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ssh scp and sftp are?

utilities that come with unix

ssh scp and sftp are ______ versions of other utilities



allows you to login to another, remote machine from yours

ssh is a secure version of?



allows you to copy a file to or from your local machine to the remote machine

scp cannot copy what file


sftp stands for

secure file transfer protocol

sftp is a secure version of what


ssh scp sftp ____ the network traffic


key-based login uses how many numbers


Key based login numbers are store where?

The public key is for the remote machine, the private on eis stored in the .ssh directory on your computer

ssh-keygen does what?

generate 2 keys

what are the 2 differnet types of encrytion algorithms?

RSA- rivet shamir adleman algorthim

DSA digital signature algortihm

how many bits is a key?

2048 deafult by using -t

4096 by using -b

create a key

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

what 2 files are created once a key is made

id_rsa and

how would you move your public key to authorized keys?

cat >> authorised_keys

rdist stands for?

Remote distribution

what does rdist do?

distributes copies of file from one machine to many

what does rdist use by default to transfer files?

rsh, tell it to use ssh

how does rdist work?

the orgional files are on a master machine, rdist distrubutes then to the slave machines. this can be done from the command line, or by running the rdist untility deamon

what 3 bits of info does rdist need

absolute pathnames

we tell rdist the path to rdist using?


we tell rdist the path to ssh using?


what does running rdist look like from the command line

rdist -p $(which rdist) -P $(which ssh) ~/Distfile

shell an rdist



source is absolute path or directory

target machine is the host name

hosts: /etc/hosts -> (itvm25-1)

install /etc/hosts