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65. Sales personnel employed by companies such as IBM and Microsoft who offer technical assistance through consulting are primarily involved in
A) missionary selling
B) creative selling
C) non-personal selling
D) order processing
A) Missionary selling
66. A persuasive type of promotional presentation used when the benefits of a good or service are not readily apparent is
A) Missionary selling
B) Creative selling
C) order processing
D) sales promotion
B) Creative selling
67. The salesperson's task of identifying potential customers is known as
A) follow-up
B) approach
C) Demonstrating
D) prospecting
D) Prospecting
68. The use of literature and unusual visual aids is part of the
A) approach
B) demonstration
C) closing
D) qualifying stage
B) Demonstration
69. The process of finalizing a sale is the_____
A) Demonstration
B) Closing
C) approach
D) presentation
B) Closing
70. Shannon sells furniture, and a couple in her store tells her they're impressed with a particular living room couch. Shannon should
A) show them a more expensive model
B) persuade them to buy furniture for their entire home
C) point out less-than-stellar aspects of the model D) attempt to close the sale
D) Attempt to close the sale
71. A pushing promotional strategy is
A) Designed to promote one item at a time and place it near the actual purchase decision
B) designed to encourage consumers to ask for the product if the retailer does not carry it
C) primarily used when goods or services are marketed to the ultimate consumer
D) designed to market the product, product line, or service to wholesalers and retailers
D) Designed to market the product, product line, or service to wholesalers and retailers