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What is Quality Assurance ?

a commitment to product quality that utilizes error prevention as integral to the entire product development process.
What is Quality Control?
Quality Control involves the use of inspections at various points in the transformational process to check for problems and defects.
Two key principles of QA?
"fit for purpose" (the productshould be suitable for the intended purpose) and "right first time"(mistakes should be eliminated).
What 5 areas does a QA strategy address?

regulation of the quality of

1. raw materials,

2. assemblies,

3. products and components;

4. services related to production; and management,

5. inspection processes.

List 6 quality control measures

1. Inspection of materials on receipt

2. Setting up of machines and tooling readyfor production

3. Production of individual components

4. Assembly of Components

5. Finishing processes

6. Testing of final product to determinefitness for purpose, durability and life expectancy

What might you inspect in a Quality Control system?

1. Quality of surface finishes

2. Dimensional tolerances

3. Wear and tear of Moulds ,jigs etc

4. Material thicknesses

What are the three types of inspection?

Total or 100% - For example Rolls Royce Statistical sampling - (every 100th?) batches are logged for checking purposes

Reduced Inspection - outcome needs to be ‘sufficiently good’

What do the BSI do in terms of testing?

Non-Destructive testing – How the product behaves under expected usage conditions Laboratory tests for strain, pressure, loading of different forces etc. Also sonic, X ray test

Destructive testing – Product is taken beyond its absolute limits to help understand the extremes of its performance to inform product development.

What is this mark?

What is this mark?

It is the logo of the British Standards Institute

Identify 5 printers marks used to evaluate the quality of printed materials.

1. Registration marks

2. Bleed Marks

3. Greyscale bars

4. Colour bars

5. Crop marks

What is TQM?
Total quality management - company-wide effort to constantly improve how people, machines, and systems accomplish work. Practices designed to meet needs of “customers”Everyone receives training in quality Errors are prevented not just corrected Managers give feedback based on data.
What is the purpose of the British Standards kite mark?

to guarantee the quality of a product and certify that it is safe to use

What is the CE mark?

European Union mark that indicates tha the merchandise conforms to European health, safety, and environmental requirements