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What is a nun?
women who vowed to devote their lives to religion
What are monasteries and convents?
religious communities of the monks and nuns
How were monasteries and convents similar to manors?
they were churches, farms, homes and schools all rolled into one
What was the scriptorium?
a room for making books
What is a cathedral?
a grand church often with stained-glass windows
What is a saint?
a woman or man that is considered to be especially holy
Who was Francis of Assisi?
one of the most honored saints of the Middle Ages - he served the poor and sick in Italy
What is a crusade?
a religious journey/battle
What was the cause of the first crusade?
to capture Jerusalem from the Seljuk Turks who were Muslim
What is a plague?
a terrible disease that spreads quickly
What caused the Black Death plague?
caused by bacteria that was spread by rats and fleas