site?

Change the URL on the Peoples and Groups Page on the site so that the MembershipGroupId=0

What are the different Sharepoint Roles?

Sharepoint Admin

Site Collection Administrator

Site Owners

What can a Sharepoint Admin do?

Has access to the Sharepoint Admin Center

Can Create/Delete Site Collections

Can Adjust Site Collection Quotas & Settings

Can Specify Site Collection Administrators

What can a Site Collection Admin do?

*No Access to Sharepoint Admin Center*

Full permissions to all sites and site content

Special Site Collection Admin Functions

Email notifications

Access Request Approvals

What can a Site Owner do?

Full permissions to all sites and site contents

Access Request Approvals

How do you make a user a Site Collection Admin via PowerShell?

Set-SPOUser -Site -Login -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true

How do you set the Primary Site Collection Administrator via PowerShell?

Set-SPOSite -Identity -Owner

This command often resets or erases the site collection administrators as well so it's best to also reset the other users to site collection administrators afterwards.

How do you get a users group membership on a certain Sharepoint Site?

Get-SPOUser -LoginName -site

What is the default Resource quote per Site Collection?

300 Units

How do you set Resource Quote on an existing site in Sharepoint Online?

Click Site Collections>

Select Site Collection URL>

Click Server Resource Quota>

Set the resource limit (default 300)

Set Warning Level - Email notification

How do you set Resource Quote on an existing site collection via Powershell?

Set-SPOSite -Identity -ResourceQuota -ResourceQuotaWanrningLevel

What are the two types of Storage Management in Sharepoint Online?

Automatic Storage Management

(Pooled Storage)

Manual Storage Management

(Storage Quotas per site collection)

What are the default Storage Limits of a Site Collection?

1TB per tenant
+ 0.5GB per user

Max 25TB (25600GB)

Additional Storage can be purchased

What are the steps to Set the Storage Quota on a Site collection?

Click Site Collections>

Select Site Collection URL>

Click 'Storage Quota'>
(Not visible if Automatic Storage is configured)

Set the Storage Limit (min 1GB)
Set the email warning %

When is the Storage Quota notification emails sent in Sharepoint Online?

They are sent via a server-side scheduled task that is set to run at a random point during the day. It won't send an email notification when a quota is immediately reached.

Could take upto 24 Hours to receive.

How do you set the Storage Quota limits on a Sharepoint Site Collection via PowerShell?

Set-SPOSite -Identity -StorageQuota -StorageQuotaWarningLimit

Storage Limits are in MB! NOT GB

How do you restore a deleted Sharepoint Site Collection?

Sharepoint Admin Center>

Site Collections>

Recycle Bin>

How long after a site collection has been deleted until it can no longer be recoverable via the Recycle bin?

30 Days

How do you create a new Sharepoint Site Collection via Powershell?

New-SPOSite -Title Test1 -url -LocalID 1033 -Template "STS#0" -Owner -StorageQuota 1024

(LocalID is default Language)
Template is the Site Template

How do you get a list of Sharepoint Local ID's and Template ID's via Powershell:


How do you delete a Sharepoint Online Site via Powershell?

Remove-SPOSite -Identity

What types of things can you follow with the news feed in Sharepoint?





Does Yammer support e-discovery?

Not natively.

You can however export content to files and then search through the files.

How do you enable Yammer Integration in Sharepoint?
SharePoint Admin Center> Settings> Enterprise Social Collaboration

Use Service

Wait 30 minutes

What changes occur to the newsfeed when you enable Yammer Integration in Sharepoint?

Removes the newsfeed app on Office365 Homepage

Replaced 'Follow' button with 'Post' button

Turns off Sharepoint following for people, documents, and tags

Site feeds remain active but only accessible from site pages

Is content lost if you migrate from Yammer back to newfeeds in Sharepoint?

No, no content is lost

What are Yammer Groups?

Yammer groups can be internal only or include external users.

Groups have their own feeds

Creating a Yammer Group can automatically create an Office 365 Group

What happens when you create an Office 365 Group with Yammer Groups?

The Office 365 Group creation also automatically creates new Sharepoint Group site (Modern Template)

Group Sites can contain Yammer Feeds

BUT Enforce Office365 Identity must be enabled

How do you set Yammer Groups to automatically create Office 365 groups?

Go to Yammer Admin Centre>

Security Settings>

Enforce Office 365 identity>

How do you add a Yammer Feed to a Sharepoint site page?

The Yammer feed webpart must be used.

Only available on the new 'Site Page' Template

Add WebPart > Paste URL to feed

What are the two types of Co-Authoring in Microsoft Applications?

Regular Co-Authoring
- Changes are merged when saved or manually updates. Paragraphs / cells are locked
- Other editors appear in upper-right

Real-time Co-Authoring

- Will see changes as they happen
- See flags as they're working

What are the Co-Authoring Requirements?

- Must be docx, pptx or xlsx

- Cannot contain VBA

- Cannot use Track changes w/ real-time CA

- Autosave must be enabled

- Versioning must be enabled (in Sharepoint)

- Check-out cannot be enforced (in Sharepoint)

- IRM and ARM must not be enabled

Where must a document be located to enable real-time co-authoring?

Sharepoint Online

Sharepoint Server


OneDrive for Business

How do you access older versions of documents for Co-Authoring in Office?

Click the clock icon in the upper-right hand corner

Click 'Open Version' for any previously saved version of the document

How do you access older versions of documents for Co-Authoring in Sharepoint?

Goto File Properties>

Click ...

Chose 'Version History'

Click Modified date to open

What platforms support the Regular Co-Authoring method?

Word (All Formats 2010 +)

PowerPoint (All Formats - 2010 +)

OneNote (All Formats - 2010+)

Excel Online (Excel 2016 coming soon)

What platforms support the Real-Time Co-Authoring method?

Word 2016 - Word Online

Excel Online

Powerpoint 2016 / PowerPoint Online

OneNote 2016 / Online

What are Office 365 Groups?

Azure Active Directory Object

Logical Grouping of users

Provisioning workflow

What do you get when creating an Office 365 Group?
- Exchange Shared Mailbox (sort of)

- Distribution Group (sort of)

- Calendar

- Notebook

- Plan (Planner)

- Document Library (Sharepoint Team Site)

- Microsoft Team (not automatic)

- Yammer Group (sort of)

Office 365 Groups are...

- User-Created Group

- Used for provisioning calendars, mailboxes, sites, plans etc

- Can be used for temporary groups for short-term projects

What are the Office 365 Group Limits?

- Max 10 Owners

- Max 1000 Members

- Max 250 Groups created per user

- 500K Groups total per tenancy

What are the two types of Office 365 Groups?

Public Group

- Any internal user can join

- Any internal user can see content

Private Group

- Membership must be approved

- Content is hidden from non-member

Can an Office 365 group have external users (Guests)?


- They can only be added via Outlook Online
- Are only included in email conversation

- Can be sent links to files, folders and libraries

- Can receive calendar invites

- Can email group even when option is disabled for external users

How do you convert a Distribution list to an Office 365 Group?

Exchange Admin Center>

Recipients> Groups

Select Distribution Group
Choose 'Upgrade'

Confirm 'Yes'

What reasons wouldn't you be able to upgrade a current distribution group to an Office 365 Group?

- If the group was managed on-prem

- If the group was nested (has child or parent)

- If the group is moderated

- If it has send on behalf settings

- If it is hidden from the address list

What does NGSC stand for when talking about OneDrive?

Next Gen Sync Client

What is the file size limit for OneDrive for Business?

10GB limit on any one file

30,000,000 file limit

How would you stop users from being able to download the NGSC version of OneDrive?

Go-to OneDrive Admin Centre>


Untick the 'Show the Sync button on OneDrive website'

How can you ensure that users can sync all of their content via OneDrive?

Use the Old and NGSC OneDrive Client.

This will support all libraries.

How can you block certain types of files from syncing in OneDrive?

Go-to OneDrive Admin Center>

Select the option for:

'Block Syncing of specific file types'

What are the consideration for Migrating files over to OneDrive for Business?

- Total Size of Files (1TB File Size Limit)

- Unused Content
- Number of Files (30 Million)

- Largest File Size (10GB File)

- Bad file types & characters < > : " | ? * / \

- File name paths (256 Characters)

- Databases and PST files not to be migrated

- Metadata Retention

What are the different migration methods for moving files to OneDrive for Business?

- Open in Explorer

- Drag and Drop (OneDrive for Business WebApp)

- OneDrive Sync Client

- PowerShell Storage Migration API

- 3rd Party Tools and Services (BitTitan)
- Microsoft FasTrack

How does a OneDrive document migration using the PowerShell API work?

- Requires an Azure Storage Account

- Moves files to Azure Storage Service first

- Loads Files from Azure Storage into Sharepoint Online

- Retains Metadata

How many licences are needed to get Microsoft to assist with a document migration to OneDrive with it's FasTrack service?

Minimum 150 Licensed Users

What will Microsoft assist in when doing a migration to OneDrive using Microsoft FasTrack?

- Tools, Documentation, Guidance

- File Assessment

- Sync Client Deployment

- Data Migration

- Process Reporting & Results

What is e-Discovery?

e-discovery is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, searching, reviewing and producing Electronically Stored information (ESI).

What does ESI stand for when talking about e-discovery?

Electronically Stored Information

What does EDRM stand for when talking about e-discovery?

Electronic Discovery Reference Model

What does FRCP / FRE stand for when talking about e-discovery?

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure &

Federal Rules of Evidence

What is a Legal Hold?

A process which an organization uses to preserve all forms of relevant information

What is Metadata?

Metadata is data stored within a document about the document

- Author, subject, date created, date modified etc

What is indexing when talking about e-discovery?

The process of extracting key data and information about a document for searching purposes.

How do you run e-discovery?

Go to the Security and Compliance Centre:>

Click Search & Investigation Search

E-Discovery & Content Search

Will search Exchange, Sharepoint and OneDrive

What are the two types of role groups for e-discovery?

eDiscovery Manager - Can manage cases that they create

eDiscovery Administrator - Can manage all cases

What is the Powershell command to connect to the Security & Compliance PowerShell?

$Cred = Get-Credential
$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $Cred =Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $Session

What is the PowerShell Command to create a New Case for eDiscovery?


- New
- Remove
- Get

- Set

How do you add an eDiscovery Case member via PowerShell?


- Add

- Remove

- Get
- Update

How do you add an eDiscovery Case Admin via PowerShell?


- Add
- Remove

- Get

- Update

How do you set a new Case Hold Policy (Location Scope) via PowerShell?

Which Mailboxes / Which Sites


- New

- Remove

- Get

- Set

How do you set a new Case Hold Rule (Filter Query) via PowerShell?

(Must come after New-CaseHoldPolicy)


- New

- Remove

- Get

- Set

How do you carry out a new Compliance Search via PowerShell?


- New

- Remove

- Get

- Set

- Start

- Stop

How do you perform a new Compliance Search Action via PowerShell?


- New

- Remove

- Get

How do you set a new Compliance Security Filter via PowerShell?


- New

- Remove

- Get

- Set

What Add-On is needed to be able to download eDiscovery reports in a non-Microsoft Browser?

ClickOnce add-on

What are the index limits for eDiscover indexing?

Max Size attachment - 32MB

Max Excel Doc size - 4MB

Max number of attachments - 10

Max attachment depth (nested attach) - 1

Max number of attached images - 0

What is a Litigation Hold?

A complete hold on a users mailbox

What is an In-Place hold?

Item level hold based on criteria
Is Yammer included in an eDiscover Hold?


The only way this can be done is to download an export of all data and then manually check through it.

What is the URL of a personal OneDrive folder (used for eDiscovery hold)?

What is Office365 Video?

"YouTube" like Video Sharing Platform

Channels use to organise Videos

What are the use cases for Office 365 Videos?


Corporate Messaging

Community / Collaboration


What are the parts to Office 365 Video?

Sharepoint Online

Azure Media Services

Microsoft CDN

How can you disable Office 365 Video?

Sharepoint Admin Centre>


Streaming Video Service>

'Disable streaming video through Azure Media Services and disable the Video Portal.'

What is Delve?

Powered by Microsoft Graph - Delve collects content from multiple places within Office365

Delivers personalised views of people and content

Helps discover information of interest

What is Microsoft Graph?

It's a System of algorithms that models and scores related content.

It uses Machine learning to show content. It considers which content to show based on previous documents you've seen/opened.

Graph is also used in Discover / Clutter etc

How do you turn off Microsoft Graph?

(makes Delve and clutter etc useless)

Sharepoint Admin Settings> Office Graph

'Don't allow access to the Office Graph'
What is a board on Office 365 Delve?

It's basically a way of Tagging similar content with key words to get them to display in the same place

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Leaks

DLP refers to the identification and monitoring of sensitive data to ensure that it is only accessed by authorised users and that there are Safeguards against Data Leaks

What kind of data is considered Sensitive information in the eyes of DLP?

Any corporate data that could cause a problem if it was leaked.


- Personally Identifiable Information
- Banking/Financial Info
- Health Info

Where do you create a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Policy in Office 365?

A DLP policy can be created in the Security & Compliance Centre>

Data Loss Prevention>


What are the components of a DLP Policy?

- Name & Description

- Location (Sharepoint / Exchange / OneDrive)

- Collection of Rules (If this, then that)

What permissions are needed in Office 365 to manage DLP Policies?

Organisation Management


Compliance Management

What are the two types of conditions in a DLP Rule?

Identification of sensitive data (Mandatory)

Has the sensitive data been shared or attempted to be shared

What are the DLP Options for 'Containing Sensitive Information'?

Sensitive info type

Instance Count (min/max instances)

Match accuracy

What are the DLP options for 'Content is Shared' (Optional)?

Within my Organisation

Outside my Organisation

What are the two types of notifications for DLP Policies?

Email Notifications

Policy Tips

What does this Icon mean?

What does this Icon mean?

The item content has restricted access - Only the owner can edit the file

What are the two options for DLP content Restricted Access user overrides?

Require a business justification to override

Override the rule automatically if they report it as a false positive

What are the two main Sharepoint DLP Reports?

DLP Policy Matches

DLP False Positives & Overrides

How do you create a new DLP Policy via PowerShell?


How do you create a new DPL Policy Rule via PowerShell?


When are restriction policies applied on Sharepoint?

When the file is indexed

How do you initiate a manual re-index of an entire Sharepoint Online Site?

Go to Site Settings>

Search and Offline Availability>

Re-index site

What happens when you don't specify a Min/Max Confidence setting when applying a DLP Compliance Rule via PowerShell?

The values are set to:

Min: -1

Max: 100

It's the most aggressive range of detection

An email addresses in Office 365 PowerShell is referred to as:


What are they referred to as in Exchange Online?


The default/Reply To address in Office 365 PowerShell is referred to as:

'SMTP:' in ProxyAddresses

What is it referred to as in Exchange Online?

'SMTP:' in:


How do you change a Primary SMTP Address in Exchange Online Powershell?

Set-Mailbox "Display Name" -WindowsEmailAddress ""

How do you replace all email addresses with a single address in Exchange online powershell?

Set-Mailbox "Display Name" -EmailAddresses ""

How do you replace the existing email addresses in Exchange Online with multiple new addresses?

Set-Mailbox "Display Name" -EmailAddresses "" "", ""

How do you change a users default Email Address via Office365 PowerShell?
Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName "" -NewUserPrincipalName ""

Office365 Login address is also changed

How do you bulk add/remove email addresses via Exchange Online PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity "email" -EmailAddresses @{add=""}

Set-Mailbox -Identity "email" -EmailAddresses @{remove=""}

How do you import Email addresses from a csv file by Exchange Online Powershell?

Import-CSV "C:\Email.csv" | ForEach-Object {Set-Mailbox $_.Mailbox -EmailAddresses @{add=$_.NewEmailAddress}}

$finance = Get-MsolUser -Department Finance

foreach ($enum in $finance) {$newaddress = $enum.UserPrincipalName.split("@")[0] + ""; Set-Mailbox -Identity $enum.UserPrincipalName -EmailAddresses @{add=$newaddress}}

What is the Command to Get all users in Office365 where the City is Equal to Leeds?

Get-MsolUser | Where-Object {$_.City -eq "Leeds"}

How can you create a new Shared Mailbox via PowerShell?
Net-Mailbox -Shared -Name "New Shared"

Can also Specify:



How do you Add the Full Access Permissions on a Mailbox via PowerShell?

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity -User -AccessRights FullAccess

How do you Add the SendAs Access Permissions on a Mailbox via PowerShell?

Add-ReceipientPermission -Identity -AccessRights SendAs -Trustee

How do you set the Send on Behalf Access Permissions on a Mailbox via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -Grantsendonbehalfto

Overrides current setting!

How do you convert a Regular mailbox into a Shared mailbox via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -Type Shared

How do you convert a Shared mailbox into a Regular mailbox via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -Type Regular

What is the Powershell command to disable Automapping on a Shared mailbox?

Must be applied at the same time as Full Access Permission.

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity -AccessRights FullAccess -User -AutoMapping $false

Where can you create a Shared Mailbox on the Office365 Admin Center?

Groups> Shared Mailboxes

Add an additional entry in PowerShell:


How do you configure an auto-reply on a Resource mailbox?

This must be done via the Exchange Admin Center and is not available via the Office 365 Admin Center.


How do you create a new Room or Equipment mailbox in Exchange Online PowerShell?

New-Mailbox -Identity "bus" -Equipment

New-Mailbox -Identity "Conf Room" -Room

What is the command to change any of the booking/calendaring options on a Resource mailbox?


-AllowReocurringMeetings $true
-ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours $true


How do you add a Room / Equipment Mailbox via the Office 365 Admin Center?

Click on Resources>

Rooms & Equipment>

How do you create a new Distribution Group via Exchange Online PowerShell?

New-DistributionGroup -Name

How do you create a new Room List?

New-DistributionGroup -Name -RoomList

How do you add a user to a Distribution Group in Exchange Online powerShell?

New-DistributionGroupMember -Identity -Member

How do you get the Calendar Configuration of a Resource Mailbox?

Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -Identity

(Work Days / Times Etc)

What is the command to configure a Secure Sting in PowerShell?

(For passwords etc)

$pwd = ConvertTo-SecureString -String "password" -AsPlainText -Force

How do you configure a Skype for Business Room?

Room Mailbox needs to have credentials via PowerShell:

Set-Mailbox -EnableRoomMailboxAccount $True -RoomMailboxPassword $SecPwdString

What is a mail contact?

Mail Enabled AD Object

Not a member of the Organisation

Contains External Email Address

Easy to find in Address Lists

Allows for special accept/reject rules

What is a Mail User?

Mail-Enabled AD Object (Azure AD)

Is a member of the Organisation

What is a Guest (Mail) User?

Mail-Enabled AD Object (Azure AD)

Not a member of the Organisation.

How do you create a mail contact via Exchange Online PowerShell?

New-MailContact -Name -ExternalEmailAddress -DisplayName

What Exchange Online Powershell command do you need to use to add an additional email address to a mail contact?

Set-MailContact -Identity -EmailAddresses

Set-MailContact -Identity -EmailAddresses @{add=""}

How do you set moderation for a Mail Contact?

(Request for approval to a moderator)

Set-MailContact -Identity -ModerationEnabled $true -ModeratedBy

How can you limit which email addresses can send to a Mail Contact?

1) Setup a MailContact Moderator

2) Setup an allow/deny ACL:


How do you set a MailTip on a users Mailbox?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -MailTip "My Mail Tip"

How can you import contacts into Exchange Online?

It must be done via PowerShell. Unable to import via the Exchange Admin Center.

How do you get a list of Mail Enabled Objects in Exchange Online Power Shell?


How do you add a user into a particular Distribution Group in Exchange Online PowerShell?

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Member

How do you replace a Distribution Groups member via Exchange Online PowerShell?

Update-DistributionGroupMember -Member

All members are replaced.

How do you create a Dynamic Distribution Group in Exchange Online PowerShell?

New-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name HRTest

-IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers

-ConditionalDepartment "HR" -PrimarySmtpAddress -Alias HRTest

How do you get a list of Distribution Groups that you're a member of via OWA?

Settings> Mail Settings> General>

Distribution Groups

How many Archive mailboxes can each user have?

Just one.

But it's unlimited (E3 & E5 Plans)

How do you enable an Archive for a user in the Exchange Admin Center?

Recipients> Mailboxes> Select Mailbox>

Click 'Enable' under ''In-Place Archive'

Select Mailbox> Edit> Mailbox Features> Archiving> Enable> Click 'View Details'

Specify 'Name:' (Folder Name)

How do you enable an Online Archive in Exchange PowerShell?

Enable-Mailbox -Identity -Archive

How do you enable to Auto Expanding Archive feature for a single user via PoweShell?

Enable-Mailbox -Identity


How do you enable the Auto Expanding Archive Feature for the entire Exchange Organisation via PowerShell?

Set-OrganizationConfig -AutoExpandingArchive

How do you enable Archive for all Users?

Get-Mailbox -Filter {ArchiveStatus -eq "None" -AND RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"} | Enable-Mailbox -Archive

What are the three Retention Tag types?




What are the two components of a Retention tag?

Retention Period - How old is the message

Retention Action - Delete (Soft/Hard) or Archive

What is a Default Policy Tag (DPT)?

A Catch all for items that don't have a RPT or Personal Tag

What is a Retention Policy Tag (RPT)?

It's a tag applied to Default Folder (Enforced)

Each RPT applied to 1 specific default folder (Inbox/Drafts/Sent Items etc)

What is a Personal Policy Tag?

It's a Retention Tag to apply to Personal Folders

What are Retention Policies?

Collection of Tags applied to a Mailbox

Archive action Not active Until Archive Mailbox is enabled

Only 1 Policy can be applied to a User.

Also called MRM Policy (Message Records Management)

What is a Managed Folder Assistant?

Server-side Process that runs once per day.

Applies retention settings configured in Policies.

Can't be Configured or Managed from the EAC.

Can Force Retention Processing via Powershell

How do you force a Retention Process in Exchange Online PowerShell?
Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity
How do you create a retention tag via the Exchange Admin Center?

Exchange Admin Center>

Compliance management>

Retention Tags>


How do you create a retention Policy via the Exchange Admin Center?

Exchange Admin Center>

Compliance management>

Retention Policies>


How do you create a Retention tag via PowerShell?





-RetentionEnabled <$true/$false>

How do you create a new Retention Policy via Exchange Powershell?

New-RetentionPolicy -Name


Can an RPT Retention Tag be set to Archive as an action?

No, the only options are:


Which Retention Policy is applied by default on the creation of a mailbox?

Default MRM Policy

How do you set a new custom retention policy via the Exchange Management Center?


Mailboxes> Edit>

Mailbox Features>

Change Retention Policy

How do you apply a custom retention policy to a mailbox via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -RetentionPolicy "New Policy Name"

How do you disable retention on a tag?

- Set the expiration to "Never" or
- Set the "-RetentionEnabled $false"

Tags are still given to items but not actioned

How do you disable an Archive Mailbox via the Exchange Admin Center?




In-Place Archive > Disable

How do you disable an Archive Mailbox via the Exchange Online PowerShell?

Disable-Mailbox -Identity -Archive

Remember the -Archive Switch or the user mailbox is disabled!!

What is a Retention Hold?

It suspends retention policy processing on a mailbox

Items past retention will not show in search results

(Used for staff going on leave etc)

How do you put a mailbox on retention hold via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -Identity

-RetentionHoldEnabled $true

What are the two types of retention in Skype for Business Online?

- Conversation History Folder

For Users, Not Admins

- In-Place Hold (& Content Search)

Retention Policy for Compliance
Users Not Aware
Retains data deleted and purged

What are considered as non-archived items in Skype for Business?

File Transfers via IM

Shared OneNote Pages

PowerPoint Annotations

How do you connect to Skype for Business Online via PowerShell?

$cred = Get-Credential
$SkypeSession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $Cred


What are the two default Conferencing Policies in Skype For Business Online?


The NoFT Policy has the non-Archive features turned off.

How do you get a list of Conferencing Policies in Skype Online PowerShell?


How do you Grant a Conferencing Policy to a user in Skype for Business online via PowerShell?

Grant-CsConferencingPolicy -Identity -PolicyName "Tag:name"

How do you turn off non-archive features for a Skype for Business user via the Skype Admin Center?
Performed per user

Skype for Business Admin Center>


Click on user>


'For Compliance, turn off non-archived features'

What are the 5 Relationship Types in Skype?

Family & Friends



External Contacts

Blocked Contacts (Can'r see presence info)

Who enables advanced privacy mode?

The Administrator (Globally)

Then the user

How do you enable Advanced Privacy Mode via the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Skype for Business Admin Center>



'Display Presense information only to a users contacts'

How can a user override the presence settings?

Via the Skype for Business Client >




How do you set the Global Presence Settings via PowerShell?





What PowerShell command do you need to run in order for users to be able to override Presence info in the Skype Client?

Set-CsPrivacyConfiguration -EnablePrivacyMode $true

How do you call a script in PowerShell?



Where can you configure available services for a user in the Skype for Business Admin Center?

None / Audio only / Audio and Video /

Audio and HD Video

Skype for Business Admin Center>
Double click on the user

General Tab>


'Audio & Video:'

How can you enable the ability for a user to record conversations and meetings via the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Skype for Business Admin Center>


Double click on the user

General Tab>


'Record Conversations and meetings'

How can you enable the ability for a user to record conversations and meetings via the Skype Online PowerShell?


-AllowConferenceRecording $true

-EnableP2PRecording $false

How do you set the External Communications settings per-user in the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Skype for Business Admin Center>


Double click on the user

External Communications Tab

How do you set the External Communications Policy in Skype for Business PowerShell?





How do you grant an External Access Policy to a user?

Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy -Identity -PolicyName "tag"





What does PIC stand for when referring to Skype?

Public IM Connectivity

What is Exchange Online Protection?

Cloud-based email filtering service

Sits on the 'Edge' of Exchange Online

Helps to protect your organisation against spam and malware

What is the EOP Process?

1) Connection Filtering (& Edge Blocking)

2) Anti-Malware (Forefront)

3) Transport Rules Policy Filtering (Q optional)

4) Content Filtering (Q optional)

What does SCL stand for when talking about Exchange Online Protection?

Spam Confidence Level

What does BCL stand for when talking about Exchange Online Protection?

Bulk Confidence Level

What does PCL stand for when talking about Exchange Online Protection?

Phishing Confidence Level

What does SPF and DKIM stand for?

Sender Protection Framework

DomainKeys Identified Mail

What is DKIM do?

It guarantees that the message hasn't been changed during transit.

Uses asymmetric key cryptography to determine authenticity.

Uses a hash with the email.

What is the Powershell command to create a new Malware Filter Policy?

New-MalwareFilterPolicy -Name -Action



What two components are needed to make a workable Malware Filter Policy in PowerShell?

(Creates the actual policy and specifies an action)


(Creates the Rule to define what is caught - Requires a MalwareFilterPolicy)

How do you create a new Malware Filter Rule in PowerShell to filter emails from

New-MalwareFilterRule -Name "my rule"

-MalwareFilterPolicy "Policy Name"


Where can you create a Spam Filter Policy in the Exchange Admin Center?



Spam Filter Tab

Can the default Malware and Spam Filters be bypassed?


What two objects are required to create a new Spam Filter Policy via PowerShell?



Hosted = Exchange Online Protection

What are the four main Policy action types when creating a Spam Filter Rule?





What needs adding to the below command to move the email to the Junk folder?

New-HostedContentFilterPolicy -Name "policy"

-SpamAction XXXX


(Move to Junk Mail Folder)

How do you get the properties of the Outbound Spam Filter policy via the Exchange Online PS?

Get-HostedOutboundSpamFilterPolicy | fl

-NotifyOutboundSpam $true

-BccSuspiciousOutboundMail $true

How do you set the Junk Email Configuration settings of a users mailbox (not global)?

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity

How can you test what happens to an email when it is detected as spam (SCL 9)?

Use the GTUBE String to see what happens


How do you get a list of current Connection Filter Policies via the Exchange Online PowerShell?


What is Exchange Quarantine?

Location on the Exchange Server where it can be stored for a brief period of time until reviewed or automatically deleted.

What are the four methods for releasing an email from Quarantine?

Admin UI

End-User UI

End-User Spam Notification


How do you access the Quarantine as an Administrator?




What are the Quarantine release options as an Administrator?

Release Selected Message and Allow Sender

Release Selected Message to specific recipients

Release Selected Message to ALL Recipients

Release selected messaged and report false Positive

Which two Spam Filter Types need to be configured via PowerShell?


How does a user release a quarantined message?

End-User Spam Notifications

(Quarantine notifications)

End-User UI:

What commands are used to manage the quarantine via PowerShell?




What is the URL for the end users UI to view Quarantine for that user?

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

Real-Time Protection of malicious code without the need of signature-based detection.

What is Safe Attachments in Advanced Threat Protection?

It executes attachments in a sandbox ('detonation chamber') to determine if behaviour or content is malicious.

What is Safe Links in Advanced Threat Protection?

Replaced URLs with Microsofts Proxy Address which can check links at the time of click and also block known bad urls.

Which subscription level is Advanced Threat Protection included with?


Can be purchased separately as well.

What is Dynamic Delivery in Advanced Threat Protection?

If an email has an attachment it delivers the email without the attachment. The attachment is scanned and delivered when cleared.

Whilst the email attachment is being scanned the user has a note saying that its being scanned. The attachment is then added later to that email.

Where can you create a safe attachments policy in the EAC?


Advanced Threats

What are the powershell commands for getting a list of current Safe Attachment Policies and Safe Links Policies?



How do you find all links that have been caught by the Spam Links Policies


Mail Flow>

URL Trace

What records are needed to enable DKIM on a Domain in Office365?

CNAME record

What is a Cross-Forest Mailbox Migration?

Moving Mailboxes between Active Directory Forests, requiring new AD Users and Mailboxes

What is Mailbox Onboarding?

The process of moving mailboxes from On-Premise Exchange or 3rd Party Mail Server over to Exchange Online.

What is Off-Boarding?

The process of moving from Exchange Online to On-Premise Exchange Server or 3rd Party mail System.

What are the general considerations for planning a Mailbox Migration to Office 365 / Exchange Online?

Mail Server / Service Edition

Number of users

Amount of Data

Running DirSync / Hybrid

One shot or over weeks/months

How do you create a Migration Endpoint in Exchange Online?




Migration Endpoint

What is an Exchange Remote Exchange (MRS) Migration Endpoint?

Exchange Remote (Mailbox Replication Service Proxy).

Must be a Federated Exchange organisation (Hybrid Exchange Environment)

Need to enable MRS Proxy Service on the On-Premise Exchange Server

Outlook Anywhere Migration Endpoint

Acts like a regular client and downloads the mailbox.


What happens to new emails when doing an RMS (Remote Exchange) Migration?

All changes will be replicated at regular intervals.

What version of On-Prem Exchange is needed in order to carry out a 'Remote Move' migration?
Exchange 2010 +

What happens to the on-prem mailbox when a 'Remote Move' migration is completed?

The object is converted to a Mail Enabled User Account. The TargetAddress property is set to the Users Microsoft Address.


How do you enable the MRS Proxy on an On-Premise Exchange 2010 Server?

This is done via PowerShell:

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity -MRSProxyEnabled $true

Later versions can be done via the EAC as well.

May need an IIS restart.

What is needed for a Remote Move (MRS) to be successfully carried out?

Exchange must be in a Hybrid Configuration (Federated)

Trusted SSL Cert is needed on the CAS

Domain Admin / Organisation Exchange Admin permissions

MRS Proxy must be enabled on On-Prem

What is an MRS Proxy?

Mailbox Replication Service Proxy

It's used for Exchange Remote Move migration on Exchange 2010 or newer.

What version of on Prem Exchange is required for a Staged Migration?

Exchange 2003

Exchange 2007

This is because of 'TargetAddress' property change in later versions

Uses Outlook Anywhere (RPC Over HTTPS)

When is the TargetAddress changed when doing a Staged Migration?

It's done first.

New email to the on-prem Exchange is forwarded during the migration.

What is a Cutover Migration?

Outlook Anywhere Migration

No Exchange Federation or Directory Sync required.

All users moved at once.

MX Changed.

Do you need Directory Synchronisation in order to carry out a Staged Migration?


What permissions are needed to perform a 'Remote Move' Migration?

Organization Management (Exchange)

Recipient Management (Exchange)

Exchange Recipients Administrators (AD)

Domain Admin

What permissions are needed to perform a Staged Migration?

(Writes Target Address)

Full Access to each Mailbox + WriteProperty

Receive As to the Mailbox Database + WriteProperty

Domain Admin

What permissions are needed to perform a Cutover Migration?

Full Mailbox Access

Receive As Access on the Mailbox Database

Domain Admin

Where can you create a Migration Batch to Exchange Online?





Migrate to Exchange Online

Which Mailbox Migration method allows the user to keep their Outlook Profile?

Hybrid Migration (Remote Move)

What are some common Post-Migration Tasks after a Migration to Office365?

-Delete Migration Batches

-Assign Licences to users in Office 365

-Convert On-Prem users to Mail-Enabled

-Change MX & Autodiscover DNS Records

-Re-enable OWA Offline Access (If needed)

What is the max amount of Mailboxes that can be migrated with a Cutover Migration?


<150 Recommended

What PowerShell Command is used to Test A migration Server prior to creating a Migration Endpoint?


What is the PowerShell Command to move a single mailbox to Exchange Online?


How do you create a new Migration Endpoint using the 'Remote Move' (MRS Proxy) Migration Method via PowerShell?

New-MigrationEndpoint -Name RemoteEndpoint -ExchangeRemoteMove -Autodiscover

-EmailAddress -Credentials $cred

How do you create a new Migration Endpoint using the Staged Migration method via PowerShell?
New-MigrationEndpoint -Name StagedMove

-ExchangeOutlookAnywhere -Autodiscover

-EmailAddress -Credentials $cred

How do you create a new Migration batch using PowerShell?

New-MigrationBatch -Name RemoteBatch

-SourceEndpoint RemoteEndpoint

-TargetDelivertDomain -CSVData


What is the max amount of items can be migrated with the IMAP Migration method?

500,000 Items per Mailbox

(Newest to Oldest)

35MB Max per single email

What is the Import Service for Data Migration?

A way to Bulk import PST Files

Eliminates PSTs on local network

Easier to comply with Legal Hold & e-Discovery

Requires the 'Mailbox Import Export' Role

What are the Considerations & Limitations of the Import Service?

Needs the 'Mailbox Import Export' role in Exchange Online

Retention Hold on by default after import

Import to inactive mailbox supported

Files and paths are case sensitive in Azure

What is the URL to access the Security and Compliance Center?
What is Service Assurance?
Service Assurance provides information about how Microsoft maintains the security, privacy and compliance of Microsoft Cloud Services.

Gives you Microsoft's Compliance Reports for ISO's etc. Also can DL Trusted Documents and White Papaers.

What is the PowerShell command to connect to the Security and Compliance Center PowerShell?

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

How do you create a new Role Group in the Security and Compliance Center PowerShell?





How do you add a user into a role group in the Security and Compliance Center PowerShell?


Get- (Gets information about members)

Remove- (Removes a member from a Role)

Update- (Replaces all existing members

How do you get information about the current Management Roles in the Security and Compliance Center powershell?


(Unable to add or alter ManagementRoles. The only command available is Get)

The Security and Compliance Center is actually a different Exchange environment which passes information back to your tenant.

Roles and Users are synced.

The DistinguishedName and GUID are different from that of your Tenant which shows it's not in your own Exchange environment.

What is a Legal Hold?

A policy for the preservation of Data in the event of being required to comply with a Legal investigation.

It is illegal to knowingly delete information to avoid it being included in a legal investigation

Stops the ability to Delete information.

What is a Litigation Hold?

It's a hold on an entire mailbox (All Items).

Can only be applied to existing mailboxes

Can specify the duration or set as indefinite - (Based on the Age of the Message)

What is an In-Place Hold?

Can be set on All items or query based

Can be applied to current and future messages

Specified duration or indefinite

Steps of an Email Deletion with No Holds:

Deleted Items Folder>


Purges> Managed Folder Assistant Runs>


Steps of an Email Deletion with Litigation Hold (5Years):

Deleted Items>


Purges> (MFA holds the folder in Here until litigation hold expires in 5 Years)

Single Item Recovery Deletion Process:

Deleted Items>
Deletions> *User Purges on Day 1*


Purges> *MFA holds item for full Deleted Items Retention Term (14 Days by default)*


In-Place hold Deletion Process:

Deleted Items>


Purges> *MFA then moves the message to a hidden discovery hold folder*

GONE after In-Place Hold expires

Retention Hold Deletion Process:

Deleted Items>


Purges> *MFA runs when Retention expires*


The biggest difference with how this runs is that items won't be deleted due to a retention policy. Items can still be deleted by the users but won't automatically be done via a policy.

How do you enable a Litigation hold via the Exchange Admin Center?


Recipients> Highlight mailbox and click edit

Mailbox Features Tab>

Litigation Hold

How do you set a litigation Hold on a mailbox via PowerShell?

Set-Mailbox -LitigationHoldEnabled $true/$false -LitigationHoldDuration 365

You've enabled a Litigation Hold on a mailbox. How do inform the users via Outlook comment (File)?

Set-Mailbox -Identity -RetentionComment -RetentionURL

What is the new name for OWA?

Outlook Web Access

(1997 - 2009)

Outlook Web App
(2009 - 2016)

Outlook on the Web
(2015 - Current)

What is the url for OWA?

How do Enable/Disable OWA via the Exchange Admin Center?

Mailboxes> *Select Mailbox*

Mailbox Features>

Email Connectivity - Outlook on the Web

What does the 'Disable OWA for Devices' option do?

This prevents mobile Apps that use OWA as a protocol (NOT ActiveSync)

This does NOT prevent mobile devices from browsing to

What is the name of the default OWA Policy applied in Office 365?


What PowerShell command is used to list information on a users mail folders, such as folder names etc?

What is the PowerShell command to disable OWA for a specific user?

Set-CASMailbox -OWAEnabled $false


-OWAForDevicesEnabled $false

How do you set an OWA Policy to a user via PowerShell?

Set-CASMailbox -OwaMailboxPolicy

How do you configure a new OWA Mailbox Policy via powershell?

New-OWAMailboxPolicy -Name

How do you configure a new OWA Policy via the EAC?



Outlook Web App Policies

Exchange ActiveSync & MDM Notes:

- Exchange Only, Mobile Device Only

- Remote Wipe (Full or Selective)

- Password Requirments

- Encryption Requirements

MDM for Office365 Notes:

- Mobile & Windows 8.1, Windows 10

- Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneDrive

- User-Specific Policies (Pushes to Users/Groups)

- Jailbreak / Rooted Device Detection

Where is an MDM policy configured in Office 365?

The Security and Compliance Center

Data Loss Prevention>

Device Security Policies>

Create Policy

What is Microsoft InTune?

(Not included in Office 365 - Additional Purchase)

Advanced Device management policy that can Support Mobile & PCs (Mac OSX, Windows PC)

Force settings for Wi-Fi, VPN, Certificates and email profiles.

Mobile Application Management and App Restrictions

How do you enable/disable ActiveSync in EAC?


Mailboxes> *double click mailbox*
Mailbox Features>

How do you create a mobile device mailbox policy via EAC?



Mobile Device Mailbox Policies (tab)

What is a Quarantined Device when talking about Exchange?

It's a device that is waiting for admin approval before allowing a mobile device to Sync with Exchange.

What is a Device Access Rule in Exchange?

It's a rule to allow, block or quarantine (ABQ) based on a device family and model.

Device info only available after devices have attempted a connection.

How do you enable EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) via PowerShell?

Set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

How do you assign an EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) Policy in PowerShell?



How do you create an Exchange Active Sync (AES) personal exemption in PowerShell?



-ActiveSyncBlockedDeviceIDs is to block.

What is the ActiveSync Access steps?

(To allow a device to sync)

1) Mailbox is checked to see if EAS is enabled

2) Checks if the device meets Mailbox Policy

3) Checks the Personal Exemptions

4) Checks the Device Access Rules

5) Checks the default Org Settings

If the device is 'allowed' by any of the above it skips the remaining steps and syncs.

How do you set the Device Access Rules for EAS in PowerShell?

New-ActiveSyncDeviceAccessRule -AccessLevel (Allow/Block/Quarantine) -Characteristic -QueryString Andriod

Adding an EAS Device Access Rule via PS does not need the device to have already attempted to connect to Exchange Online if you know the correct QueryString

How do you set the Default Organizational Settings for Allow, Block, Quarantine?

Set-ActiveSyncOrganizationSettings -DefaultAccessLevel

How do you get a list of mobile devices associated with a particular mailbox via PowerShell?

Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox

What is the command to create a EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) Policy via PowerShell?



What is the command to get a list of Blocked ActiveSync devices for the user account 'David'?

Get-CASMailbox David


How do you get the date and time that a user has connected to Exchange with a mobile drive via PowerShell?

Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox

How do you create a DLP Document Fingerprint?

(To stop a certain type of document from being emailed)


Compliance Management>

Data Loss Prevention>

'Manage Document Fingerprints'

How do you configure the Organization Wide External Access in the Skype for Business Admin Center?



External Access Tab

What are the three options for External Access from the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Off Completely

On except for blocked domains

On except for allowed domains

What happens when you enable the 'on except for blocked domains' setting in Skype for Business external access?

All domains are allowed, apart from the domains in the blocked domains list.

How do you set the Organization External Access settings for Skype for Business via PowerShell?




-Blocked Domains
Collection of DomainObject or $null

To enable the 'On except for block domains' option for Skype for Business External Access, what must the 'AllowedDomains' option be set to?


How do you create an 'AllKnownDomainsObject' for a Allow list via PowerShell?

$AllDomains = New-CsEdgeAllowAllKnownDomains

How do you create a collection of DomainObjects to be used in a Allowed Domains List in Skype for Business Online PowerShell?

$Domain1 = New-CsEdgeDomainPattern

-Domain ""

$Domain2 = New-CsEdgeDomainPattern

-Domain ""

$NewAllowList = New-CsEdgeAllowList

-AllowedDomains $Domain1, $Domain2

Skype for Business - External Access - 'On except for blocked domains'


-AllowedDomains $AllDomains -BlockedDomains $BadDomain

$AllDomains = New-CsEdgeAllowAllKnownDomains

$BadDomain = New-CsEdgeDomainPattern

-Domain ""

Skype for Business - External Access - 'On except for allowed domains':


-AllowedDomains $NewAllowList

$Domain1 = New-CsEdgeDomainPattern

-Domain ""

$Domain2 = New-CsEdgeDomainPattern

-Domain ""

$NewAllowList = New-CsEdgeAllowList

-AllowedDomains $Domain1,$Domain2

How are Skype for Business Allow Domains objects stored for configuration via PowerShell?

They are Domain Objects Stored inside an Allowed List Object. Collection of objects.

$AllowedList = $Domain1 $Domain2

How are Blocked Domain Objects entered into Skype for Business PowerShell?

Domain Objects are added as a collection of domain objects.

@{=$domain1, $domain2}

How do you turn off the ability for external communication in Skype for Business online via PowerShell?


-AllowFederatedUsers $false

How do you disable the ability for Skype for Business users to be able to communicate with Skype Consumer clients via PowerShell?

-AllowPublicUsers $false

What is the command used to control Global External Communication in Skype for business PowerShell?


How do you disable Global External Communication with "WindowsLive" PIM clients in Skype for Business Online PowerShell?

Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Provider "Windows Live"

No other switch is needed.

How do you remove an item out of an Object?

E.G. $object




(0) is the item in the object. This will remove Item1

How can you disable push notifications for all users via the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Skype for Business Admin Center>



Mobile Push Notifications

How do you disable the Push Notifications to Skype for Business users via PowerShell?


-EnableApplePushNotificationService $false

-EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService $false

What is required for PSTN conferencing in Skype for Business Online?

Audio Conferencing Service Bridge

What are the Audio Bridge Requirements for Skype for Business?

Dial-In Numbers (global)

Toll-Free numbers (optional)

Conference/Meeting IDs

PINS (Authentication)

Dial-Out (Conference Calls You)

What are some of the common Audio Requirements for users in Skype for Business Conferencing?

Outlook Integration

Recording Options

Mute Controls

Participant List


How many PSTN callers can you have per conference?


How do you get a list of Microsofts Dial-In numbers via Skype for business Admin Center?

Skype for Business Admin Center>

Dial-in Conferencing>

Microsoft Bridge

Where can you change the settings for the Meeting Join Experience in Skype for Business Online?

SFB Admin Center>

Dial-In Conferencing>

Microsoft Birdge Settings

Meeting Join Experience

What are the customisation settings with the Skype for Business Outlook Integration emails?

Company Logo

Footer Text

Help & Legal URLs

Where can you customise the Meeting Invitation settings in the Skype for Business Admin Center?

Company Log etc

SFB Admin Center>

Online Meetings>

Meeting Invitation Tab

What is the PowerShell command to alter the Microsoft Bridge Settings (Conferencing)?






What is the PowerShell Command to configure a Users Dial-In Conferencingsettings?





What is the PowerShell Command to configure the Meeting Invitiation Settings for Skype For Business Online?







What is Skype Meeting Broadcast?

It enabled you to schedule, produce and broadcast meetings or events to online audiences of up to 10,000 participants.

They also have DVR Controls (live rewind etc)

What are the requirements for Skype Meeting Broadcast?

Requires an E1/E3/E5 licence (Or Skype Plan 2)

The Producer / Team Member need to have Skype for Business 2015 / 2016 installed.

Attendees only need a web browser to join.

What are the Skype Meeting Broadcast User Roles?

Organiser - Creates the meeting request and invites attendees, also reviews meeting reports

Producer - Manages the meeting sources (audio, video and powerpoint decks)

Event Team Member - Participants in the meeting as a presenter or Speaker

How do you enable Skype Meeting Broadcast via the Skype for Business Admin Center?

SFB Admin Center>

Online Meetings>

'Broadcast Meetings' Tab

How do you enable Skype Meeting Broadcast via PowerShell for the tenant?

Set-CsBroadcastMeetingConfiguration -EnableBroadcastMeeting $true

What is the URL for managing Skype Meeting Broadcast Meetings?
What are the three different types of Attendees in Skype Meeting Broadcast?

Anonymous (anyone with Link)

All Company

Invitation Only (Users or DLs)

What is Microsoft Pulse?

App to tract audience sentiment and take a poll.

Used in Skype Meeting Broadcast

What are the three different PSTN Connectivity Scenarios?

PSTN Calling Plan (Cloud Only)

Microsoft Control the lines

On-Premise Skype for Business Server (Hybrid)
On-Site Skype Server & Cloud PBX

On-Premise Cloud Connector Edition
No on-site server, lines on site. Pre-packed Skype VM's for connectivity of line. CloudPBX

How do you configure the Skype for Business Service URL's for when implementing a Hybrid configuration?




What is the Skype for Business package called that includes the Skype Telephone System?


What is needed to provide Enterprise features that is not included in CloudPBX?

Must be running a Hybrid Skype environment with Service URLs correctly configured.

What Office365 Package includes CloudPBX?

Enterprise E5

Where do you add a Service Number in SFB?

SFB Admin Center>


Phone Number> Add(+)

New Service Number

What is needed to setup Auto Attendant & Call Queues in Skype for Business?

A Service number for each service.

How do you setup Auto Attendant in the SFB Admin Center?

SFB Admin Center>

Call Routing>

Auto Attendant>

Add New

How do you setup a call queue in the SFB Admin Center?

SFB Admin Center>

Call Routing>

Call Queues>

Add New

What is a Voice user?

Any user with a PSTN Calling Plan

Or a User with Enterprise Voice (on-Site PSTN Connectivity)

What is an Emergency Location?

It's used for routing emergency calls to local emergency providers.

Location must be validated.

Emergency location is required for every phone number.

How do you add an Emergency Location?

SFB Admin Center>

Emergency Locations

How do you setup a new User Phone number in the Skype for Business Admin Center?

SFB Admin Center>


Phone Numbers>

Add (+)

New User Numbers

What is the calculation for the Total amount of user numbers that can be assigned to a tenant?

1.1 x Number of PSTN Calling Plans Purchased


So if you had 20 users, it would be:

20 x 1.1 = 22 + 10 = 32

How do you assign a User Phone number to a user in Skype for Business?

1) Pick User/Number
a) Phone Numbers Page> Select Number> Assign
b) Voice Users Page> Select User> Assign

2) Choose Emergency Location

How do you configure a PSTN Phone Number in the Skype for Business Client?

Gear Icon>




Work Phone...

How do you setup Call forwarding to Voicemail via the Skype for Business Client?

Gear Icon>

Call Forwarding>

Forward my calls to: Voicemail

How are Voicemails setup in SFB?

It's Automatically setup with Exchange Plan 2

You can change the voicemail message via the Skype for Business Client.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Collaboration and productivity tool for sharing communication with Co-Workers.

Based on Office365 Groups

Organised into Channels (chat rooms)

Which Office 365 subscriptions come with Teams?

Any licence that has online components.

Business Essentials / Premium
Enterprise E1/E3/E5


NOT Government

How do you enable Microsoft Teams for the Tenant?

Office 365 Admin Center>


Services & Add-Ins>

Microsoft Teams

What is the URL for Teams?

Is Safari and Mobile browser supported for Microsoft Teams?


For Mac they need to use the Desktop Client

For Mobile they need the Mobile Client

How do you create a team in Microsoft Office 365?

Open Microsoft Teams>

Click 'Add a team', then 'Create a Team'

Specify Name, Description

Select Team Privacy (Prive or Public)

Creating a Team will then Create an Office365 Group

How does a user gain access to a Private Teams Group?
The Owner of the group much add/remove members to the group.

There is no way for a user to request membership directly as Private Teams are hidden.

How can a user gain access to a public Teams group?

Public groups are not hidden so they can just join and leave a public group via the Teams app/web client.

What happens when you delete a Microsoft Team?

Deleting a Team will remove the Office 365 Group and all of the shared content

(Mailbox / Calendar / Planner / Site / Files etc)

Deleted groups/teams can be recovered for 30days.

What are the Microsoft Team limits?

Max Teams created by 1 Person: 250

Max members/owners in a team: 999

Max Owners per Team: 100

What happens if a Team users sends a chat conversation to another user who doesn't have a Team licence?
If they have a Skype licence they it will start a conversation in Skype for them.
What is a Teams Connector?

It's a way to connect a read-only broadcast from external services into a channel. Receive updates from services like Twitter, mailchimp, Trello or Bing News.

How do you add a Connector in Teams?

Click the '...' next to the Channel name and select connectors.

How do you setup a bot on Microsoft Teams?

A Bot needs to be added at the Team level.

Click on '...' and select 'Manage Team'

Then go to the Bots tab

What is Microsoft Flow?

It's a Microsoft public cloud service to help individuals and teams automate workflows between apps and services to synchronise files, get notifications, collect data and more.

What is the allocated number runs per month for the Free version of Microsoft Flow?

750 Per User, Per Month

Flow frequency - 15 Minutes

What is the allocated number of runs per month of Microsoft Flow for a user who has an Office 365 Licence.

2,000 Per User, Per Month

Flow frequency - 5 Minutes

What is the anatomy of a Flow?

Trigger Event
Trigger Input

What is the URL to access Microsoft Flow?

How do you access the Flow Admin Center?

Within Flow, click the Gear in the top right and click Admin Center

How do you stop users from using a certain App in Microsoft Flow?

Use a DLP Policy to specify Business Only applications.

What is StaffHub?

It is a way for Managers to create, update and manage shift schedules.

How are workers expected to access StaffHub?

Via the mobile app

What are the two types of users in StaffHub?

Managers (Admins)

Workers (Frontline/Deskless Workers)

What is the URL for the StaffHub Admin?

Admin settings are tenant wide

What Office365 Packages include StaffHub Licencing?

E1 / E3 / E5 / F1 (formally K1)


How do you enable users to send announcements to workers in Staff Hub?

Tick the option for 'Corporate Announcements' in the Admin Settings area

StaffHub uses Office 365 Groups for membership. A separate Office365 Group is created for each team.

StaffHub Group owners have admin level access to the team. Members have read only access.

What is Self Provisioning in StaffHub?

This option lets users to sign-up for StaffHub and have an account in Office365 created for them automatically.

Once this happens a new security group is created and all users who sign up via this method are added to that group.

What is the name of the security group created by enabling Self Provisioning in StaffHub?