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general name?
arteriovenous malforations
atypical nevi associated with neurofibromatosis
avulsed vitreous base
benign choroidal nevus with drusen
what can you describe about the blood vessels that tells you what area of the eye you are looking at
the b/v's begin to turn and go parallel with ora.
cerebroretinal angiomatosis
cerebroretinal angiomatosis (von hipple lindau)
what happened
chemical burn - most likely alkali
choroidal nevus
ciliary body malignant melanoma
congenital hypertrophy of retinal pigment epithelium
cystoid degeneration
hint - looks like honey comb
DDX from paving stone
histo - notice the edges look like an eraser
name 2 things
hole and lattice
horse shoe tear
hint it is inferior temporal
paving stone
hint inferior temporal
paving stone
irido dialysis
iris prolaps
what is this. hint not a disease
scars from a laser treatment
what is it? what are the white lines
lattice - lines are blood vessles
never mind the paving stone. what nerve is that? what is the location?
long ciliary nerve on nasal side. you can tell be the blood vessel that is on top running along the superior side of the nerve
meridional fold
what is it? can you tell if there has been traction?
meridional fold yes there is traction you can tell because of the pigmentation
metastatic carcinoma of choroid. it is the creamy white
operculated tear notice the floating disc
oral pearl
describe location
ww/o pressure - parallel to ora
pars plana cyst
paving stone
poor laser tx
hole or not?
pseudohole, this is a pale fundus with a darker area that resembles a hole
name two things
RD and lattice
retinal pigment epithelial hyperplasia
retinal blastoma
notice blood vessels
retinoschisis- the blood vessels in the middle are creating a shadow
short ciliary nerve
sturge weber syndrome
paving stone, histo or toxo
what is it and describe the color
toxo with hyperplasia
hint ash leaf
tuberous sclerosis (bournevilles disease)
tuberous sclerosis
vitreoretinal tuft
vitreoretinal tufts
2 things
vitreoretinal tuft surrounded by cystoid degeneration