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Baby Boom
communist take over all of South Vietnam
Jan 16-April 6,1991
Operation Desert Storm
Aug. 1990
Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
Row vs. Wade decision
Dec. 31,1999
Panama Canal Zone is not US controlled
Jan. 28, 1986
Challenger blows up on take off
Vietnam War
Civil Rights Act
black and white television
Brown vs. Board of Education
role of government in 1960
provide for people
role of NATO and SEATO
stop communism
result of introducing welfare into out country
increased taxes
made abortion legal
Roe vs. Wade
decision resulted in desegregation
Board of Education vs. Brown
What is SDI
strategic defense initiative
What is Strategic Defense Initiative
Star Wars; a system of space-age weaponry designed to destroy enemy rockets
Reagan Doctrine
belief in stopping Communism before it could attack another country
Reagan Revolution
attempt to return America to the traditional values of church and family and free enterprise
1st major league baseball player - black
Jackie Robinson
first president to resign
Richard Nixon
invented polio vaccine
Dr. Jonas Salk
devised New Frontier
John F. Kennedy
devised the Great Society
President Lyndon B. Johnson
pulled US out of Vietnam
Richard Nixon
invaded Kuwait
George H.W. Bush
civil rights activist
Dr. Martin Luther King, JR
covered up Watergate Affair
Richard Nixon
first woman Supreme Court Judge
Sandra Day O'Conner