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Define Middle Ages.
A period in European history between A.D. 500 and about the 1500s.
What was a manor?
large estates owned by wealthy nobles
What was a serf?
workers bound to the manor
What did Charlemagne accomplish?
he arrived with his army to Rome

the leader of the Roman Church, Pope Leo III, placed a golden crown on his head and declared him Emperor
What is feudalism?
a way of organizing and governing society, based on land and service
What was a lord?
owner of the manor - was the top of feudal society
What were the duties of the lady of the manor?
in charge of castle affairs
What was the purpose of the lord's castle?
the center of all the activity of the manor

castle served as house for the lord's family and as a fort to protect the manor in case of attack
What was a vassal?
a noble who was given a fief by his lord in exchange for loyalty
Define fief.
a property given to a vassal in exchange for his loyalty
What duties did serfs have to their lord?
work the lord's land
pay rents and taxes
What was a guild?
an organization of workers in a trade or craft that set standards and protected the interests of its members
Who were the troubadours and minstrels?
traveling musicians
Who were the Vikings?
Norsemen that invaded mainland Europe
What was the Magna Carta?
a legal document which stated that they had certain rights, such as the right to a fair trial